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Cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives that we cannot imagine a life without them. Regular articles in the newspapers and even cell phone manuals report how radiation from cell phones can be very harmful to the brain, eyes, ears and reproductive organs every time you use the phone. Studies have also shown how dangerous radiation can be especially for young children


How does RAN3 work?
Children’s brains develop at a slow pace and their skulls are thinner making them more vulnerable to the dangers of cell phone radiation.

Here’s introducing RAN3 to help protect you from the dangerous effects of radiation emitted from your cell phone. RAN3 was first manufactured in the USA by a defense contractor. RAN3 is the first and only cell phone shield protector in the world that provides three layers of protection to reflect, absorb, and neutralize the effects of harmful radiation.

Layer 1 is a radio frequency reflection layer with an adhesive to hold on to the cell phone, layer 2 is a radio frequency absorption layer which absorbs the electromagnetic radiation electrically and is based on radar absorbing material technology and layer 3 is a radio frequency neutralizing layer to ensure that the radiation is not re-emitted or re-directed.

RAN3 blocks 99.7% of the harmful electromagnetic radiation from effecting your brain, eyes, ears, and reproductive organs. Using RAN3 allows you to converse safely on your cell phone as long as you want.

RAN3 is made with a combination of materials and programmed with precise frequencies, which are particularly effective in neutralizing harmful radiation.

RAN3 does not affect your cell phone reception in any way. The technology that is used in RAN3 is so unique that it has been used in the protection of top secret US military applications.

Now for the very first time it is being made available to the general public.

RAN3 is so simple and easy to use. Simply stick it on your cell phone and RAN3 reflects, absorbs and neutralizes radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by your body. So stop worrying about dangerous radiation and use RAN3.

RAN3 is so small you will not even know it is there. When your kids go out in the scorching sun you will not allow them to go out without sun block so do not let them use the cell phone without RAN3. RAN3 is guaranteed to last.

So get RAN3 today and protect yourself from the dangerous effects of radiation.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
For buying info please see the official website www.GetRan3.com



Reviews and Complaints
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3 thoughts on “RAN3 Review

  1. I bought 6 RAN3 devices and never received anything! I kept calling the toll free number and the regular number and left several messages but was never contacted. Now both phone numbers are no longer working. I feel it was a scam and I am out $65.00.

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