Amazing Hummingbird Vine Review

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Are you tired of those boring bird houses that never get any visitors? Have you ever wished your backyard would be alive with beautiful birds instead of annoying bugs? You need to grow the fabulous Amazing Hummingbird Vine! The Amazing Hummingbird Vine grows sky high to give you a pillar of flaming trumpet flowers filled with sweet nectar guaranteed to attract humming birds year after year.


How does Amazing Hummingbird Vine work?
Each yellow, green or orange blossom is loaded with nectar that hummingbirds find irresistible. Be the first in the neighborhood to have a gorgeous vine that is buzzing with these amazing colorful birds that come back season after season.

Even better is the breathtaking beauty of the Amazing Hummingbird Vine that is irresistible to you and your family as it is to the humming birds; it works like a magnets for these lovely birds. This vibrant Amazing Hummingbird Vine, known as the campsis radican, thrives in poor soil, sun or shade.

Best of all, it sprouts up as tall as a man in the first year! The Amazing Hummingbird Vine climbs on its own clutching any support, covering walls, arbors, and fences in no time at all. Watch as it grows and grows. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or simply enjoy a beautiful; yard, no other plant can attract humming birds like these!

Turn your backyard into a natural hummingbird playground with the vibrant trumpet flowers of the Amazing Hummingbird Vine!Do you have a backyard or a lawn which is dull and needs some beautification? You might need to add lots of plants and flowers to make it look attractive but it still does not attract lots of attention unless it comes to life. For such a purpose you might quickly resort to a bird house which looks nice but is really useless in attracting birds in it and turns into a dead architecture mounted in the middle of the garden. The only visitors attracted to the flowers will be the bees and bugs which are not visually good for a scenic view. In such a case you might want to check out the amazing Hummingbird Vine.

Hummingbird Vine as the name suggests is a vine which grows and blooms to attract hummingbirds to its own self. It has the tendency to grow very tall towards the sky right from the moment it is planted. In fact it grows as tall as a man in its first year since plantation. It bears flowers which are bright trumpet shaped which naturally attract the hummingbirds. These little birds have a striking appearance and a very different flying pattern where they flap their wings for 12 to 80 times a second to complete their flying cycle. They also have the ability to fly backwards and are one of the highly watched and studied birds in nature.

Hummingbird Vine easily start growing in no time at all using any support which it gets be it the yard fence, house exterior walls, arbors, etc. The best part about it is that it does not need any typical condition to grow since it can sustain in poor soil and can grow bigger in sun or in shade. The flowers on this vine blossoms colors from the rainbow mainly being yellow, red and even orange. Each of these blossomed flowers has loads of nectar which is the main attraction point for hummingbirds. Once attracted to the tree, hummingbirds will keep returning year after year to beautiful and enhance the visual appeal of the lawn.

Purchasing a single Hummingbird Vine gets another vine absolutely free and with a limited offer till stocks last, the purchase of one Hummingbird Vine gets double the original offer i.e., four Hummingbird Vine absolutely free.

Review Hummingbird Vine
Does Hummingbird Vine really attract hummingbirds towards itself?

Can Hummingbird Vine grow taller using the support of a fence?

Does Hummingbird Vine really blossom with nectar loaded flowers?

Is it true that Hummingbird Vine blooms with attractive rainbow colored flowers?



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
4 Hummingbird Vines for $9.98 + $11.90 p and h. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Amazing Hummingbird Vine Video


15 thoughts on “Amazing Hummingbird Vine Review

  1. These companies are ripping you off. This is a common wild vine that grows all over. Most roadways are covered in it. Usually they do dig up a tiny seedling with few roots, package it poorly and give it no water. By the time shipping gets it to you, you guessed it it is DEAD. It is a waste of time to plant even in the best soil.

  2. I not only placed the order for the hummingbird vines, but ordered the butterfly flower mat as well. I received 4 dead twigs and never received the flower mat. I lost my money. Please don’t be fooled by the TV as I was. I tried to contact them but to much of a surprise the email address for customerservice doesn’t exist.

  3. Received 4 sticks – looked as though they were dead. Planted them anyway in very good garden soil, in the sun and some shade. Waited and watched for any signs of life. No life, so I think I was sent dead plants! Emailed company to get a refund. No reply as yet. A rip off, maybe?

  4. This Humming bird Vines as seen on TV is a rip off. 4 “dormant” vines. 2 sprouted leaves after many weeks of diligent care. Only 1 still alive and about 2 inches tall.

    Most of all, I never confirmed the order. Was typing in the credit card info, had second thoughts, exited the website. My credit card info was captured and I was billed for these ridiculous twigs.

  5. We ordered buy 2 get 2 free Humming Bird Vines – As seen on TV. – we planted them around the deck, and took very good are of them. They are now growing well, but……..they started blooming just a few days ago. THEY ARE NOT THE HUMMING BIRD VINES AS SEEN ON TV AND THE VIDEO! tHEY SEND US HIBISCUS PLANTS!!!

  6. Ordered 3 items from their website and received them on May 21. Four hummingbird vines, two butterfly bushes, and a dozen strawberry plants. The vines and bushes were twigs…seriously…no leaves and only a few roots. But I planted and kept watered. The strawberries actually looked a bit better. They had only a couple of leaves each, but a very well-established root system.

    Planted everything the same day I received them. Was diligent about keeping the ground moist. It is now June 18, over a month later, and the only things that lived were the strawberries (which are actually doing very well) and ONE hummingbird vine. The rest of the vines and both butterfly bushes did nothing.

    I emailed C/S on June 1 and asked them if I should expect any growth still? The one vine was getting several leaves but all the others were still just ugly sticks, sticking up out of the ground. I got an automated reply that they were “receiving a high volume of emails” and would try to reply as soon as possible. However, still no reply 3 weeks later.

    Last time I’ll ever order live plants online.

  7. I ordered a Hummingbird vine several years ago from Miles Kimball. It was dried up but it was NOT dead. It was dormant. I planted it in a pot and it grew like crazy up my arbor. In fact the trunk intertwined itself in through the arbor to the point that I had to cut it way back to get it out of the arbor. Yes, it does grow like crazy. It grew so heavy of leaves and branches I had to trim it often so we could walk through the arbor. The only thing I’m disappointed in is it never got any flowers. I’m thinking a heavy feeding of fertilizer is what it needed. It’s dormant right now so I’ll feed it and see if that helps it. I hope this review helps those that aren’t sure whether to order or not.

    I’m not sure about this company so use your own judgement. I do plan on getting two more vines.

  8. I was keen on knowing more about Amazing Hummingbird Vine before buying it. That’s why I typed in Amazing Hummingbird Vine reviews as my keywords hoping that I would find meaningful information online. But that was just not to be because although many review sites showed up they didn’t have any honest reviews about the product. At best they were trying to tell me what I had heard about the product from infomercials, which we know are an advertising spiel, nothing else. What was annoying was I kept getting transferred to other websites that actually sold the product. And this happened a few times before I stumbled upon your site.

    • Yes, it’s a common occurrence these days and finding genuine reviews has become very difficult. Search engines themselves can’t discern between a genuine and a fake review, which is hugely disappointing. And that’s exactly how these sites come into being in the first place. Manufacturers know that they are going to get away with creating these fake sites that do the job for them. On the other hand affiliate marketers who help manufacturers in bringing these sites up get good commissions for them and they prosper at the cost of users.

  9. I ordered two set of vines & received dead ones all in one box,so why the extra postage? I did get a hold of costumer service. He said they were dormant,put in water a few days & plant. I told him they were dead.

    He said he’d refund the extra postage & send me new plants.
    I did not get my refund,but did get new plants. Also dead. these were sent in a bigger box with no roots.

    I can only guess how many thousands of people they cheated.
    There is a Internet Crime website( FBI) where You can fill out a complaint form,so they can be investigated and closed down.

  10. Thanks for the info. I was getting ready to order and thought I better look for reviews first. Now I will not place my order.

  11. SCAM ALERT! I go outside after every storm and gather dead, broken twigs like this and throw them away, which is exactly what I also did with these dead, broken twigs. This is the classic ‘pig in a poke’ scam.

  12. My husband bought me The Amazing Hummingbird Vine from their website. We waited FOREVER to receive it and when it eventually showed up it was completely dried up and dead. RIP-OFF!!!

    • Same thing here. Arrived 16 days later and completely dried up – crispy – and dead. RIP-OFF !!! The company will not respond to my emails or phone calls, either.

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