Aerogarden Bulbs

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What are Aerogarden Bulbs:

They are energy efficient fluorescent bulbs that are conducive to plant growth.


Aerogarden Bulbs are meant to offer you correct, full spectrum lighting that can make a world of difference to the plant growth in your gardens. If it’s something you are quite keen on then you understand the importance of growing lights. But the problem with the regular lights you find in the market is that they just don’t cut it. However that’s not the case with Aerogarden Bulbs, according to its claims because they are meant to offer you full spectrum of light for optimal growth.


Aerogarden Bulbs are meant for robust growth

To begin with, these bulbs give out correct and optimal amount of full spectrum light, which makes them stand apart from other lights in the market. It’s also because of this light given out that plants can grow in a robust manner just like you would want them to. Hence if you are looking to make a difference to the growth rate in your garden then you might just be on the right track using Aerogarden Bulbs.


In the case of these bulbs, full spectrum light is specially tuned so that plant growth is optimal.

Aerogarden Bulbs are energy efficient as well

You have to remember that these are special high output, low energy consumption bulbs. That means Aerogarden Bulbs do their job for you without consuming a lot of energy. It makes a lot of sense to your pockets and also in today’s times when energy consumption is being given its due importance. In fact, Aerogarden Bulbs end up using less energy than a single 60 watt light bulb while doing its job efficiently. Thus you can only imagine the costs and energy you are saved on a regular basis.


Aerogarden Bulbs promote rich growth for long

If you are looking for a thick growth in your garden then these bulbs might offer the right solution for you. Aerogarden Bulbs can be replaced every six months to keep up with the optimal results you are getting. Moreover you can also harvest rich flavours in your garden easily and quickly. That’s what Aerogarden Bulbs are said to be for; to promote rich growth in your garden.

What do I get?

Get AeroGarden Bulbs for only $19.95 (AUD). Official website:


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