Sparker Cree Flashlight

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Sparker Cree Flashlight is said to give a shot in the arm to tactical enthusiasts and practically everyone looking for a powerful flashlight. It is said to be a bright flashlight that will be ideal for avid tactical enthusiasts.

Ultrabright XML T6 600 Lumen Cree Bulb

The major feature of Lumen bulbs is that they are very bright. In fact they are ones that are used by police and military personnel when it comes to disorienting combatants. It’s also said to be tactical because it can be fitted into any regular rifle rail mount.

Thus this Ultrabright XML T6 Cree Bulb used in the flashlight can be responsible for a strong beam of light that you can do with on several occasions.

Sparker Cree Flashlight is adjustable to your needs.

Not only is it considered quite bright, it can be used as per your convenience, according to its claims. It has a sliding adjustable head, which allows you to broaden or narrow the beam as and when you need it. Moreover you can make the most out of three brightness settings and have just the right amount of light needed for you.

Sparker Cree Flashlight has features for survival enthusiasts

It is boosted by the strobe function and there’s also an SOS option, which can literally be a saviour in tricky situations, according to its claims. That is why it is said to be the perfect flashlight for survival enthusiasts.

The functions in Sparker Cree Flashlight change every time it is turned on or off but by simply giving the button a light press, you can move to the next function.

Dual power source

You get a unique rechargeable battery with the flashlight and also an insert that can hold 3 AAA batteries. Both of them can be kept ready to go when you are out with your Sparker Cree Flashlight and you can thus ensure that you are never stranded without battery.

Sparker Cree Flashlight is available in black, has a strong aluminium alloy body, and is shock proof and water resistant as well.


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