Sony Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX500 Review

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Here’s another winner designed by Sony to bring you unbelievable room filling sound. Sony Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX500 is the new innovation that puts an end to the clutter of cords and offers incredible sound. It is the superlative experience of enjoying 40 watt Bluetooth enabled speaker that lets you connect several devices wirelessly via Bluetooth and also take a call on the built-in speakerphone. It also makes one touch pairing with your NFC (Near Field Communications) smartphone easy. It’s the best wireless device that provides the premium cutting-edge Sony sound.

How does Sony Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX500 Work

Sony Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX500 now makes it possible for you to operate your device from the comfort of your seat so you don’t have to hover nearby to skip tracks or search for a new playlist. It allows you to stream it all wirelessly from your Bluetooth capable smartphone or music player, which means you can keep your device by your side wherever you are in the room. It rescues you from the tangles of cords and enjoy the ultimate comfort. The amazing Bluetooth wireless speaker also has integrated speakerphone capability, so you can take calls without missing any. All you have to do is plug it into a wall outlet or use the internal rechargeable battery to employ it.

The Sony SRS-BTX500 wireless speaker utilizes the advanced damperless Magnetic Fluid speakers that transmit crystal clear sound with less distortion than traditional speakers. Sony presents 3 cutting-edge elements of audio technology in this system that takes quality and experience of a wireless speaker to new heights.

It has dual passive radiators that work in coordination with the built-in subwoofer and speakers. It produces deep, rich bass for you to enjoy. In addition to that, Sony’s Clear Phase DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology enhances the acoustic signal and its instruments and vocals sound. This fabulous hands-free Sony device makes streaming audio wirelessly and matching the NFC logo with the one on your NFC enabled device a breeze. You can turn on the speaker, activate Bluetooth connectivity, pair two devices and lots more with one simple action!



What do I get?
Get the Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for just $299.99. AC adapter is included. Official website



Sony Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX500 Video

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