Aqua Chamber

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What is Aqua Chamber?

Aqua Chamber is a device for your garden that that claims to feed and water your plants so that you do not have to guess garden any more. Aqua Chamber assures that you just need to fit it into the flower bed or gardening container and it will nourish the plants for an entire season, that is, for four months.

How does Aqua Chamber work?

Usually methods to ensure successful produce in your garden means tons of different fertilizers or gardening methods. But Aqua Chamber convinces that it is extremely easy to use. Aqua Chamber states to come with Aqua Chargers, which are pellets that nourish plants. Aqua Chamber alleges that all it needs to work is placing the device in the flower bed or the plant pot, filling it with pellets (Aqua Chargers) and adding water, and it assures to do the rest. Aqua Charge allegedly absorbs and saves the water to for your plants, which is time-released into the soil along with nutrients. Aqua Chamber declares that the roots of plants search for the water source and its built-in framework supports the growth of the plants.


No more guess gardening
No matter how passionate you are about having your own produce in the garden, successful gardening is quite a challenge. All the gardening tools and methods cannot always ensure that you will achieve your goal. However, there is Aqua Chamber, a new gardening device that maintains that it will get rid of the ‘growing’ pains, as it were. Most produce dies because it is under-nourished or under-watered. But Aqua Chamber asserts that it will take care of the feeding and watering part for you and do all your work. Aqua Chamber guarantees that it will water and feed your plants for as long as four months since its Aqua Chargers absorbs and saves the water to time-release them later. The roots are asserted to grow into the chamber of Aqua Chamber where more water and nutrients are stored.


Nourishes and waters any kind of plants
Aqua Chamber proclaims that since it gives nourishment and water to plants throughout the season, your produce will be a lot healthier and the gardening experience will be more gratifying for you. You’ll end up watering and feeding the plants lesser, which also means less worry for you, as Aqua Chamber assures. Aqua Chamber emphasizes that it hold four times its weight in nutrients and water. The built-in trellis of Aqua Chamber maintains to make growing vegetables convenient for you but it asserts to also help in growing flowers, succulents or any other kinds of plants. Aqua Chamber declares to come in a universal design that fits planters of every size.


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