SolarCell Cell phone Charger Review

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Do you often face low battery problems with your cellular phone just when you need it the most? Are you one of the cellphone users who forgets to charge their phone regularly? You certainly cannot pack a set of cellphone batteries along on a vacation because each battery is quite costly. Such problems can drive you nuts and can even cause losses in times of a business call. But there is nothing one can do about such an issue except charge the phone on time. To ease up this problem and help charge the phone on the go a unique product known as SolarCell is launched.


SolarCell Cell phone Charger
SolarCell, as the name suggests, is a solar powered device which can store and provide power for cell phone batteries. Solar energy has been one of the most naturally available energy to mankind. The sun rays provide a very high amount of energy which is collected can help charge phones without the need of an electrical point. The SolarCell utilizes this concept to store power. It has a solar panel which has photovoltaic cell which converts photon energy into electrical energy on its surface when exposed to sun light. The sun rays are then converted and stored in it for charging purpose. Being so powerful in its functionality it is very compact and is lesser than the size of a credit card.

Once SolarCell charges through the sun light it can be attached to a cell phone to power its battery up. Considering all various kinds of cell phones that are available in the market, it comes with connectors which can go into all widely available handsets. So whether the customer has an iPhone, Blackberry or an Android phone with a small or a big charger pin outlet, SolarCell will fit into it using the different cords available with it. It can also be used to charge portable MP3 players, GPS systems, Tablets and Bluetooth Devices. It also has provision to attach to a key so that it stays as a keychain and never forgotten by the user. SolarCell is thus a perfect device to help businessmen, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, etc for charging their cellular phones on the go. For a limited time period, SolarCell comes with another SolarCell absolutely free.



What do I get?
You will get Solarcell for only $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. Official website



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