Aqua Camel Review

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About Aqua Camel

Aqua Camel claims to be a smart water reservoir that keeps your plants perfectly hydrated. Aqua Camel states that you need to water just once and walk away and it will keep watering the plants for up to 30 days. Aqua Camel proclaims that it saves the plants from drying due to lack of watering or drowning due to excessive watering.


How does it work

You just need to add your plant to the Aqua Camel pot and fill up the reservoir with water and shut the air tight seal. Aqua Camel maintains that it works on Evapotranspiration so every time the plants needs water, it takes it from the smart reservoir and just the right amount. Aqua Camel assures that the plant will get the perfect amount of water, neither too little nor too much to give you fuller, healthier and bigger plants compared to traditionally watered plants

Keep your plants perfectly hydrated

Who doesn’t love having beautiful plants in their home and garden? But watering them is one task that can cause a lot of frustration. Plants often dry up because they are under watered or they drown if you water them too much. But now Aqua Camel declares to be a plant watering system that allows you to water just once and forget about it for up to 30 days. Aqua Camel alleges to be very easy to use. You just need to keep the plant in the special Aqua Camel pot and fill the smart reservoir with water and close the airtight seal. The plant will take the right amount of water, neither to less nor too much, and stay perfectly hydrated. Aqua Camel convinces to water the plants the same way nature does.

Ideal even if you go on a trip

Aqua Camel guarantees to be ideal for water conservation and plant preservation. A big problem many plant owners face is that they forget to water the plants that dry up sooner than you realize. But Aqua Camel assures that whether you forget to water the plants or need to travel out of town, the smart water reservoir will keep watering them even when you are not physically around. So by the time you return, the plants won’t have dried and died like they usually do nor would you have to look for someone to take care of them while you are gone.

Bigger, fuller and healthier plants

Aqua Camel promises that since it waters the plants the way they are meant to be you will get bigger, fuller and healthier plants compared to watering them with traditional methods. Aqua Camel proclaims that you will get a room full of healthy plants to relax or enjoy an evening out on your terrace garden since it is great for indoors as well as outdoors. Aqua Camel asserts to work on every kind of plant; in fact, it assures that you can also use it to grow herbs and spices for making delicious dishes.

What Do I Get?

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  • One thought on “Aqua Camel Review

    1. These are great pots. We have a summer cabin in the mountains and are gone from a week or two at a time and they keep the flowers just perfect.
      My problem is I need a few more and they are out of stock everywhere. Do you know where I can find them?
      Thanks, Dinah

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