Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Review

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Ever tried seeing something quite far with your bare eyes and achieved a good result? It is not possible to zoom so much and that is why binoculars came into existence. But regular binoculars are too bulky to hold and can strain the hand if used for a very long time. Zoomies can serve as an excellent replacement to such traditional binoculars. Just like regular binoculars can zoom into details and provide greater visibility for farther objects Zoomies provide the same but with a twist to the design.

How does Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Work

For ease of use Zoomies are designed as regular glasses but are housed with the power and capacity to zoom up to 300% into a desired area. The powerful sunglasses type design provides instant magnification with the provision to adjust the amount of zoom required by the individual using it. The most impressive part about Zoomies is that it is made of the exact same vision magnification technology that is used for making expensive binoculars but is designed to condense into this amazing compact micro vision lenses that can be easily adjusted using the magnification focus dial. Plus when compared to bulky binoculars that are painful to hold for hours Zoomies provides ultimate ease and is priced at a much lesser rate than the later.

Zoomies is the perfect choice for people who are eager to explore nature, visit nature parks and wildlife tours for spotting birds, animals and trees. It can be the best companion for people who have far off cheaper tickets in an event or a sports match but would love to enjoy the feeling of sitting on front row without holding on to a binocular for the entire duration. The best part is no action is missed with Zoomies since it’s handsfree and follows the action as the head follows through the undertaking of any event. It is even helpful for reading, hobbies that require detail and watching television in a larger than life way.Another glaring feature of Zoomies is that it has a sunshade feature that eliminates harsh sunlight without the need of any other sunglasses.


What do I get?

  • 2 Pairs of Zoomies
  • 2 Carrying Cases
  • 2 Hanging Lanyards

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website BuyZoomies.com


Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Video

32 thoughts on “Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Review

  1. I ordered the buy 1 get 1 free except for S&H. My total bill was $ 45.95 and then when I received them they were junk. I returned them but was only refunded $30. The company kept $15.95 for handling. Hog wash!!!! Scam!!

    • I was another sucker who got four of them for the family. What a piece of junk this Zoomies Hands-free. They do not work like they show you. I should of known anything on the TV is as good as they’re shows, which stink. GARBAGE. Waste of good money.

  2. The Marketing group behind the Zoomies website is the same Company that sells the Cat’s Meow. I ordered the Cat’s Meow and upgraded that order but wanted only 2 sets plus supposedly 2 free, instead I was sent and billed for 4 sets with 4 sets free, at 7.95 per set shipping that adds up. This Marketing Group is APG (All Star Product Group) and it looks like they intentionally make their Products Websites without the ability to see your total order until it actually ordered. Watch out when ordering APG’s cheap products. They say their products aren’t sold in stores, just go into Walgreens. Zoomies would be worth it for 1000% or 10X magnification. Another company to watch out for is Telebrands, they sell the Pocket Hose and use the same deceptive websites to garner more shipping costs by confusing you on how many you are really ordering just like APG’s website does.

  3. I ordered 1 (one) pair of Zoomies and got charged for 4 (four) pairs. In other words, I got charged for 2 sets of Buy 1 Get 1 for S&H. I expected to be billed $17.95 and was billed $51.80. After reading some of these complaints, I did not wait to get Customer Service. I cancelled my credit card and a new card will be issued to me. Scam! Scam! Scam!

  4. The most totally piece of crap I have ever seen. You should be ashamed to LIVE, If I meet you, you will NOT!!!!

  5. I am glad for the Zoomies reviews!!! I am diabetic and have poor vision as a result, Zoomies sounded like the answer to my problem. Your reviews saved me from making a big mistake!

    With Deep Gratitude,
    Millard Smith

  6. JUNK!!! Will not pay to send them back for refund. Sure as hell did not cost $15.90 to ship them. This outfit is a ripoff.

  7. I ordered four pair (get 4 free). Wanted to give them to my fishing buddies as gifts. I didn’t see my total bill until after I had put in my credit card number. Then I got a ‘thank you’ and I saw the total bill – $103. OK, I can live with that but I didn’t like the way it was handled. Every pair you get you are charged $7.99 for P&H. I can return them and get $40 back, but they keep the $63. Mine shipped in a week. Should get them today or tomorrow according to Fed Ex. The web site is very close to a scam as far as I am concerned. I expect the product to be the same.

    • Yes thank you for that review I was going to buy some for Christmas from my older sisters and friends. Save me a lot of hassle and money thank you

  8. Ordered Zoomies directly online… After several “upsell” pages, my order was over charged by more than double. Calling the customer service line at 866-533-2101 I was actually able to get a live person who was unable to do anything for me. They told me to keep checking the status page, and call back once it was updated.

    Before they bill and ship (as other horror stories with them) I have cancelled my card. I hope these scammers get punished somehow.

  9. These Zoomies are not worth the $10 they charge even for 2 of them. I’ve never seen something so hokey in my life, they are so flimsy they could break just opening them. They don’t work either, they make things look really FAR away, and when you “zoom” them in – you get bigger, however, they only worked to about 50 feet. If you want something like these, you’re better off spending the big bucks for one that ACTUALLY works. THis Zoomies is just another “SEEN ON TV” scam. JUNK product!

  10. This Zoomies is the worst ripoff i have ever run into on the net!!! You can not talk to a live person to edit your order, or talk to anyone live! It’s all just a machine. They overcharge you and you have no recourse except to cancel your card and get a new one. — absolutely horrible!!!

  11. STAY AWAY from Zoomies! RIPOFF! I called and ordered 1 pair with a free pair for around 26$ one night, the very next morning I checked my bank acct. Only to find out they charged me double. I called them to let them know about it & they said I ordered two set’s. I then told them to cancel the extra set and they refused ( said they shipped them out already) the customer service rep said they could take some off the price if I would keep them, but I told them I didn’t want 4 pairs! After listening to his smug attitude I finally got disgusted and realized that this was a total scam; I hung up. I plan on sending them back for a refund , realizing I’ll get ripped off my shipping charges. I really wish I would have read some reviews first , i would have known better . I haven’t even received them yet, but from what I’ve read I know they’re junk!

  12. This is a real rip off. Waited over 4 months to receive it and when I did wished I would have never ordered it. Works great at seeing about 100 feet away but anything closer makes it a complete blur. Bought it to thread a needle to make the whole bigger but with the glasses I can’t even find the needle. No good for trying to improve the size of print in paper either. I have learned a hard lesson, when it sounds too good to be true, you better believe it is. Would never recommend as binoculars work better so do magnifiers, so don’t waste your money. One pair has come apart at the cheap plastic clips when you try to turn the screw. On a scale of one to ten… I would rate it at minus ten.

  13. Total garbage, dollar store junk, cheap plastic, cheap construction, worth about 50 cents. Put two toilet paper rolls together with duct tape and add a string for around your neck, works just as good and no shipping and handling… Junk crap garbage…

  14. These Zoomies are a piece of junk!! They adv. Reading with them. A piece of trash!! Charged me 15.90 for shipping and processing fee which they won’t refund. If you return them you will end up spending more money!

  15. I just received my Zoomies Binoculars. Unfortunately they weren’t powerful enough for me. So I called up customer service. They were absolutely fantastic. Really friendly and refunded me quicker than you can bat an eye. Hats off to their customer service folks!

    • Answer to all your questions is YES except the last one. I waited over 4 months for my order which was to be only 6 weeks at most. Cheap clips that come apart when you try to open them. Everything up close is blurry as it has to be all the way open and then it is only good for 75 feet or more. I have seen a lot of garbage before but this one has the taken the pot. Don’t waste your time or money as the saying goes Buyer Beware. How true this is.

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