Type Easy Keyboard Review

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In this age of technology using a computer is as frequent as a daily chore. So be it using the internet for writing an email, drafting letters, programming, playing games, etc at office or home a computer is a daily necessity and a machine that cannot be escaped from. Type Easy Keyboard is one way to make this whole process of using a computer pleasurable.

How does Type Easy Keyboard Work

The problem with regular computers is not the internal machinery but the people who struggle using the regular keyboards day in day out. Regular keyboards can be very stressful to see since they are completely black and lettered with a very small sized print on them making it using the computer effectively goes to waste but not anymore all thanks to Type Easy Keyboard.

The idea behind formulating the innovative Type Easy is that people who use a keyboard should be able to use the computer with ease and spot letters, numbers, etc on the keyboard very easily. This adds up to the accessibility of using the computer especially by children learning it for the first time and elders who have sighting difficulties with the progression of old age. Type Easy keyboard comes with a massive 4X sized larger text than the regular keyboards who are more of a spec on the vast piece of the key on it. It’s not just the larger lettering size that makes it stands out but also the base color of Type Easy is yellow which brightly comes forward in the eye and black lettering making it more visible without putting much stress to the eye.

Type Easy keyboard is a sturdy companion with a low profile key design and is extremely durable since the switches used are rated for 10 million key impressions. Installing Type Easy is a breeze since it is USB plug-n-play and doesn’t need additional software for the same. Its flexibility is high due to its compact size, weight of 1 lb only and a USB cord of 56” length. Also Type Easy is compatible with any MAC machine too making it a universal keyboard.



What do I get?
Get the Type Easy Keyboard for just $14.99 + $13.99 S/h. Official website Type-Easy.com



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