Stream Machine Review

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What is Stream Machine–

As per the infomercial it is an amazing gadget that can be connected to a cellphone or any other digital device like music players, laptops, etc. to broadcast music on radio frequency. It can be tuned from any radio device for crystal clear sound from one’s favourite playlist.

Interruption free radio

Stream Machine guarantees to provide a way of listening to your favourite music without any interruption or ads. Stream Machine surely sounds very interesting but one can be sure of its functioning only once users review it. Stream Machine convinces to be far better than streaming radio channels while driving, relaxing or at a party. These channels don’t always play favourite songs or have so many advertisements in between that it takes away the fun of listening to music. Stream Machine asserts to address this particular issue in form of a magical device. Can Stream Machine really be as impressive as it sounds? Send us your reviews.

Plug, tune and play

Stream Machine emphasizes that it works on the three easy steps which is – plug, tune and play. Although there are no Stream Machine reviews available that will tell us if it is really that easy to setup and play. Stream Machine alleges to be a small device that comes with a plug that will go easily in an earphone jack of the cellphone. Once in, Stream Machine is to be used to set a particular frequency using its digital display. Stream Machine states to set a frequency which can be adjusted on the car radio to start streaming songs from the cellphone playlist very easily. In fact one can start streaming music from the internet or shuffle between personal favourite tracks for a great musical ride. Stream Machine claims that this easiness is much better than regular wireless devices that need connectivity over Bluetooth which isn’t great and at the same time battery consuming. Such comparison between other options and Stream Machine is still a question that will be answered once it is reviewed.

Additional benefits

Stream Machine proclaims to have a universal design so that it fits into any type of digital device with a 3.5 mm earphone jack. This includes not just cellphones but also music players, tablets, laptops and computers. Such far-fetched claims by Stream Machine will be attested once users review it. Stream Machine also is able to readily tune through any type of radio that can support the frequency band. Stream Machine convinces to be handy and does not need any installation or wiring. Plus, Stream Machine alleges to become a handsfree device for answering calls too. Stream Machine does sound interesting; user reviews will soon expose the truth.

What do I get?

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