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About StreamSmart

StreamSmart states to be a streaming box that lets you use TV to stream movies, TV series, music, live sports, documentaries, and more programs through the internet. StreamSmart claims that a user can access over 1,000,000 HD movies right from the 1940s to the latest and every episode of TV series. StreamSmart convinces that it is easy to install and does not require monthly subscription.

StreamSmart Review

Keeps Freezing
Richard who used StreamSmart complained in his review that though it gives you access to most things, it keeps freezing constantly. He found it very annoying that he couldn’t watch any ball game without it interrupting. He also found it a nuisance to look for the HD channels because the picture quality was abysmal otherwise. In fact having to go through various channels in the app was a big nuisance for him.

Good idea, Bad execution
Michael who bought StreamSmart exposed in his review that the quality even on the HD channels is quite poor. He hasn’t been able to watch any game or a broadcast for as little as 30 minutes without it buffering. According to him it is bearable but it is nowhere close to the quality of broadcast that one can get with cable TV. He believes the reviews suggesting that, are probably written by people who are trying to sell the product themselves because at the end of the day it is a multilevel marketing company.

Difficult to use
Nick who reviewed StreamSmart complained in his review that it is difficult to work with and get used to. The biggest problem is navigation, which is very tricky. You need to find the Live TV channels and that means you have to navigate through various steps and that’s a problem because the links don’t end up working. He tried to mark the channels he often watches as favorites but that was of no use because he couldn’t get the channels most of the time. They also change from time to time and you don’t have the option of finding out where they are as you do with Cable TV. You can’t even tell what a channel is showing till you switch it on. All these factors made the use of StreamSmart annoying and a huge hassle for him.

StreamSmart does work but has limitations
Peter who bought StreamSmart revealed in his review that there are a few plus points to it. For starters, it allows you to watch thousands of shows and movies; in fact anything that is outside of Live TV. Almost all the movies from the past and a few that are still in the theatres can be watched. He considers it a pre-paid Netflix subscription but with plenty more options. He is of the opinion that it can replace TV subscription services and DVR. But it cannot be a replacement for cable Live TV. The big problem is that the picture quality is spotty. However according to him it delivers on the promise and is a decent product if one doesn’t have huge expectations from it.

Disappointing product
Ron who used StreamSmart complained in his review that he just couldn’t get any of the current movies on it. He had to settle for watching movies that he wasn’t interested in the first place. He was also disappointed by the fact that though the box came with lifetime subscription the login credentials weren’t valid after a few weeks.

StreamSmart is shoddy
Andre who bought StreamSmart revealed in his review that he was shown the channels and its use by a technician but when he tried to navigate through it himself, it was a disaster. He even upgraded his router thanks to the suggestion from technical support but it hasn’t made a difference, only his Internet bills are higher. He also had a problem with the menus that were so difficult to work with. He constantly had to wait to update things he would never use.

Not worth its price
Shane who reviewed StreamSmart exposed in his review that this box has been around for 4 years now and has low end specs. They have tried to repackage it and sell it at a very high price, which is almost like a scam to him. Some of the problems with its use, according to him, include the constant lagging even after updating his router and modem. There are several links that are broken, which is a nuisance as well. “In theatres now” is a decent option but the links are of very poor quality. He found the same box on digichar with the latest update in 2011, which makes him believe it is a scam and the box is not worth its price at all.

How does StreamSmart work

You can allegedly install StreamSmart and cut down your Cable TV and satellite subscription to the bare minimum right away. StreamSmart guarantees to have an easy setup – you need to plug in your StreamSmart unit into your TV set and connect to the internet to enjoy the streams. The technology of StreamSmart emphasizes to crawl the internet to bring all the movie and series streams right to you.

Enjoy all the media at the fraction of cost

If you’re an entertainment buff and end up spending a lot on the expensive Cable TV, subscription channels and streaming to get just a small selection of stuff, then the streaming box StreamSmart asserts to bring good news to you. StreamSmart maintains to let you stream practically any media right on your TV at the fraction of the cost of your regular subscription channels. StreamSmart emphasizes to have an easy setup of just plugging it into your TV set and connecting with the internet to stream any media you like.

Legal, safe and needs no monthly fee

StreamSmart declares that you just need to pay for buying the unit to enjoy all the streams and it needs no monthly subscription fee. StreamSmart promises that it is absolutely safe since it does not download, upload, copy or store any media but simply streams them by crawling the internet. StreamSmart proclaims that it is so compact and easy to install that you can move it from one room to another to enjoy your viewing experience wherever you please. It alleges that you can even take it to a friend’s house and enjoy a movie marathon or binge on TV series or enjoy a game night. StreamSmart states that it can bring to your television set all the HD movies ever made from 1940s till today, which means over 1,000,000 HD movies, every single episode of any TV series, documentaries, live sports, music concerts and more.

What do I get?

You get StreamSmart for $349.Official website

31 thoughts on “StreamSmart Review

  1. I was a Streamsmart vendor on a small scale until I began receiving major complaints about the product. As of November 30th 2018 there will no longer be access to “live media” according to Streamsmart/streamstation headquarters. This is a real slap in the face toward customers that paid premium prices to have this feature. I have only owned my boxes for two years. Instead of auto upgrading the boxes as they have done in the past Streamsmart/streamstation has issued a statement that they will upgrade the boxes at a cost of either $50 – $75 depending on the date that you choose to have this done.This is nothing more than a money making scheme and it is my recommendation not to purchase from this company as they cannot be trusted to support their product without continuous future costs.

  2. Very unhappy. So many apps that require approval. Most titles are no stream available. Then IF you can get a stream it doesn’t play. I’ve done so many updates and reinstall not to mention the factory resets. It’s a waste of time unless you enjoy complete stress.

  3. I want to know when the class action lawsuit is coming when you buy this it just yours can’t resell to get some of your money back if you want to buy another or change brand you’ve just got a piece of JUNK!

  4. Absolute POS. Cannot watch anything, it seems, without freezing and, as I am writing this, flat kicking me out of the Dallas-Oakland game on numerous occasions and it is not even halftime. Most shows will not come up.

    We have fastest internet and are hard wired. You would think after all the months we have had this device all the bugs could be worked out. Not happening. Will probably have to buy cable to ensure we can see Super Bowl.

    Good news: It discourages me from even turning on the television which gives me time for other more worthwhile activities.

    • I bought mine about 1 month ago, I have not had any problem
      at all, love this box. If you have trouble it could be the wifi connection.
      Everything comes up, It will pay for it’s self real fast.

  5. streamsmart is way over priced,you can get a good android box with good cpu,and that will work on 2.4 and 5g wifi,dual band and watch apps off of kodi,for alot less 200.00 less,with a good build on a fast box,the key is wifi slow wifi is why you have buffer and pause, just my 2 cents,thanks

  6. It’s nothing but an android box, like all the others. The difference is the marketing and resellers making better profit on a $400+ overpriced android box. People that don’t know are stupid and think that paying $400 will give you a better product

    I’ve been into all this since 2003. You want no buffering? Up your internet speed. That’s it, no matter what box you have. You can get a $50 box on ebay that does the same exact thing. All these Android boxes pull movies from the same links. Going to get a lot of cam videos and hd, some 1080 and little 4k. I use a T95z plus , I got for under $60. Put it side-by-side with this overpriced stream box, and you won’t tell the difference, in movies nor speed. Get ares and get covenant formerly exodus, or a great one is 4kmovies. Nice layout, Everything you want with little 4k. Eventually they will have more

    • Couldn’t agree more. It is an almost worthless piece of garbage. As I write this I am WATCHING “Airplane”. ONLY watching because there is no sound…it started with sound but now it’s, just, gone. I could not find the list of football games earlier in the day. This makes cable look like a bargain AT ANY PRICE.

      If I feel scammed then I am scammed.

  7. Wow, total falsehoods spouted in this so called review followed by several comments by folks that just have no idea what they’re talking about. Border line defamation, if you ask me.

    Product/business model isn’t immune to criticism, but I just read some serious bull$hit on this site.

    This review was written by a sophomore in high school after spending a single night with the box, right? Poor summaries and paraphrasing of other’s remarks, too.

    Internet. Gotta love it.

    • I agree, my box is fine you have to know what your doing first, I’ve had it going on three years I’ve learned it inside and out watch my Bears no problem no buffering, no freezing, it can’t always be the box guys, speed, modem your settings, HECK comcast glitches a LOT so learn what you have first. GREAT BOX

      • I disagree completely. I decided to cut the cost and go streaming completely. I bought two streamsmart boxes and I’ve had them now for over 3 years. In the first year while we had Genesis everything was wonderful we could stream everything movies and TV through Genesis there was no freezing and pausing or at least very little and everything was wonderful. After Genesis went away for the past two years to spend nothing but pausing I’m more than 50% of all streams. I have 100 megabit per second Comcast internet which works very well with my tablet and other computer devices but not with streamsmart. I have very good AC quality routers and I get anywhere from 5 to 20 megabytes per second to my TV that doesn’t seem to help the problem. After many tests the problem doesn’t seem to be related to my internet speed at all. The problem seems to be stream quality and server that I pull it off of. Since the original Genesis went away there’s been nothing but poor quality for the most part. I spoke with my son who has a much cheaper set up and lower speed internet but with his Roku box he streams Netflix and Hulu Plus and does very well without any interruptions I think I just have to break down and pay some fees for monthly service.

  8. I have a stream smart pro and after three month I’m having problem’s with it freezing and always up dating . I love the box , but not happy with what I paid for it and what it is doing.

    • The issues you describe in your post here means you have not joined the Streamsmart Facebook Support Group.

  9. I got my streamsmart 5+ months ago had a few issues in the beginning it was me just not tech savvy so the dealer came over and walked me thru all of it I enjoy my streamsmart wouldn’t trade it for the world..

  10. I bought 2 StreamSmart Pro boxes a couple weeks ago. I read these reviews after purchasing my units. I have no clue where these negative reviews are coming from. My 84 year old mother with no tech experience uses her StreamSmart daily to watch her favorite shows and has no issue using it. She has put her favorite shows in her favorites list and just hits the “star” on the remote and chooses her shows.
    On my end, I joined the online Facebook support group and have found answers to most all questions and those answers that aren’t there are answered by the support group quickly. I did have trouble at first with constant buffering but the trouble was on my end with my internet provider (U-Verse) switched to another provider (Spectrum) and almost never have a buffering issue. We watched the end of the season of NFL games and the SuperBowl with no lag or buffering. Have watched several movies and 4k programming with no issues. I watch live tv as well as old shows. I found that after a day or so of playing around with the unit I could navigate it easily.

    The reseller I bought the units from came to my house and set it up. He gave me instructions on use and we were off.

    So my experience is 100% opposite to the majority of reviews here. Perhaps the units have been improved since the previous reviews were written. In any event, I highly recommend StreamSmart.

    • Hi Al,

      I agree with you. The StreamSmart boxes are awesome. I love the way Kodi has been customized for easy use. I did my research and have to say that the boxes are overpriced. I have the StreamSmart S4 but want to upgrade to the Pro model. I just don’t want to pay $449 for the box. I found that the SkyStream One box has the same specs as the StreamSmart Pro model but only cost $150. I bought one for my son’s birthday and he loves it. My dilemma is that I like StreamSmart much better because as I said before Kodi is customized for easy use. If I can get over the customization issue, I may give in and buy the SkyStream One for $150.

  11. I got rid of cable a couple of years ago and started using my Roku. I enjoyed my movies and TV series on Netflix and Amazon. Even with payed subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon, I came no where close to a high cable bill that I once had. When I had digital cable, I only watched a few channels. With my Roku, I became a “streaming demon”! I was introduced to the Streamsmart TV Box and I love it. I still have my Roku and Netflix and Amazon (Prime) subscriptions. If you are not a “Streamer” then the Streamsmart box is not for you. People who are use to watching cable and satellite will not appreciate or enjoy streaming. That’s all I do is stream. What I’m trying to say is streaming is not for everyone. If you can be patient and really want to save a lot of money, streaming is the way to go even if you just have a Roku player!

    Go Streamers!

  12. All My Streamsmart Friends & Customers Join This Group Where You Can Talk And Won’t Get Booted From The streamsmart forum if you have Any issues And the owner Spence Troth Doesn’t like that. I will no longer sell any of that Guys boxes(he doesn’t honor his warranty or service. He Thinks he is above ALL,He Also Loves To Threaten People If You Speak Up By Saying He Will Turn Off Your Box!!! He Is One Hell Of A Great Businessman (NOT).Here is the NEW groups email gamefinder-nfl on stream smart this i will keep posting on facebook so all can see!!

    • Hey ray,,
      Troth has shut a box off. Are u aware if he has people working under him to buy boxes off eBay?
      There would be no way for him to get serial number unless the person who bought box gave it to him.
      He demands the buyer is refunded, but refuses to answer if he will refund or reactivate the box. It seems the reason he demands to give money back to buyer cuz the buyer is affiliated with him. He will however upsell a new box.
      I am NOt a distributor, bought 3 from distributor for xmas gifts, only needed 2, so sold 1 on eBay.
      There is 1 large eBay seller, his seller.
      Message says eBay doesn’t allow that for sale & turned off. Not true I talked to eBay, they have no way to shut off box.
      Any info would be great.
      Is he the only one that can turn off a box?

  13. OH its way over priced. And they dont really do anything special other then a custom background to the stock interface i can get on any box on eBay or amazon.

    They dont provide support after a month or so. Its one of those where they are nice as can be when you want to buy but once they have you they just leave you hanging.

    They claim on their website they push updates and they offer this thing called channelup tv. Channelup IS HORRIBLE. It buffers and half the time you are watching a tv show and it will after 4-5 minutes it will just stop. Then you have to click the channel again to watch 4-5 minutes.
    Sometimes if your lucky you might get a channel to stay on for 10-15 minutes.

  14. Terrible product. Everything slowly stops working after a couple months. Its loaded with (literally hundreds) of junk apps and garbage. 99% of them don’t work. Its just an android box running Kodi which you can buy for $80. If you literally type in 2GB RAM, 8GB Memory Android box on amazon you will see 50+ of these for $80-$120. The dealers run a giant pyramid scheme basically. Save your money!

  15. We bought it in September 2015 and have watched maybe 3 movies. Such a pain in the ass to try to learn this if you’re not techie. I subscribed to their facebook to see what others are doing, but when i posted a complaint about 15 minutes ago, I started getting thumbs up and within minutes they deleted me and all of my prior questions asking where to find certain movies “Point Break” for instance. We’ve spent $250.00 on the S5 model, yet we still pay for, watch and record on Direct TV even after upgrading our internet speed and router. Now paying more money!

    • I’m 70 and my husband and I bought our streamsmart from a local seller. I set it up by myself while hubby was at work.
      I may have paid 350.00 but no more cable bill ever.
      So, I think I saved a lot of money. Best part no commercials.
      It’s worth any extra time you are looking for your movie or tv show. Everything is on there. I cant tell you how much we love it.
      Email and they will give you a name of someone local who is selling it.

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