Sweda Power Port

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What is Sweda Power Port:

It is a power port that claims to let you charge all your portable electronic devices at the same time.
Sweda Power Port promises to ensure that everyone at home will be able to charge their phones, tablets, MP3 players and more at the same time. With the limited power ports at home, charging several devices at one go can be a pain and a cause of constant conflict. Sweda Power Port maintains that it can let everyone at home be happy as several devices get charged together at the same time.

Sweda Power Port means you can charge six devices at a time

And that’s because Sweda Power Port has four USB ports and two standard outlets. Hence you are able to charge 6 devices at one go. You can also pick the devices you want to be charged because this power port works well with all. Sweda Power Port also claims to bring you flexible solutions because it can be manoeuvred the way you want. You can stack two of them together to boost the charging capacity and keep regular access to standard wall outlets. There won’t be any need for any awkward outlets anymore as the clutter of wires is eliminated too.


Sweda Power Port means easy installation and use

You can get started with Sweda Power Port as there are no special tools required for installation. You won’t need the help of an electrician either because it plugs into an existing outlet. Thus you are kept in charge of things by Sweda Power Port, which has been quite neatly designed too. You will find that it has the USB ports on the side of the unit. Thus it keeps a neat and clean profile without any mess in your indoor spaces.

Sweda Power Port means a charging solution anywhere

Sweda Power Port maintains that it is portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. Hence if you are away travelling with your loved ones or need a smart charging solution at work, you can make the most out of it.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Sweda Power Port Family Pack for $59.99
  • Official website: getpowerport.com
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