50 Days of Spring

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About 50 Days of Spring

It is a kit of bulbs that helps you plant and grow some of the best popular spring flowers such as Crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and iris reticulata harmony conveniently without any hassles or by burning a hole in your pocket.

Your very own garden full of flowers

50 Days of Spring promises to make your dream of owning a garden lush with prettiest flowers a reality. It claims it can do that without making you slog for it or spend an astronomical amount of money that you may be afraid you have to. It’s a complete remedial gardening package that features 50 of the most beauteous and loved spring bulbs that everyone loves. It is basically a kit that’s a mix of spring bulbs ideal for your home garden. The creators of the bulb kits state that anyone can grow flowers out of it, including novices who have never tried their hand at gardening.


A kit for all seasons

The promoters of 50 Days of Spring claim that it poses no limitations to your excitement of growing your own expanses of beautiful flowers yourself. It offers you a whole lot of possibilities and different options while growing your own flower bed as per your preference and convenience. According to its promoters, you can begin planting flowers at virtually any time of the year and see them bloom as you planned. For instance, if you plant the bulbs in fall, you will see the flowers in spring in summer. That means it’s you who chooses when you want your own garden to bloom with the flowers and simply plant the kit accordingly. These selection flowers and tulips bloom at different points of time so you can look forward to 50 straight days of a beautiful and splendid garden.

A bouquet of prettiest blooms

50 Days of Spring fills up your spaces with nothing less than 50 of the best popular spring bulbs such as Crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and iris reticulata harmony. Its promoters assure you that it is genuine and really special as the bulbs are hand picked with great care so you can never go wrong. Also, the kit is perfect for any size yard, garden or flowerbed as it provides you with a lavish spread of flowers anytime you want. It is also very easy to use to grow your favorite blooms with 50 Days of Spring. All you have to do is dig a hole as deep as your thumb in the ground and plant your bulbs into it. With the help of the useful planting tips provided by 50 Days of Spring, the task of being a proud owner of the most popular flowers will become simple easy and fun.

What do I get?

You get 10 Tulip Mix, 10 Yellow Daffodils, 10 Iris Reticulata Harmony, 10 Muscari Grape Hyacinths & 10 Crocus Botanical Mix for $44.99 plus P&H. Official website gardeningforless.com

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