Big Red Blaster Review

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What is Big Red Blaster?

The television commercial states that it is a new nozzle with the precision and intensity of a professional grade fire hose nozzle. It promises that with just a twist it can turn from a mist sprayer to water your garden to jet blast the mold and mildew off the walls or caked mud from the car.


Big Red Blaster REVIEW

Not as advertised – Alex who bought Big Red Blaster complained in his review that he feels misled by the advertisements as the pressure is not as much as they claim. The power from the spray of the hose was poor too. Even in the wide spray mode water drizzled out and he had to go back to his old nozzle. He thinks he has bought cheaper and better products at local hardware stores and this was a waste of his money.

It’s not a power washer – Pete who used Big Red Blaster exposed in his review that no way it’s a pressure washer that you see on TV. They advertise it like a $350 gas powered pressure washer but it is nowhere close to it. According to him the idea works for about two minutes and then the problems begin. Turning the nozzle to the left turns water on, and it’s off when you turn it to right. He did that but it broke right off; such is the poor quality of this washer. He feels while the makers are guilty of false advertising, we need to be careful when buying these products too. He was using a brass nozzle that looked like Dramm 12380 Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle and it worked for 25 years. He wishes you could get that kind of quality today.

It’s a piece of crap – Robert who reviewed Big Red Blaster revealed in his review that it is a flimsy product and the nozzle breaks quickly. While he was okay with the pressure it gave when he noticed the broken parts he realized that inside the aluminum and rubber exterior there is plastic, which connects threaded base to the nozzle. It is of very poor quality.

No pressure at all – Alan who used Big Red Blaster complained in his review that he got hardly any pressure while washing his car. Another problem was when he turned it all the way left the water wouldn’t stop running. It leaked from everywhere, even in the middle, which was a bit unexpected. Since he has been a fireman for years he knows that it doesn’t use the fire nozzle technology as it claims. He was also annoyed that he had to buy an adaptor to attach to his flexible hose. Unfortunately there are no instructions and the company seems to be based out of the country.

Overpriced for a bad product – Thomas who bought Big Red Blaster exposed in his review that firstly you can use it only if you have small hands. He gave it a good go but it broke before he knew it. He was surprised that the pressure washer is priced so high. Some of the issues he mentioned include the fact that the knob that controls the volume of water jammed. When he took it apart he couldn’t manage to get it back to work. The washer (o-ring) also got bound up and he thinks the problem is execution of design with poor quality of components.


Big Red Blaster is National Express Inc’s answer to Telebrands Mighty Blaster (Built by Viatek). Both the products suck and are Chinese junk thrust down our throats.

There are tons of quality, branded, tried and tested metal nozzle sprayers available in the market which you can really call “Fireman’s Nozzle”. Big Red Blaster is not at all the ONLY high intensity sprayer out there. We recommend any of these following true “Fireman’s Nozzles”:

  • Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle with 10 Spray Settings
  • Hose Nozzle by Jet2Spray with 6 Spray Settings
  • Nelson 50503 High-Pressure Rated Fireman’s Style Industrial Spray Nozzle.

Whenever you come across any “As Seen On TV” product that you are convinced would be a great buy, do this – go to and search for the product name, in this case “Big Red Blaster”. You will get a list of products similar to the item you are searching for and with genuine user reviews. Remember “As Seen On TV” items like Big Red Blaster are usually rip-offs and Chinese copies of high quality and usually expensive products that are easily available. You can always choose from one of those products from Also always check for the reviews first – you need to dig deeper to find the actual user reviews. 1, 2 and 3 star reviews are best source of pros and cons of the product.

If at all you are very impressed by the Big Red Blaster and want to try it out than we suggest you buy the Big Red Blaster nozzle from where it is available for $15.00 without all the up-sell nonsense.

Big Red Blaster Claims

Fire hose quality nozzle for home use – If a leaky plastic nozzle sprays water on you and everywhere except for the spot that you want then Big Red Blaster promises to be a nozzle that is accurate and intense just like a professional fire hose nozzle and 60% stronger so that its powerful stream will reach your eaves and clean the dirt and grime off your house. However, as of now there are no user reviews of Big Red Blaster to verify that it is that good. Big Red Blaster proclaims that it can easily wash away the leaves and debris off the driveway and even rocks and mud. It claims to be made with the high pressure technology used in professional fire hose nozzle and so powerful they can knock down bricks, too. Big Red Blaster asserts to be made of professional aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel so that it is durable and lasts for years. These claims sound too good to be true and the truth about them will be revealed when there are more Big Red Blaster user reviews.

Aircraft grade aluminum – Big Red Blaster guarantees to have an ergonomic handle that provides natural and comfortable grip unlike traditional hoses that are painful to hold. The large knob alleges to be easy to control and the six positions control let you vary the stream from light misting spray to a powerful blast. So Big Red Blaster lets you water your garden and with just a twist wash the mold and mildew off the walls using its jet blast or the caked up mud off the car. Is Big Red Blaster really that versatile? This will be known once we get to analyze user reviews. Big Red Blaster is also good for cleaning the patio furniture clean. Did you find the hose nozzle that useful? Tell us with your Big Red Blaster reviews.


What do I get?
You get Big Red Blaster and Xhose Pro Extreme for $19.99 + $13.9 P&H.Official website

8 thoughts on “Big Red Blaster Review

  1. All and every claims are absolutely lie. Amazon- why are you selling this piece of junk. Also misleading advertisements

  2. This nozzle is a piece of garbage. The nozzle that I got at the dollar store has more pressure than this thing. When will I learn my lesson. Wish I had read the reviews before ordering. And not to mention I waited almost 3 months to get it.

  3. This nozzle is a piece of garbage. The nozzle that I got at the dollar store has more pressure than this thing. When will I learn my lesson.

  4. The water pressure is lower than my sprinter i paid at Canadien Tire. The video is fake believe are mostly nothing. I am disappointed to have spent on this thing that seemed ideal but basically is a scam.Please do not buy because you will be disappointed.

  5. I tried the blaster this morning, on all levels and the water went about 3 feet and would certainly NOT remove anything from the driveway or on the house, the force wouldn’t go halfway up the wall, so once again I am left with another crappy nozzle.

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