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What is Sound Scoopz? This easy sound bar alternative claims to be the perfect solution for crystal clear TVaudio. Sound Scoopz stresses that now you can hear your TV audio clearly because it aims the sound directly at you and not the floor. Sadly since we don’t have enough Sound Scoopz reviews we can’t verify these claims.


Sound Scoopz Claims

Redirects sound waves for crisp sound – The secret of Sound Scoopz lies in the fact that it redirects sound waves from your TV directly towards you. It means you can hear the audio clearly and without any hindrance. We look forward to your Sound Scoopz reviews to confirm these claims

Convenient for use – Sound Scoopz can be simply peeled and stuck on to speakers to get the job done instantly. They promise to work with any sized flat screen TV and are compatible with free standing or mounted sets. Moreover they emphasize that they don’t hamper any set movement, so you can watch your favorite programs the way you want. We will have to go through Sound Scoopz reviews carefully to validate these tall claims.


What do I get?
Get 2 Sound Scoopz for $10 plus $13.98 shipping and handling at the official website:

2 thoughts on “Sound Scoopz

  1. Perhaps since this is waiting for Moderation. Someone will address some typo’s. Such as. I have invented the Superior Product!. My bad. but not to bad considering I am an American Soldier the turtle who is gaining Ground and winning this race. My site’s are in full swing and are not being shut down nor is the product being discontinued as per Cnet. Soundscoopz which The Owner Steve tried to purchase the domain I owned Well Sorry Steve it is not for sale and never will be. TURBOSCOOPS® is here to stay and the Hair has won the race.

  2. Well, This is a Classic Story of the Tortoise and the Hare. I invented SOUNDVERTERS long before this inferior product was on the scene. I think a Walmart manager and his friend was involved due to the fact I brought my Prototype to The Wal Mart Manager in Reynoldsburg, Ohio as per the instructions at a site to get into Walmart to sale your product locally and perhaps go National.
    But, Never the less. I have the Invented the Superior product and as I have been warn many of “COPY CATS” would rush to the Market and try and flood it. Well, I am still here and Standing My Product is now in Mass Production and All of my Customers are really Pleased with the results. Perhaps the Hare does win After All. Better Sounding TV for Less! Guaranteed.

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