Amazing Fruit Salad Tree Review

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If you were told that you can grow five different fruit varieties from a single tree, will you think it’s a fairy tale? Well, check out the Amazing Fruit Salad Tree and see the magic! Amazing Fruit Salad Tree is the incredible new scientific and natural miracle that actually makes it possible for you to grow a single tree that yields plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots and red plums! The ingenious tree provides five different fruits, all delicious, fresh and healthy, from the same pair of tree trunk!

How does Amazing Fruit Salad Tree Work

You don’t have to invest lots of time, energy and precious yard space to grow lots of trees for different fruits with the Amazing Fruit Salad Tree in your garden. You can have a variety of them from a single plant and that too minus multiple hassles of as many trees. What makes things all the more convenient to grow this amazing tree is that you get the three to four feet tree shipped directly from the nursery, ready to plant with fully established roots. With a little TLC from you, the tree quickly grows to a height of 12 to 15 feet.

The tree blooms beautifully, showering you with juicy, tasty fruits each spring. It converts your garden into a mini fruit farm by bearing 100 loads of natural fruits for you and loved ones. Your yard seems no less than an orchid of fruits for you to savor! What’s more, you can also make delectable pies, crumbles, cobblers and many other desserts from your Amazing Fruit Salad Tree fruits. In addition to that you can also make jams, salads, juices, jelly and many more yummies with fruits. You don’t have to buy costly fruits from the market if you have your own Amazing Fruit Salad Tree right at home. And you always have the satisfaction of eating fruits grown yourself!

Amazing Fruit Salad Tree is organic and grown scientifically. It indeed is the best thing that can happen to your garden and what your family eats. So purchase the ready to grow trunk right away and relish the best you can!



What do I get?

  • 2 Fruit Salad Tree

All this for $ 19.98 plus $ 15.90 P & H. Official website



Amazing Fruit Salad Tree Video

10 thoughts on “Amazing Fruit Salad Tree Review

  1. I paid for the trees $19.98. I paid $15.90 for shipping.
    You would think for that kind of money they would ship Priority Mail for about $9.
    But no.. They ship by Wells Fargo Stage Coach and all you get are some dead trees.
    They are nothing but a fraud.. I still have the dead trees in big starter buckets just to remind me that if I get my hands on one of these **stards what I will do to them..

  2. ME TOO! I was a fool to believe they might be honest, because I know someone who has a multi-fruit tree. Not this one though. two quarter inch sticks with no root system at all. I’m pissed.

    be glad you checked these reviews before you wasted your money.

  3. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. DO NOT BUY THIS. They claim you get free shipping, but you don’t, you get billed for TWO shipping charges of $7.95 each, when you call the company they say you will receive a rebate form with the package, which you don’t. I received two 24 inch dead twigs with a sandwich bag taped with dirt around the bottom.

  4. want to add also in 2014 got trees and not only dead then no way to cancel order or get money back. . this aint no lie

    • NO, it’s a scam. If they gave me any ability to show you the photo of what was sent to me I would, but to give you an idea, go outside, bend down and pick up any dead branch not even the width of your pinkie finger. No way to get a refund and the customer service is some hired phone bank that doesn’t even know what they are selling. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I WAS STUPID TO BELIEVE IT.

  5. Almost all products like this Amazing Fruit Salad Tree are purchased from the TV infomercials are scam. Most of these “as seen on TV” products claim to do things that they actually do not do. Products like Amazing Fruit Salad Tree are a big rip off and should never be purchased online.

    When you order these products online you will have to pay very high shipping/handling charges. Also when you place your order you don’t get to see your order summary and total price. The order gets placed and there is no way to cancel it. The unreliable customer service makes it almost impossible to make a complaint against the product. If you decide to return the product you still have to pay for one way shipping.

    Avoid purchasing products like Amazing Fruit Salad Tree online or over the phone. You could read the reviews before you buy the product but the internet is flooded with fake reviews so telling fake reviews from genuine reviews is impossible. These fake reviews are created by manufacturers and their affiliates to sell products like Amazing Fruit Salad Tree. They also get a heft commission for selling these products.

    It is better to wait for these products to come to stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond etc where they are available for half the TV price.

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