Solar Juice

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You can have lots of fun and do some serious business on your fingertips using the new age devices like a smart phone, tablet, etc. But the most generic problem of all is the battery power. And if you are caught in a situation like a flat tire on an empty road, while on a business call, power outage, etc then the frustration is just unnerving. The battery no matter what quality does go low and die some time and Solar Juice claims to be the solution for such an issue.


Solar Juice is a flexible portable power charger that promises to store backup power in it to charge devices in emergency situations. Unlike most portable charges available in the market Solar Juice is supposed to store power through not just charging from a laptop or a power outlet but also has a hybrid circuit which stores the power from the sun and converts the solar energy to charge itself. Solar Juice is said to be housed with powerful lithium ion battery that takes one single charge adding hours of talk time when someone needs it.
It is also said that Solar Juice has an indicator on it that helps in keeping check on the amount of power it has stored and how far it needs to charge to get full.


Solar Juice is universal, which means any type of device whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, gaming devices, mp3 players, etc with different socket configurations can be charged.
In fact, Solar Juice comes with a universal connector covering maximum devices but can be also connected via the device charging cable. And Solar Juice has a compact size that would fit in the palm and is ready to travel anywhere inside the pocket or in a small purse.

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