WiFi Wizard

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What is WiFi Wizard?

It is an advanced dish that dramatically increases the WIFI signal strength so that you never lose the signal while working or having your fill of entertainment. It comes ready to use and doesn’t need to be set up.

Robust WiFi signal without cords, wires or downloads

WiFi Wizard claims to provide an uninterrupted strong signal so you do not have to struggle with obstacles like lost signal, a dropped call or even a page taking forever to load. The WiFi Wizard guarantees all the convenience and freedom from hassles as it does not have any wires or cords nor you need to download any program in order to use it. WIFI Wizard does not need to be assembled or programmed and is ready for use the minute you take it out of the box. All you need to do is place it behind the router to set it in action. With WiFi Wizard you will be able to use the internet all over the house and even outside in the garden or by the pool.


Stronger, faster and more consistent signal

The WiFi wizard state that its uses the same technology that TV Stations and the U.S. Military use to send signals over incredibly long distances. WiFi Wizard can cover a house that has an area of over 7000 square feet. You won’t have to go through the frustration of finding yourself off the internet while you are in the middle of something important. With WIFI Wizard you can be assured of the speed you need to load a page and carry out your tasks smoothly. It promises to be a quick and efficient solution to all problems you face while trying to remain connected.

The perfect solution to count on

The WiFi Wizard promises more strength, more speed, more reliability and most of all, what one wants to stay connected without unmanageable interruptions. It asserts that you will have uninterrupted service as you will be able to run all the devices simultaneously without a lull in the speed, enjoy speedy gaming and never ever miss calls.

What do I get?

Yoy get one WiFi Wizard and one USB WiFi Adapter for $19.75 plus $ 15.9 S&P.Official website buywifiwizard.com.


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