Wedge Radio Review

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Please stand up and applaud! The all- new amazingly versatile Wedge Radio is here for you, giving you service in more ways than you can imagine! Completely redesigned, the Wedge brings you brilliant surround sound quality to any room in the house through its amazing speakers! Music will never be the same after listening to the Wedge sound.


How does The Wedge Radio work?
The extra sounds and crystal clear quality will immediately convince you that the Wedge is the best small design sound system on the market today. The CD player on the Wedge will play any CD you have, including CD-R and CD-RW discs with your MP3s loaded on them. You can now enjoy your entire CD collection in incredible sound! Plug in your iPod or other MP3 player into the Wedge to listen to your entire MP3 collection through the Wedge’s amazing speakers.

You can even load your MP3s onto a SD memory card and plug it into the Wedge’s SD card slot to listen. The Wedge is so easy because there are no complex wires to deal with. Just plug it in, play, and listen to booming sound like you have never heard before! No figuring out where to place multiple speakers and no confusing speaker wires to hook up. You will never have to set the time on the Wedge radio.

It’s already set for you when you plug it in and even adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. The Wedge also has two separate alarms, one for weekdays and one for the weekends. You only have to set the alarms once!



The Wedge Radio Video
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70 thoughts on “Wedge Radio Review

  1. I bought one of these A4116 radios several years ago. After a couple years, the radio stopped working, similar to other posts here. I took it apart and noticed a fried capacitor. I found a low priced replacement on ebay, so just bought it in 2017. Now, the second one I bought failed the same way…no radio but everything else still works. I’m gonna take it apart to see if the capacitor is the issue, and try and replace it if I can read it’s info. Obviously this version of the A4116 is not designed well. I’ve seen a newer version of the same model, but haven’t decided to buy it or not…I’d assume they’d “corrected” the burned out capacitor issue by now…but one never knows…

    • On the left side, toward the front of the unit, there are two slide switches. One ON-OFF switch operate “Alarm 1”, and the other ON-OFF switch operates “Alarm 2”. Check to see IF both are on the OFF position.

  2. I liked my wedge radio until it suddenly stopped working and I discovered there is no troubleshooting provided. The panel lights up, the time is off, and there is no sound. I spoke to “customer service” and they were no help. The warranty is up and I am stuck. DON’T BUY

  3. PLEASE: How do I go about getting an operation manual I just received a Wedge Radio But I don’t know to work it. Like setting the time ( Shows an hour slow) cannot correct it, How do you play a CD, How do you turn on the radio and set the stations. Without an operations manual the Radio is useless to me, PLEASE HELP in getting a manual if their is a cost, PLEASE let me know I will gladly pay the costs of getting the manual PLEASE RSVP.

  4. Purchased a wedge radio that was mfr. Aug of 08 worked seemingly ok for about 2yrs with usage of about 2hrs a day. radio suddenly stopped receiving however the cd unit played fine.
    I did not find the sound or the quality of reception to be anything but minimal.
    Do not recommend this purchase

  5. Purchased the wedge and it worked okay for a while but now does not read the CDs without skipping over the tracks. Frustrating when you are trying to listen to an audiobook

  6. My Wedge clock radio does not keep time. It’s always about 15-20 minutes fast. It’s aggravating. It was a gift so I’m not out any money. Beware of this fault.

  7. I bought one of these radio it work for about two years and stopped yesterday I called the company that made this Wedge Radio they told me to take it to radio shop , where is a radio shop these days think this company should be in court for making this radio, and everyone should have money back to them.

  8. Wow! I am trying to help a friend get her radio working. The sound went out but only on the radio, CD works OK.
    Reading these reviews I guess she was lucky, she has her Wedge radio for three years. She seldom used it for anything other than a radio and alarm, and occasionally played a CD.

  9. The Wedge Radio is a piece of junk that has scammed buyers. The Wedge company is no longer in business and their products aren’t sold except maybe for parts or on/at discount clearance centers/sites.
    Tried to call “IHS”, or International Home Shopping just now and they don’t even offer a support option in their 2-option phone system. It’s “place order” or “check order”.
    My dad bought us these for Christmas, and all 3 didn’t work in some way or multiple ways. I actually told him, and the company sent a refurbished one back…that had the same problem with the rubbing sound during the CD playback. So FYI – don’t buy!

  10. I have owned the Wedge for 2+ years and it suddenly stopped working. Just get interference signal and CD function will not work at all. So, who services this product and is it repairable?

  11. How do you fix your radio if there is no sound coming through the speakers on A.M or F.M. radio? It works for my CD though.

  12. Best radio ever!!! Better sound quality then Bose, keeps time great and sleep timer is great!!! Don’t listen to any of the other reviews this is a great radio!!!! I didn’t get paid to say this!!!

  13. I bought my wedge radio in 2013 and 2014 the speakers went out. I called company to see if they would fix it, but they would not due to the one year warranty. The wedge radio was not good system for me and the company will not stand by it.

    • Speakers went out in mine too, I would describe them as “blown”. You can hear the device play but with a static that makes it not worth using.

  14. I bought two Wedge radios. Worked for awhile, then CD lid would not close, so couldn’t use that. Now the alarm 1 wakes us to a buzzer every day at seven o’clock, I can’t get it to stop. Does not keep the correct time. I have wasted my money. The hype in their ad was very good, but the product is worthless. Save your money. Also, no bass or tone control. I am so disappointed.

  15. The Wedge seems to be built well enough…but I really don’t like the fact that it has no tone controls. The sound is nice and clear, but there’s not much bass. I’d recommend getting one of the repackaged ones that about half the price. Go to, which seems to be the “open box” arm of the distributor. You get the full warranty and a 60 day return guarantee if you don’t like it. The Wedge gets loud enough, but if you’re looking for a lot of depth, keep looking. I got one for my mom for her kitchen, and I don’t think she’ll mind–she’s not as particular about sound as I am.

  16. Yes, glad I found this sight. Got the flyer, started to research to find out if they used a speaker sound system similar to Bose. Found nothing. If they had a ‘revolutionary’ speaker system, they would surely tout it. Sounds like terrible quality control at the factory which I would surely bet is Pacific Rim or China. Slick marketing, garbage performance. And whoever IHS is, anything from them in the future will go in the ’round’ file, unopened.

  17. A BIG thank you to all the reviewers who took the time to post their comments. I didn’t read all of them, but of the many I did read I didn’t find one positive review. You sadder-but-wiser buyers kept me from wasting time, money, and emotional energy.

    • I bought 5 Wedge Radios as Christmas presents. Two didn’t work and now a third quit working. Of course it’s past 60 days and can’t get money back. I’m really upset about this inferior product, and now my kids don’t want them at all. I have a Bose and love it but couldn’t afford to buy five of those.

  18. While it is quality product, it has one serious weakness.

    Mine is about a year old and the top door over the cd compartment will not lock closed so I cannot use it as a CD player, which is very important to me.

    So be it; very disappointing.

  19. I received a Wedge Radio as a Christmas Present. I’m big on sound quality…the Wedge sound quality is crap compared to Bose or pretty much any other player I’ve heard. This radio is no better than a $20 radio you can pickup at Walmart, it even looks cheap and feels flimsy. The technology is also crap, you can’t dock an iPod, you have to use a audio/stereo cable to plug it into the AUX port on the back of the radio, who uses that technology these days? Total junk, definitely not worth the money…wish I can return it, unfortunately it was a gift and I don’t want to offend the people that gave it to me, they don’t know about this stuff.

  20. I have ordered 2 Wedge CD players in the past year. Within 2 months, the CD player in each stopped working. So in spite of the great sound, the CD component is obviously faulty. I would not order another.

  21. Please do not buy this Wedge radio. Spend your money elsewhere. I bought one over a year ago. The radio and CD work great. Alarms not so good and it won’t play mp3’s or an iPod at all. So much for this. I will go and buy a Bose. I guess it was good while it lasted. Save your money for something else. I did not want to spend the money on a Bose, now I will. Plus, they never answer there phones. I left a comment on their website stating this same thing.

  22. Any one interested in buying the wedge radio, I would think about before buying it. Sound is not good, Cd never used until the guarantee ran out and first time I tried to use it it did not work.The company does not care. So I call this a piece of trash.

  23. The review from R. Krofchok expressed my thoughts regarding purchasing a Wedge. Sounds like the manufacturer of this product desperately needs to go back to the drawing board! In the meantime, I”ll buy another Bose.

  24. After years of bad reviews IHS is still sending flyers for the Wedge Sound System. I just received my flyer and considered buying a Wedge. But your reviews have saved me from the probable disappointment of owning a Wedge. Thank you all for taking the time to review your Wedge purchase. You have enlightened me to the point that I WILL NOT purchase a Wedge!

  25. Bought the Wedge Radio $147 and it would not power up out of the box.

    Returned it for replacement and the second one is working but I cannot set the time. Returning it.

    My recommendation: Don’t Buy at any price. Junk.

  26. Reading the other reviews, I guess I’m lucky. My Wedge Radio has worked for 13 months, so I guess that’s $11 per month for throw away cd entertainment. I’m a month past warranty, and it’s now skipping on most audio book CDs, if it plays them at all. They all play in the car.

    No help from customer service, except find a local repair shop. That’s how I found this site. They said the $97 ones are reconditioned. Now I know why they are advertising them, as they must have a large supply.

    Maybe I’ll use it as an amp/speaker for a plug in diskman.

    A word on the vendor. I purchased a marble covered frying pan set from them. After a few months the covering is coming off. I’m out of the three month warranty. Two out of two purchases. I don’t think I’ll buy from IHS again.

  27. Wish I Had read the reviews. Doesn’t keep time. Remote fell apart. Doesn’t play all CDs. Will play one CD in a multi-cd album but not the others. They sent me an offer to buy more Wedges at $97. I offer to sell mine back for a dollar. Not a good product. No customer service.

  28. Bought the wedge radio that was suppose to better than the high end competition . It died right after the warranty expired. Their customer service could not offer me any type of resolution not even an affiliated repair shop.

    Keep with the brand names that have been around and better warranty service. Wasted my money. You get what you pay for I guess.

    I will definitely keep away from this company.

  29. Have 2 Bose for 5 years, working perfectly, but thought I’d try the Wedge in view low price and seeming good reviews at time, about 2 years ago. Had to send the 1st one back since it didn’t work. The replacement worked fine for about a month at which time the clock would not keep time, but radio and CD still played, which was our main reason for buying it. But then we were unable to get our FM station, so we switched to listening to CD’s, but recently they started to skip or freeze. Had thought it might be a problem with the CD, but they all worked fine on the Bose. Would not buy another Wedge

  30. Wow! Glad I read the Wedge Radio reviews. I was getting ready to purchase the radio from a flyer I received in the mail. I will be purchasing a Bose instead.

  31. Was going to order a Wedge radio tonight, but was skeptical, so decided to check it out online….Lucky I did…Sounds like its junk…!!!!!

  32. I received a flyer in the mail about The Wedge Radio . I ordered it on November5, 2012. I received it November 15,2012 and returned it immediately, as it looked cheap and nothing worked not one sound. I had two Bose Stereo before Twice the price ten times the quality. Don’t waste your time and money And try to get a refund, no answer just a recording. You will never talk to a person. Good Luck

  33. I own a Wedge. I’ve had it about 1 1/2 years. Had a problem w/ the alarm not working (not a good way to start the day, being late for work). I called the seller, IHS. I got no help. I was told one-year warranty had expired. It was suggested that I take the radio to a local repair shop. It’s obvious this company and product have problems. It is not quality oriented toward its products or its services. I cannot recommend either to anyone.

  34. I was looking in a popular magazine and ran across an ad for the Wedge Radio ($147.00 with free shipping). Now that I’ve read the Wedge Radio reviews I’ve decided to purchase a known brand name that requires a little more cash and most likely will result in a lot less headache. Thanks to those who took the time to post their experiences with this radio.

  35. Bought my Wedge Radio a couple years ago. Never did actually work right and after a couple months, it wouldn’t power on at all. Finally gave up trying to get it to work and chucked it in the garbage. Don’t waste your money on a Wedge Radio. Buy something else.

  36. Everything worked fine for two months, tho sound was crappy. Boxed up for a move and now only the clock works. Either bite the bullet and buy a Bose (I did) or buy just about anything else. This was a complete waste of money.

  37. I am so very disappointed. The Wedge Radio worked great for about three months then the display went weird and now I can turn on the radio, but that is about all I can do. It is money wasted. I am saving to get a quality product that will last longer than three months.

  38. My Wedge radio has never kept the correct time. Even after being reset it does not keep correct time. Very disappointed.

  39. After I purchased this Wedge Radio, it worked OK for about a month. The only thing that works on it now is the clock…no radio, CD, or anything else. The worst thing is there is no contact given for help or complaints in the consumer manual, web site, or anywhere else. This is the worst product I have ever bought! It is a shame to foist this on the public. I’ve learned my lesson. Stick to a reliable company that will back their product with quality, reliability, and service. Wedge fails in all three categories!!

  40. I bought a wedge radios in 2010. After 6 months, the CD door didn’t open correctly and couldn’t latch, therefore it didn’t play CDs anymore. The sound quality is no where near my Bose. I was unhappy with it and wanted a refund. No such thing as an unconditional money back offer. They would only replace it. After 8 months with this one, the skip button and the stop button don’t work, and the ear phone jack is loose. Emailed the company but the 1 yr warranty is only from the date of purchase of the original. No help, no service. What a piece of junk!!

    • Did anyone ever get their iPod to work on this Wedge Radio? I plug it in and nothing happens. I even found a user manual online, but it was no help.

  41. I suggest that anyone looking for a quality reliable radio look elsewhere.

    My Wedge Radio lasted less than 24 hours before the CD began to malfunction – next day the CD was dead and now the function button will not work so the unit does not recognize that it is an am/fm radio.

    This is the worst product I have ever purchased. Strongly recommend that someone planning a purchase should not purchase this radio!!


    • Hit the function button to the CD player. You’ll see that in the lighted window (where the time is displayed) each time you hit the function button, you’ll be able to see it change from radio to cd to sd to usb. Once you push the function button to CD, you’ll see it memorizing all the songs on the CD. Once it gives the total, hit the play button.
      I hope this works for you.

  42. I am very displease with the Wedge Radio. The first one failed within hours and the replacement, received in August 2011, has now failed. The AM side receives nothing that the FM side is barely audible with static only from the lower end, 88.3 and 89.1. The programmed stations do not respond.

    I need/want a replacement of some help from a customer service rep. will try one more time and it is refund time.

    William Glisson

  43. Bought a Wedge Radio and in less than a month it quit working and had to pay to ship it back. Got a return one that worked for a while and then died, sent it back and got another one., this time the CD wouldn’t work and then the radio quit working. Was told to bad by Home shopping Network. DON’T BUY ONE and DON’T BUY from HSN with their 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  44. I am so very happy with my Wedge Radio!! I have had no problems aside from the back lite which is so dim that I can hardly see the clock time. This was not a problem in the beginning but happened in just the last month of so. I have owned this radio for about two years and the quality of sound is superb!! I am playing CD’s every day with no problems.

    Thanks to an excellent product!!

  45. I can not get radio to change to pacific time zone. Unplugged it and waited for an hour plugged back in and still on zone 2. Is there any way to reset.

  46. I need a good radio and am looking at an add from Wedge Radio, but now that I read at least 2 bad reviews I’ll have to consider another brand I guess.

    Could anyone recommend a radio that won’t become static with noises, and switch stations as my present radio does? I listen only to WQXR FM and don’t know whether it’s the station that does that, or my radio. I can’t afford a Bose, and barely could the Wedge though I was willing to buy the latter one.

    Thanks for any ideas for me.

    • Easy. Get Bose. I’ve had mine for 15 years and it is excellent. I even used it at our 50th High School Reunion last month. If I upgrade anything, such as for playing mp3’s, etc., believe me, it will be Bose!! Yes it costs more, but quality does!

  47. Bought Wedge radio. Arrived, turned on, worked fine. Turned on second time, deader that a fritter. No info on returns. No email address other than a happy customer one. Tried it but received no response. Mailed back on own nickel. Got my money back but no pay on shipping. Company wants me to eat my $20.15. Note: there is no warranty on this item. You have 60 days to ship it back, after that you are out of luck. Cannot recommend.

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