Socket Dock

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What is a Socket Dock:

It is a universal charger that also has a charging dock on the top.
Socket Dock claims to be a convenient tool for you at home so that you have get your phone charged while your other appliances stay plugged in. We just can’t have our phones running out of battery in today’s time but charging them when your appliances are plugged in at home, can be a tricky proposition. Socket Dock promises to offer you a way around it so that you don’t lose an outlet but gain a charger.

Socket Dock lets you keep your outlets free

You have several appliances in your homes that need to be plugged in through the day. You can’t unplug them when you want to charge your phone and now you won’t have to, according to claims made by Socket Dock. It maintains that you can keep your outlets free while you charge your phone at the same time. Thus with Socket Dock you will not have to worry about your phones or other devices running out of battery and your appliances can keep on doing their job too.


Socket Dock has been smartly designed

Socket Dock claims to be effective because it has exchangeable adaptors that have been smartly located on the top. They let you swap out any adaptor so that you can charge your phones. There’s another advantage of using Socket Dock, according to its claims. It lets you store adaptors at the back, which will avoid any clutter around the house. There are two USB plugs on the side as well and they can be used to charge two additional devices. Thus this lightweight, portable and cord free charger can help you with your charging needs anywhere and anytime.

Socket Dock is versatile for your needs

Socket Dock asserts that it can help you a charge a lot more than your phones while your appliances are plugged in. You can use it to charge tablets and e-readers as well. Any kind of USB devices can also be charged with its help.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get the Two Socket Dock, complete with the Two adapter set for just $19.99+$17.98S&H.
  • Official website:
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