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What is Splitsecnd:

It is device that can bring you emergency assistance at times you need it the most.
Splitsecnd can work like a safety cushion for anyone who drives and can be stuck in a tricky situation. There are times when people get involved in accidents for no fault of their own. They would be saved a great deal of damage, personal, emotional and physical of course, if they could get assistance instantly. That’s what Splitsecnd claims to bring for you so that you can have peace of mind while driving because you know someone’s got your back.

Splitsecnd means instant response

God forbid, you are involved in an accident and there is a collision of some sorts. It’s only natural that you are probably going to panic but Splitsecnd lets you get some control over the situation. It sends out an instant response as soon as there is any kind of collision. Hence thanks to Splitsecnd you can be speaking to a trained emergency responder immediately. It is not only reassuring but you will get the quick response that could stop the damage from being a whole lot worse.


Splitsecnd for crash response

The good thing about using Splitsecnd is said to be the fact that the responders know exactly where you are when the accident happens. Hence they will get in touch with local 911 dispatchers at the earliest. As a result you can have help arriving with emergency aid as per the requirement. Splitsecnd thus ensures that you will have help at hand when you need it the most without having to go looking for it.

Splitsecnd notifies your family too

Accidents can be difficult not only for those involved in them but your loved ones as well. Splitsecnd has a provision wherein a call will be made to your emergency contact. Thus your family members will know about the accident, the place it has happened and other details at the earliest. Hence your loved ones will not have to worry because of the uncertainty and what’s more, they can get to you soonest.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Splitsecnd Device + Subscription for $99 + $9.95/mo.
  • Official website: splitsecnd.com
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