Smart Vase Microboom Speaker REVIEW | REVIEW

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What is Smart Vase Microboom Speaker?

It is a Bluetooth speaker-cum-vase that features LED light and also double as a decorative planter. Smart Vase Microboom Speaker is a chargeable all-in-one vase that features Bluetooth function, storage for plants and more. It has been crafted as a multipurpose article which imparts utility besides a touch of aesthetic beauty and fun.



Versatile Bluetooth Speaker-cum- with Multiple Uses

The Smart Vase Microboom Speaker is powered by sensitive technology, which makes it belt out music the moment one touches it. Its Bluetooth speaker mode allows it to play music when it is paired with any Bluetooth enabled device. Further, Smart Vase Microboom Speaker features 360° multi auto-changing colors LED light at its base,


Perfect for Fun, Utility and Decoration

The makers of Smart Vase Microboom Speaker state that it is ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. according to them. It is perfect for carrying out numerous functions in any area at home such as the kitchen, hall, patio and the lawn. Also, Smart Vase Microboom Speaker works smoothly for up to four hours when charged fully and can be recharged through USB charger. It can also store things like pens, small cutlery, make-up brushed and snacks.


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