Strap Top 60 Review

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Have you ever lost your precious laptop because of an accidental drop from hand? Well, you are not the only one and several people on several occasions have done the same but can now take advantage of Strap Top. It is by nature that we try to use our hands for multitasking and if you are carrying a laptop in your arm or holding it under while handling other things like opening a door, getting into the car, etc than the risk of damaging the laptop is high due to the risk of falling. But none can complain since laptop bags are so huge and there was no solution to it till the ingeniously created Strap Top.

How does Strap Top 60 Work

The new and easy way to carry a laptop is by using the new Strap Top. It sounds like a complex designer bag but actually it is not, on the contrary it is a simple strap that is created in a way to fit inside a laptop. The biggest strength of Strap Top lies in the fact that it can fit any sized laptop very easily. All it needs is the strap to be placed inside the laptop’s closing end properly and close the laptop lid so that it conjoins with the strap. Now one can simply lift Strap Top on the shoulders while the laptop is kept intact due to the designer strap running through its hinges and keeping it secured from falling off.

The major advantage of using Strap Top comes from the fact that since it is not a bag there is no need of removing or stacking the laptop which means it provides greater access to the laptop at any given time and at any given place. Strap Top is made from finest material and is durable to provide service for years to come and since it’s a single strap design it is lightweight and comfortable to carry around. Another key feature of Strap Top is the fact that it has provisions to carry the power cord of the laptop along making it the perfect choice for laptop users.



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