Big Tom’s Tomato Garden Review

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Today more and more people understand the drawbacks of buying their regular veggies from supermarkets. They don’t taste good to begin with and they often go bad before you know it and it’s a ludicrous waste of your money. There have been many complaints about the quality of tomatoes one can find in supermarkets, for example, and that’s often because they are more concerned about their shelf life rather than their quality. But now you don’t have to settle for these poor quality store-bought tomatoes when you can grow them fresh with Big Tom’s Tomato Garden.

How does Big Tom’s Tomato Garden Work

Big Tom’s Tomato Garden means you will have giant, delicious tomatoes at your disposal whenever you want them. You can use them in your daily cooking if you want to or then make soups for healthy meals for your loved ones. There are many uses for tomatoes in your kitchen and they can also be had on their own to enjoy their natural benefits. Big Tom’s Tomato Garden makes it easier for you to grow tomatoes on your own and without much hassle. You won’t have to spend hours maintaining the plant and looking after it, which is an added bonus.

Big Tom’s Tomato Garden brings to you three tomato plants that have been the recipients of taste-test awards. Three different types of tomato plants can now be grown in your surroundings with the help of this kit that has Giant Tree tomatoes that are a regular favourite. Big Tom’s Tomato Garden also brings to you Big Early Hybrid Tomatoes and Supersteak Hybrid Tomatoes, which will easily find their own takers too. And what’s more, you will have these tomatoes through different seasons, from summer to fall.

Yes, that’s true; Big Tom’s Tomato Garden trees will bear fresh and juicy tomatoes through these months, which mean you are never in short supply of them. Thanks to Big Tom’s Tomato Garden you won’t ever have to look at tomatoes in stores, which are not of the best quality and a waste of your money too. Juicy, fresh tomatoes are now at your fingertips.



What do I get?

  • Variety Pack Of Three Tomatoes Plants
  • Giant Tree Tomatoes Plants
  • Mouthwatering Delicious Tomatoes Plants
  • Big Early Tomatoes Plants
  • 80z Super Grow

All this for $9.95 + P. & H. OFficial website



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  1. I don’t know specifically about “Big Tom’s Tomato Garden”, but I purchased directly from through a deal, and they took my money, sold me extras, and then never shipped anything. I’ve written unreturned letters, and filed a claim with livingsocial to try and get a refund. There is no email address or telephone number for customer service. I would walk away from anything having to do with

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