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SOLARSTATION by Touch of ECO is a 4-1 multi-functional solar powered unit. The SOLARSTATION is designed with a specially crafted radio, flashlight and alarm clock. It also has the power to generate power through three different sources. The SOLARSTATION is a device that you can use anytime, everywhere!



High Efficiency Solar Panel – The SOLARSTATION features a high efficiency solar panel. This solar panel is designed to collect and store power under both direct sunlight and UV lighting making it great for everyday use.

There is also a USB adapter allowing you to charge the SOLARSTATION so as to continue to operate even in those areas that do not receive sufficient sunlight.

When in emergency situations you can use the hand crank to instantly power the LED flashlight, turn on the radio (to receive emergency broadcasts) and charge USB mobile devices. The SOLARSTATION is a unique device and a must have for everyone! You are sure to love the convenience of the exceptionally featured SOLARSTATION!


Features of the SOLARSTATION – Designed with a variety of features the SOLARSTATION makes it ideal to carry anywhere you go. The features of the SOLARSTATION are: a high efficiency solar panel, AM/FM Radio, hand crank charger, digital alarm clock, high intensity LEDs, high powered flashlight and mobile device charger.

With the SOLARSTATION in your hand you can play music, generate light, check the time and generate power to your mobile device anytime, anywhere! You are guaranteed to love the amazing features of the SOLARSTATION!


Uses of the SOLARSTATION – The SOLARSTATION is great to carry with you everywhere you go. You can use the SOLARSTATION when you go on trips to the beach, for outdoor activities, camping and much more. The SOLARSTATION is perfect for any kind of emergency situations that you are faced with.

Order the SOLARSTATION today and enjoy the convenience of a radio, flashlight, alarm clock and power source anywhere you go!


What do I get?
1 Touch of Eco SolarStation for just $99.99 including shipping at

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