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According to the TV ad, it’s a micro-camera that lets you capture the most intense adventure and action anytime and anywhere.


Versatile Micro-Camera – VIZ XTREME asserts to take the high-end technology of a video camera and contract it into a micro-camera to record all the action at the push of a button. VIZ XTREME can be mounted on the helmet, skateboard, and drones, clipped on clothes to let you record adventures while skateboarding, skiing, walking outdoors, biking, and seeing the world from your baby or pet’s eyes. User reviews will reveal if VIZ XTREME is that versatile.

For insurance claim and guarding office – VIZ XTREME proclaims to be lightweight and you won’t notice you’re carrying it, and attachable so you won’t worry about forgetting where you kept it. VIZ XTREME guarantees to record videos for insurance claims and in the office after you leave. It convinces to tilt and change mounting from one place to another to get versatile recording angles. Send us your VIZ XTREME reviews if it’s that great.

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