Amplifi Hose Powering System Review

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If you have an outdoor space around your house, it’s a criminal waste if you don’t make the most out of it. But that’s what a lot of us end up doing because looking after these spaces can be such a hassle. However thankfully now you have help in the form or Amplifi Hose Powering System, a revolutionary hose powering system that makes your tasks a lot easier. Brought to you by Briggs and Stratton, Amplifi Hose Powering System ensures that your regular garden hose can be turned into a powerful cleaning and watering solution for your outdoor spaces.

How does Amplifi Hose Powering System Work

When you have Amplifi Hose Powering System at home you will be more inclined towards making the most of your backyard. It’s a cleaning, watering and storage system rolled into one and it has been specially designed to save you time. The hose storage container is durable and can stay outside the house, which means the set up time is drastically reduced. Amplifi Hose Powering System also has a quick change multiple spray nozzle, which means you can go from spray and power modes whenever you feel like. Turn of the nozzle will let you go from cleaning to watering; it’s that simple.

Thanks to Amplifi Hose Powering System you also have the option of applying soap on the go; that’s what makes it so special. The quiet electric pump system inside the storage container is the reason it can supercharge your hose so that you can clean and water like you never could before.

Product overview
Amplifi Hose Powering System has an attractive and durable storage container with a high-flow pump and motor thatdoesn’t require any maintenance. You have the option of choosing between five spray settings for every job you might have. The nozzle is quite easy to twist and activate while the comfortable soft grip is easy to work with. There’s also the full flow option and a detergent on demand system for your convenience. The removable handle of the container is another important feature and it has 35 ft GFCI cord and 15 ft inlet hose to boast off as well.

Why it’s better
Amplifi Hose Powering System is one of a kind hose powering system that’s ideal for storage too. It’s the perfect solution for your regular watering and cleaning needs because it saves you time and energy. Now you can water and clean on the fly and it’s always ready to be used. It gives your hose the power you thought impossible before and you have the option of using multiple detergents as well. The storage container is not only smart looking but durable as well, which is an added advantage.

How it works?
Amplifi Hose Powering System is your means to watering and cleaning on the fly within a matter of minutes. All you have to do is twist the nozzle, which will let you choose the power setting you want. It will ensure that the pump turns on automatically and you get the water pressure you want. And for thorough cleaning you can add detergent with a single touch of a button as well.



What do I get?

  • Storage container with built-in pump
  • Amplifi Hose Powering System 5-setting power nozzle, 35 ft.
  • GFCI protected power cord
  • Removable handle for mobility, 15 ft.
  • Inlet hose (garden hose not included)

All this for $199.99 + Shipping. Official website Amplifi Hose Powering |



Amplifi Hose Powering System Video

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