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About Tac Zoom

Everybody loves taking photos of themselves and/or surroundings. Since it is not feasible to own a camera every person has a camera phone which fulfills the wish of capturing each and every moment through photography or videos. But not all camera phone capture best quality pictures and also not everybody can afford good quality camera phone or camera.


Introducing Tac zoom an external lens which can be attached to your phone or tablet which is said to capture shots of hi definition images in an affordable price. It is inspired by high tech surveillance technology used by military drones. Tac zoom claims to boast your phones zoom up to 12 times thus giving picture with more clarity. It helps improve the quality of your photography acting as a binoculars that take high resolution pictures. Because you use smart phones you can even take videos of high quality.

Order Tac Zoom today and you can go from telescope to microscope with bonus micro lens which lets you get crystal clear close ups of the tiniest details. Along with micro lens, tac zoom also include wide angle lens for snapping great family photos and fish eye lens for unique photos as bonus which you can’t get with any other lens.

Instead of paying thousand of rupees on buying fancy camera and telephoto lens you can turn your phone into telephoto camera with Tac zoom with a whole package of lens allowing to capture high quality pictures from all angles.

Tac Zoom Reviews

Omar Steele, a Tac Zoom reviewer, reveals that this lens is useless and not value for money. He warns others to not buy it and look for something else that works.

Another review of Tac Zoom by Bryan Mann states that it falls apart easily. He further writes that the zoom is extremely disappointing for the price it comes for.

Velma Stone’s Tac Zoom review asserts that it is poorly made and just falls apart by simply touching it. She found that there was a gooey lubricant that spilled off when it came apart. She also states that this zoom lens fails to stay together and is difficult to attach to a phone.

A review of Tac Zoom by Luz Johnston claims that the lens creates an annoying black halo on the outer edge in the fisheye mode. He suggests other users check something else instead of buying this lens since it is awkward to attach and doesn’t zoom as promised.

As per Sammy Larson, Tac Zoom doesn’t really zoom but is fixed at the stated magnification. In his review, he says that it provides misleading information in comparison to what actually comes in the box. This is why he suggests other users to stay away from it. Although he states that the lens fits his phone decently but there wasn’t anything clear since visibility was hampered at the 12X zoom.

On the contrary, Miriam Burgess, a Tac Zoom reviewer asserts that it worked well and the zoom is decent enough. She does say that one can’t expect super excellent picture quality out of it though.

Another review of Tac Zoom by Levi Pratt complains that the even though there is a better zoom, a black, blurry ring forms around the image. He further states that this zoom lens does what it says but the price for it might be a little extra considering the quality of the lens.

According to Michael Todd, the lens is of a sub-par quality for the price it comes for. His review also informs that Tac Zoom’s design might be difficult to use with a phone case on. As per his experience, there is an alignment issue that makes using the lens with all smartphones difficult.

Linda Saunders complains that she found this zoom lens is highly unstable and doesn’t provide a clearer picture. It zooms fine but the quality of the image is questionable.

Tac Zoom Questions and Answers

Q. Is Tac Zoom powerful enough to zoom at night and take pictures of the moon?
A. No.

Q. How should the lens be used?
A. The lens has a clip-on design that goes over the cell phone camera. It can be twisted manually for optical zoom or controlled via the phone for a digital zoom.

Q. Will Tac Zoom fit S8+?
A. Yes, it is designed to fit any camera with single lens. Although chances are the phone case will be need to be removed for better picture quality.

Q. Is it powerful enough to watch the night sky?
A. It can be used to see some details on the moon but it isn’t something spectacular. In fact, it might be difficult to really align it with the camera lens to get a good quality image. A tripod can be a good choice to stabilize the image for zoomed in images.

Q. Will Tac Zoom fit a phone with a case?
A. It depends on the type of phone and case. Also, chances are that using it with a case may result in blurry and shaky images due to mismatched alignment.

Q. Is it compatible to work with an iPhone 7 plus model?
A. No.

Q. Can the zoom be adjusted?
A. No, the zoom is static and only the focus can be adjusted.

Q. Is Tac Zoom really worth the price?
A. No, it isn’t really a great zoom lens.

What do I get?
Bell + Howell Tac Zoom for just $19.99 & get 3 lenses for just pay a separate $6.95.
Official Website: TacZoom.com

Tac Zoom Verdict

Tac Zoom an external lens is definitely not the first in its category. But the point is do tac zoom an external lens worth the buy among all other external lenses available.

Going by the reviews Tac Zoom is definitely not the best buy but you can get similar product with better functionalities worth the price. For instance, there is Cell Phone Camera Zoom Lens Kit, 4 in 1 HD 12X Optical Telescope Zoom Lens+ Fisheye+ Wide Angle+ Macro Lens with Universal Clip+ Tripod for iPhone 6/7/6s Plus/SE, Samsung, Google, LG and Most phones at $22.87 by Zwish. Also, there is Telephoto lens kit, 4 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens, 12X Telephoto Lens + 180° Fisheye Lens + 0.65 Wide Angle Lens + Macro Lens, Clip-On Lenses for iphone 8 7 6 plus, Samsung Smartphone + Remote Shutter at $ 25.99 by Arory. Both are featured in amazon’s choice and have 3.4 and 4 star ratings repectively.

We would recommend to go with telephoto lens kit by Arory providing better functionalities and reviews on amazon.com at affordable price.

4 thoughts on “Tac Zoom REVIEW

  1. I tried to place two orders using the on-line method. It would not let me. I could only order one. Thus I used the stated toll free number. I tried to explain to the male that answer my ring, if he could explain why one can not change the order number from 1 to 2 he could not. At this point I told him I would like 2 of the cameras. He took my order and asked if I wanted other offers the company was selling. All was fine. A no reply e-mail came later stated what I had ordered. I was not sure, so the next day I TRYED to find an e-mail address so I could just have someone reconfirm what I had ordered. NO E-MAIL. I did find a custom service number. I phoned today Jan 2nd and waited a while on the line, which was fine. A female answer she did not seem very pleasant, she could not take in my phone number I had to keep repeating the number. I asked if she could explain what I had ordered, she again seemed very rushed and had little patients to explain, she just read off what I had received in the no reply e-mail. At the end when asking her about trying to get hold of them she turned it around on me and said “you do not have to shout”. I was sure surprised at this comment. I found her not to be a good spoken individual to speak with customs and their concerns.

  2. I have ordered four lenses for gifts and also ordered tripods and cases. Tripods and cases were cancelled and was wondering how come?

  3. I have ordered four tac lenses and decided to get the tripod and cases and the order comes back that the tripod and cases are cancelled. I did not cancel them and was wondering what was going on. I ordered these for gifts.

  4. Thankyou
    This compact zoom lens is an excellent tool for travel photographers. I find now i am using my phone camera much more. For travelling there is not much to beat it. Took a bit of getting used to, but i love it.
    Thanks a lot

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