TigerLight T100 Reviews and Complaints

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The T100 is a stealth non-lethal weapon combining a blinding light and concealed pepper spray. There are hundreds and thousands of rape and assaults that occur every year and hopefully it never happens to you or someone you love and in today’s world it is just silly not to have a way to protect yourself if it does happen to you. The choice you have is a gun, a knife a stun gun what is the best weapon – its the TigerLight T100.


TigerLight T100

The great thing about TigerLight T100 is it is a flashlight, it looks like a flashlight, it feels and functions like a flashlight, it has all those capabilities but it is also a concealed weapon. It has a design that makes it effective, its all in the design. There are other lights out there – lights with pepper-spray that shoot at the front the problem with these lights is when the light shines on your face you turn away, you shield your face, you close your eyes and you wouldn’t want your assailant to do that when you are spraying on him, you want him to look at you.

The unique design of TigerLight gives you a two-part response to an attack, first part is to blind your attacker with a very bright flashlight which causes them to look away, as they look away you transition down which makes them to look back and then you hit them with a blast of pepper-spray allowing you to get away after you have disabled your assailants.

How to use T100
When you catch your attacker with surprise you are not only going to affect his eyes and skin but also the respiratory system – so if the attacker is on drugs, alcohol and is not feeling the pain he still needs to be breathing it is so gonna be effective. With stun-gun you get just one shot and you can disable just one guy but with TigerLight T100 you can spray more than 3 attackers.

TigerLight® T100 Benefits

  • Greater impact on breathing
  • Fits easily in your pocket or purse
  • Proven effective by police
  • Combines blinding light with pepper spray
  • Easy to use for ages 18-80, male or female
  • Looks like a flashlight or other hand-held device
  • Sprays twice as hard and twice the volume per sec.

I was looking for “Tigerlight T100 reviews” online since I was planning to purchase it but had to be sure about it. In a hope that I might get some genuine reviews to help me make a decision I started going through the top results. The top 3 links were very similar in their structure and on closer inspection I realized that the sites had ads that sold the same product from the manufacturer directly. The reviews themselves were glaring and had nothing bad to say about the produc,t which hardly is the case with the best of the best. I smelled something fishy and exited the sites quickly. One of the websites even had pop-ups that dint allow me to exit with peace.



What do I get?

  • 1 TigerLight® T100
  • 2 Insert Practice Canisters
  • 1 Family Safety DVD
  • 1 Padded Adjustable Hand Strap
  • 1 Sabre Red USA Pepper Spray
  • 1 Instructional DVD

Order a TigerLight® Set today and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Get any TigerLight® inscribed with a persons or company name for only an additional $2.00. Pick it up today for $99.96 plus $12.95 S&H. Tax will be applied to orders shipped to UT. Tax rates will be determined by zip code. Orders to New York and Massachusetts not accepted at this time.

Please Visit the Official Website https://www.buytigerlight.com



TigerLight T100 Video

Major General Ray L. Smith (Ret.) On TigerLight T100

Explanation of why the TigerLight T100 works better than a can of pepper spray.

7 thoughts on “TigerLight T100 Reviews and Complaints

  1. Cheating and fooling people into purchasing crappy products has increased over the period of time. The main reason for such a scam to be successful is due to the fact that search engines are flawed in differentiating a site from genuine over fake. This loophole is exploited largely by manufacturers and their affiliates who set up websites that carry good reviews about the product and provide a link to purchase the same right from their website.

  2. Main light only comes on for 1 second then goes out. I’ve tried several new batteries and it does the same thing. The small LED’s work fine, but the bright luxeon just does one quick flash only when the switch is pressed.

  3. The testimonials above referred to as “paid testimonials” are not paid testimonials.The police officers, military personnel and self defense experts were not paid for their testimonials. Even the celebrities were only compensated a minimal amount for their travel and time. These people were willing to appear on camera and put their reputations on the line because they know that the TigerLight® is the best non-lethal weapon in the world and the most practical, easy to use and effective mean of self defense available. Also, the number is 888-701-4500, not 888-791-4500. My extension is 101.

    As for any problem with the charger referred to, the chargers are made for use ONLY with rechargeable batteries as stated on the charger, in the instructions and on the non-rechargeable batteries. Putting non-rechargeable lithium batteries in a charger can cause severe overheating. ONLY use rechargeable batteries that are designed for the charger.

  4. Day 2 of trying to get TigerLight to respond to my complaint where the charger caught fire and injured my elderly, disabled mother while trying to put out the fire. Called Tiger Light Customer Service. 888-791-4500. Recorded message that no one was available to take my call and voice-mail message box was full so could not leave a message. TigerLight still has not responded to my e-mail from yesterday.

  5. I strongly recommend that you do NOT buy this Tiger Light product. The product works fine. The charging station caught fire and would have burnt my house down if not for the quick thinking of my elderly mother who by the way was injured trying to put out the fire. I’ve e-mailed the TigerLight corporation and they have not responded.

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