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Do you tire of watching the same old televisions channels throughout the day including the boring reruns that are aired to fill in the time slots? The American network grid has increasing number of channels in the grid but many are disappointing due to a lack of quality content. Plus, the content is very common since there are no international shows with other cultural influences. And if you are a big television enthusiast then you might feel sorry for all the global entertainment you are missing. But now there is a way to say goodbye to such disappointments with the new Rabbit TV.


Rabbit TV USB

Rabbit TV is a simple USB stick which can provide access to television shows and radio channels from almost all the counties in the world and relay it on the computer. The basic requirement to run a Rabbit TV is to have an internet access to convert it into an entertainment system. With all the limited content and increasing prices of channels especially with the new Pay Per View system it is really difficult to follow a favorite program on a costly network. Rabbit TV eliminates that problem altogether by providing the channels and radio stations for absolutely no extra cost or any kind of hidden charges whatsoever.

Rabbit TV when plugged into a computer or laptop initiates an interactive UI which helps the users to select the country from which the desired content belongs to and then from the country list select the channel or radio station. The interface is very simplified and has easy to follow steps for accessing over 2000 International TV stations and 9000 different Radio Stations. With these many number of channels and radio stations available there is no chance that a person will ever be bored again.

The best part of Rabbit TV is that it works perfectly fine even on the move with the help of internet access points at Home, Hotels, Airports and even when in the car with the help of portable internet cards. There is no need for any installation for Rabbit TV to start the functioning and easy to remove just like a USB stick. A new offer of one Rabbit TV free with purchase of one is available for a limited time only.Are the staid and repetitive television shows aired on your regular channels boring you to death? Are you hungry for quality entertainment and informative content from all across the globe? Then you can do with Rabbit TV, a smart way of getting access to shows and radio stations from all over the world, right on your computer.

To get started with Rabbit TV, all you need is an internet connection and you are set to go. Why pay exorbitant cable TV prices for the same old programs that do nothing for you when you can have quality entertainment at your fingertips for the fraction of that cost? In fact there are no additional fees or hidden costs when you use this product at home.

Rabbit TV interface is very easy to follow and you will be able to get access to around 2000 International TV stations and 9000 radio stations too. You can use it with your PCs and laptops; what’s more you can use it while travelling or in hotel rooms too.



What do I get?
2 Rabbit TV USB Sticks for just $20.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website www.GetRabbiTV.com


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398 thoughts on “Rabbit TV USB Review

  1. Absolute PIECE OF SHIT!! And to top it off after wasting my money they keep sending you all these emails offering upgrades to the service but it NEVER WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. this is not a rip off. I love it! Watch new movies old sitcoms listen to all varieties of music etc… Unless you’re a complete idiot that can’t follow instructions or something it’s a great product and time and money saver. it has to be downloaded into your computer or you need to use the stick each time but even I figured it out and I’m not savvy with computers

  4. Works great for me, only paid $1 at a Dollar Tree store. Grant it, you can find all these channels absolutely free without the stick, but it simplifies everything, so I don’t have to go out there searching for them. Just wish they could make it work with a TV’s USB port or HDMI port instead of needing a computer. As far as complaining about having to pay for some channels, well those same channels require a subscription with just about any streaming media software or device for that matter. For me it works just fine, and I didn’t pay for a subscription for anything and have more than enough entertainment.

    • I meant to say “make it work with a TV that has a Wi-FI or Ethernet connection using the USB port or HDMI port instead of needing a computer

  5. This is a complete rip off. The 100% Customer Satisfaction is a complete scam. After less than 10 minutes I saw that everything was going to cost more money and requested a refund. WAS TOLD NO!!!!!!!! COMPLETE junk SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Rabbit TV is not worth a crap if you don’t have a cable or dish provider. You are not told that when you purchase the stick. Do NOT waste your money like I did!

    • Shaggy, I’m an honest B**** and I find your comment as a po’d customer. Let’s see where this guy goes wrong.

      1. I actually DO NOT have cable, it is too expensive and plays crap unlike it did back in the days
      2. I actually DO NOT have dish, it is the same crap as cable and nothing good on anymore like back in the days
      3. I actually HAVE internet only because the kid needs it for schooling
      4. I got Rabbit TV just for sh***s and giggles at the local Ross for $2.99 and thought a mere 3 bucks was worth a gamble
      5. Rabbit TV is in all honesty just as good as Netflix, except you get the good tv shows like back in the days.
      6. I’m rather enjoying my 3 buck gamble, getting the first year for free and a mere $1.67 a month after the first free year (and that is the PRO version at $20 a year!) and watching great shows like Doogie Howser, MD; JAG, Smurfs (everyone has a child in them somewhere lol), CHiPs, Emergency!, Full House, ALF, The Nanny and more… the stuff we watched as kids!
      7. Just because your po’d because something didn’t go your way, as life never goes everyone’s way doesn’t mean you should be dishonest. I’m sorry you feel this in fact amazing technology bringing back the joy of childhood, giving entertainment is “not worth a crap.” Perhaps you should take a moment to evaluate where you are in life and live it to the fullest.

      8. I’m 33, loving this. Reason why I’m always honest and a total B* is because I’m dying. I need a heart transplant, and I have cancer. Look around you, live your life, do what you want like you have no other day, be happy, cherish your moments. It keeps you fighting for something people take for granted every day – their lives, freedom. I’m 33, dying and I have already buried my brother, who was killed in action in Iraq. Something I never told my doctors is I used to work the health field, I know my stats, I know that I’m not going to live. After all, I have a rare blood type, the chances of me getting a transplant in time is slim, my heart functions half of what it should. I don’t know what is going to kill me first, my cancer or my congestive heart failure. I chose to be empowered, living my life to the fullest, cherishing my life, and being honest. So now, why don’t you give the real review, instead of making bad reviews in the heat of the moment. After all, would you like it if we lied to you?

    • I agree with you, I purchased one and all it does is link you to web pages where you can watch free online or requires cable login info. Thank god I only paid $1 for it lol

  7. I bought a 5 year plan for 4 USB sticks.

    When they switched to “no stick required” I lost 4 years of service.

    The login screen states “your subscription has expired.”

    Thanks, piece of junk.


    • my rabbit doesnt work when i plug it into your computer either…maybe i should try mine in my computer?

  8. I like my rabbit tv cable is nearly 100 bucks for 10 bucks I get to see my favorite shows a day later getting through the commercials takes awhile sometimes when they freeze up but not to long pluse lots of movies it’s pretty nice

  9. Look, for ten dollars, no searching I found a lot of content I couldn’t even stream on YouTube, found some old Dean & Jerry full 1 hour shows, and more. So for my ten bucks, and 1 upgrade to NetFramework 3.5 and Silverlight, It works. Seriously, for Ten American dollars, I have a toy, it works, and I am satisfied.

    • I found one of these Rabbit usb devices in a dumpster. Glad I found this forum. After reading all the bad reviews, I’ll format the flashdrive and virus scan, maybe use it as a storage device.

      • Thanks for the reviews. I will not be purchasing this product. Sounds like it has spy and malware involved and that it does nothing more than you can do on your own. Thanks again.

  10. “Rabbit TV is a simple USB stick which can provide access to television shows and radio channels from almost all the counties in the world and relay it on the computer.”

    No! No! No! It does NOT provide access. The device is a flash drive with links to sites on the Internet that anyone can access without the flash drive.

  11. The only problems with Rabbit TV are:

    It provides links to t.v. and movies that you have to pay for.

    Many of the links are non functional, dead links.

    It said it was good for a year, but I can no longer get it and get a message to contact Rabbit tv support. Probably because I have not used it for 3 months.

    It is a complete ripoff.

    It’s a scam.

    • Hi all, does anyone know about one Clear TV came out last Sunday called Clear TV What is it. The cost is $19 plus shipping can get two. Someone help with the same please advise or is there any that does not connect to cable that you may watch with out all the expense.

      Thanks very much
      Teri H.c

  12. Its was a POS from day one, but got even worse now after 2 months I think I wasted days and nites thinking it was my computer fault. We should send the scammers to court with a class action suit.

    • Yes. Lets please sue those idiots. Anyone post a petition on CHange.org and get enough signititures to take to a lawyer??

  13. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! I plugged this product into my laptop and immediately my year old laptop went crazy !!! So I took the Rabbit out and my laptop has not worked since!!! I JUST spoke with the tech that is going to fix my laptop and it is going to cost me $245 to have it fixed, when I called Rabbit TV customer service they basically said Oh well !! This is not over, I’m going to BBB and anyone else that will listen !!!!

  14. **Buy it in the store for $9.95.**
    The product serves a GREAT purpose! It is like TV Guide for the 21st century internet programming. What you are getting is a guide for free programs already available on the internet without cost.

    However, like the TV Guide of the 70’s & 80’s, it simply just catalogs all the shows you can watch for instant access convenience. I used to buy the TV Guide for something like $0.50 a week (more than the $10 a year for Rabbit) just to have the convenience of knowing how to tune in instantly to the shows I wanted to watch. This is the same principle.

    For instance, I want to watch an episode of my favorite show that the network has available somewhere in the vast expanse of the internet, However, a Google or Bing search may direct me to clips, reviews, and even You Tube editions, before I find the full version of the show. This can even be problematic in searching the actual network’s own site.

    Rabbit TV just acts like a TV Guide for the internet letting you tune in directly to the exact show and episode you want to watch!!

    Even if you have Dish, Direct, cable, etc. and a DVR, I think it is worth the $10 just to help you get those shows that got missed by the DVR due to a storm, power outage, emergency broadcast, Presidential address, etc.

    For those who don’t remember TV Guide, you are probably tech savvy enough to find all the shows in a few seconds flat and are too spoiled by smart phone technologies to appreciate the convenience anyhow.

  15. I plugged this thing into my computer, registered and literally within 3 minutes was watching on-demand TV shows, movies, sports! For $10 I think you can’t possibly go wrong and I was pleasantly surprised with the product. The only issue I have is a slight lag between the video and audio so if you have to have perfect a/v I don’t think you’ll be happy.

  16. I bought the Rabbit TV at Walmart 2 days ago. It works good. No problems loading it. Plenty of movies, TV and radio. A good buy, for $10

    • Just spent 4 days with this P O S product. Watched part of one game live. For those that need it, I finally got the email and phone number for these idiots: Rabbittv@telebrands.com Ph: 1-855-235-2084
      It has shut down my sound card twice. Video has also crashed. The only way to fix that is to restart the computer. Read the bs I had to endure with ‘Customer Care’…

      Below is a list of actions that can be taken for this live chat.
      Customer Care 4:
      Did You Know – 95% of All Support-Related Issues fall into one of the categories below…

      TO ASSIST YOU FURTHER, you MUST select the option below that corresponds to your issue.

      1. Installing Issues
      2. Login Issues
      3. Video Player Issues
      4. Rabbit TV Content
      5. Have a Billing Issue?
      6. Non-U.S. User
      7. Trying To Use Rabbit TV on a Tablet or Mobile
      8. Registration Issue
      9. Damaged / Broken Device?
      10. How Can I Connect Rabbit TV To My TV?
      11. Issues With Verification Code

      After following the necessary instructions, let us know if you still have issues.
      Rich: where do I get my money back for this piece of shit product???
      Customer Care 4: hello
      Customer Care 4: Where exactly are you having troubles with so that I can better assist you?
      Rich: I followed the link I was given and basically I see that the ten plus I spent will not be refunded…is

      this correct?
      Customer Care 4: If your device is not found defective then yes.
      Rich: what is ‘defective’? it has not worked from day one to watch anything
      Customer Care 4: Can you provide me with the device ID?
      Customer Care 4: http://support.rabbittvgo.com/KB/a35/how-to-find-your-device-id-number.aspx
      Rich: AIHPZHJ2XBT68XUH
      Customer Care 4: Thanks.
      Customer Care 4: One moment while I check
      Customer Care 4: I can see that you were able to register it successfully
      Customer Care 4: DO you have any troubles when logging in?
      Rich: no
      Rich: it takes forever to start
      Customer Care 4: What exactly happens when you plug in the device?
      Rich: nothing…for about 4 minutes
      Rich: did this from day one
      Customer Care 4: I see
      Customer Care 4: http://register.rabbittvgo.com/login/ You can try logging in through here
      Rich: Look, I just want a refund… I am tired of monkeying around with a rabbit that is slower than a

      sloth and about as bright as a goldfish.
      Customer Care 4: Can you try logging in with the link that I just gave?
      Customer Care 4: Refunds or replacements are provided for devices that are found to be defective or

      broken. However, the areas listed on that page are not considered valid reasons for return.
      Rich: that is the link for login
      Customer Care 4: Yes
      Customer Care 4: It is
      Rich: THAT IS THE LINK I HAVE FOR LOGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Rich: it was not a question
      Rich: Your product sucks
      Customer Care 4: I know. I wanted you to try logging in using that link please
      Rich: THAT
      Rich: IS
      Rich: THE
      Rich: LINK
      Rich: I
      Rich: USE
      Rich: it pops up in the browser
      Customer Care 4: Can you please try to log in first?
      Rich: I am already logged in!
      Customer Care 4: Which part of our content are you having troubles with?
      Rich: Your content does not work. I have tried two browsers. I have tried to watch content…it does not

      Customer Care 4: Can you tell me which show/movie you were checking out?
      Rich: NFL Thursday Night Football
      Customer Care 4: A live game?
      Rich: yes, a live game.
      Customer Care 4: Ok. That would be under the live section under sports and events.
      Rich: I have tried to watch Fox news, recorded content, tonight. I got a blank screen.
      Customer Care 4: There are some Live games available on ESPN too. Under TV >> TV Networks
      Customer Care 4: As for the blank screen, just follow this link

      Rich: did not find any games
      Rich: already ha the system tell me all players were up to date
      Customer Care 4: Ok.
      Customer Care 4: Did you check under ESPN?
      Rich: yes…who wants to watch 1:18 clip of an interview?
      Customer Care 4:


      Customer Care 4: That is a link for scheduled LIVE games
      Rich: I do not like your product…you advertise one thing and deliver another. I want a refund now.
      Customer Care 4: Refunds or replacements are provided for devices that are found to be defective or

      broken. However, the areas listed on that page are not considered valid reasons for return.
      Rich: it says you value me as a customer…only if you keep my money and I stay dissatisfied…right?
      Customer Care 4: We value you as a customer all the way but refunds or replacements are provided

      only for devices that are found to be defective. Your device works fine. It’s just that the content

      providers don’t have the show available. I’ve given you a link for the show which can be viewed live
      Rich: what link is that?
      Customer Care 4:


      Customer Care 4: That is the link where you can see the scheduled live games
      Rich: All that is is a clip…two minutes two seconds whooppeeee
      Customer Care 4: Texas A&M vs Mississippi?
      Rich: not even close LA vs St Louis…
      Customer Care 4: Can you scroll over to watch now? and then there is LIve there
      Rich: as I said…this thing sucks
      Customer Care 4: Scroll over WATCH >> Look for TV LISTINGS
      Customer Care 4: Click it.
      Customer Care 4: http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index
      Rich: I can hear it…
      Customer Care 4: Ok.
      Rich: now it stopped…heard a field goal or xtra point
      Customer Care 4: Video quality is mostly dependent on your bandwidth speed and whether or not the

      required players are downloaded and up to date. If you would like to make sure the required players

      are updated, follow this link. —>http://support.rabbittvgo.com/KB/a40/required-video-players.aspx
      Customer Care 4: the following links will provide some potential solutions to the slow/choppy video

      you’re experiencing.


      Customer Care 4: Hopefully we have helped to resolve your support issue.

      Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best support possible.

      We’re always here to help 24/7. Please contact us again if you need any further assistance.

      Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate you taking a moment to help us enhance our

      service by filling out a short survey for which we will reward you with a FREE 2-night Bahamas Cruise

      for 2 ($500 value).

      Just CLICK HERE for the survey.

      Your Rabbit TV Support Team
      This live chat session is no longer active

      Did You Know – 95% of All Support-Related Issues fall into one of the categories below…

      TO ASSIST YOU FURTHER, you MUST select the option below that corresponds to your issue.

      1. Installing Issues
      2. Login Issues
      3. Video Player Issues
      4. Rabbit TV Content
      5. Have a Billing Issue?
      6. Non-U.S. User
      7. Trying To Use Rabbit TV on a Tablet or Mobile
      8. Registration Issue
      9. Damaged / Broken Device?
      10. How Can I Connect Rabbit TV To My TV?
      11. Issues With Verification Code

      After following the necessary instructions, let us know if you still have issues.
      Rich: system says I have an inactive device
      customercare5: Hello
      customercare5: Let me check your account.
      customercare5: It shows here that you haven’t returned your defective device back to us.
      customercare5: We already sent you follow up emails to remind you to send the device back.
      Rich: last night you were begging me not to cancel…I actually saw part of a game
      Rich: now you tell me that the device IS bad
      customercare5: No.
      Rich: So, do I get my money back? If I have to talk to customer care every time I want to use this, it is

      not worth it.
      customercare5: Sorry, I didn’t get the right information.
      customercare5: Let me just reactivate your device.
      customercare5: Go ahead and log back in to Rabbit TV.
      customercare5: Have you tried to log back in again?
      Rich: Yes…logged in
      customercare5: Alright.
      customercare5: Is there anything else for now?
      Rich: but now it keeps sending me to espn log in
      customercare5: Can you try to get to other shows/movies/channels?
      Rich: trying fox news
      customercare5: Okay.
      Rich: no dice
      Rich: and now it turned off my sound card…
      Rich: this really blows
      customercare5: Sound card? Or your audio only?
      Rich: that is the second time my sound card was turned off with your device!
      customercare5: Our device won’t be turning off your sound card.
      Rich: SOUND CARD
      customercare5: A sound card is a hard ware, it’s impossible that a USB device will turn off the sound

      Rich: Look, just turn this fucking thing off and I will send it back.
      customercare5: Ok, let’s just make sure that you have downloaded/updated the required video players

      for Rabbit TV, all of which are free. —->

      Rich: I will expect a refund.
      customercare5: The problem is on your computer that the software for video and also audio are not

      updated or are corrupted.
      customercare5: Refund is only possible if the device itself is defective.
      customercare5: That’s what you signed with the terms and conditions of the service usage.
      Rich: This has been a nightmare. There is nothing wrong with my computer until I plug in your device.
      customercare5: Yes. It’s not with the computer as a whole, but a possible issue on some of its software.
      Rich: You just turned it back on and it did not work.
      customercare5: I just deactivated it, if your computer software are all working okay, you should be able

      to play videos by now.
      Rich: I was watching and listening to videos until I plugged this back in.
      customercare5: But why is it that you were telling me at the beginning that the device is deactivated?

      And now you’re telling me that you’re able to watch and listen to videos?
      Rich: I was not using your device. I plugged it in to get some football content.
      customercare5: Then if you wanted to get this fix, follow this please:

      Rich: you people must be on crack or something…
      Rich: I just told you I watched part of a game last night
      Rich: watched other stuff without rabbit
      Rich: plugged it back in and have nothing but problems
      customercare5: Let’s then unplug the device and see if it won’t cause you the same thing after logging

      back in.
      Rich: just got an error message
      Rich: One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and
      Rich: Windows does not recognize it.
      customercare5: Try this first: http://register.rabbittvgo.com/install/
      customercare5: Try this first: http://register.rabbittvgo.com/install/
      Rich: You still there? My computer just sent me a message telling me your device has a problem.
      customercare5: Try this first: http://register.rabbittvgo.com/install/
      Rich: Wish I could send a picture.
      customercare5: Check my message above.
      Rich: I says…”Please make sure the RabbitTV device is connected to your computer.”
      customercare5: That’s you need to click this to update the software: http://register.rabbittvgo.com/install/
      Rich: Look…I am tired of screwing with this…I got this so I could watch some sports and some movies

      at my leisure.
      customercare5: I understand.
      customercare5: But if you wanted to fix this, follow the link that I posted.
      Rich: All I do is spend time talking with support…how about a drink? Feel like were are dating…
      customercare5: We’re here to help.
      Rich: It did not work. Do you not see the error messages that I sent that popped up?
      customercare5: I’ve been seeing the same error message you’ve posted and I’ve been providing you with

      a link to possibly check it, but you still haven’t followed it.
      Rich: Help me get my money back.
      Rich: I did try to reinstall
      customercare5: It looks like your device is defective, but no worries. I am now going to provide you

      with an alternate registration link, to allow you to start using Rabbit TV right away.

      After completing this registration, an email will be sent to you including a return form for your defective


      This registration will allow you to use Rabbit TV without a device, for 30 days, giving you plenty of time

      to send in the device for recycling. You will also be upgraded with a free additional year of service once

      the device is received.
      customercare5: Please use the following link to register with RabbitTV:
      Rich: When do I get a refund? I don’t want to use rabbit any more as it is nothing but a hassle.
      customercare5: If you are not satisfied with your Rabbit TV service, follow this link to proceed to our

      Special Assistance Department.
      Rich: Oh, back to that site with the free cruise? No thanks.
      customercare5: Then you should answer no if you wanted to have a refund.
      Rich: Why do you make so difficult?
      customercare5: I am not.
      customercare5: That’s just the guidelines that the company has.
      Rich: I just checked my email. Nothing from RabbitTV
      customercare5: Because you haven’t registered the new link I provided you.
      Rich: I want to return this thing, get my purchase price back and be done with the rabbit for ever. I don’t

      want any other deals or extensions or cruises. Got it?
      customercare5: Then contact the billing department then:
      Email: Rabbittv@telebrands.com Ph: 1-855-235-2084
      customercare5: Anything else for now?
      Rich: Finally…why the fuck don’t you just give that information in the first place?
      Rich: Sorry…I am just really pissed at this point.
      customercare5: Because I am following guidelines.
      customercare5: I’m not the one who made those guidelines.
      Rich: Step one…harrass
      Rich: Step two…harrass
      customercare5: You’re the one who’s doing that.
      customercare5: Everything done now?
      Rich: I just want to get my money back for a product that didn’t work.
      customercare5: See, we’re just going on circles.
      customercare5: Have a great day.
      customercare5: Bye.

      • I agree, I am taking this to BBB. I plugged it into my laptop and it immediately crashed my laptop. It is going to cost me $245 to fix my laptop and the idiots at rabbittv THINK they aren’t responsible … SMDH.

      • Dude I feel so sorry for you and the fact you had to go through this. But I had to laugh because it reminds me of past conversations I’ve had over my Wireless router and wasted several hours talking with someone whom you can barely understand. Thanks I don’t need that headache and won’t be purchasing their product .

      • You think it is the Rabbit TV, you think you are so smart with computers. Here’s one for you, YOUR PROBLEM IS NOT Rabbit TV, it is MALWARE. Go to http://www.superantispyware.com DL the Free Version and run a full scan. Now, listen closely. After a full scan and viral removal reboot. Run scan again. Reboot. Keep doing that til it is clean. Make sure the scans are after the packets update and offline internet. You received Malware because you failed to “read” when installing Flash Player or it was a corrupted dl. Everyone needs to make sure to UNCHECK the boxes before the download of Flash Player or it installs a virus. Now, what is your virus protection? Operating system? Firewall On? For Windows I suggest having SuperAntiSpyware (the link I gave you), Avast ( http://www.avast.com ) , Ad-Aware, Windows Essentials. Trick is to make sure they don’t run at the same time except Avast and Ad-Aware, they work hand in hand. By having more than one scanner, you run a risk of having a virus scanner think another virus scanner is a virus and attacks it. The way around it is, SuperAntiSpyware Free Version you have to manually run, Avast Free Version you have to manually run. But can’t have just one, many don’t realize that one won’t do it. You need one that is constantly updated with what is out there, you need to scan at least 2 times a week, better if 3. You know what else others don’t realize? AOL eventually will crash your computer… it slowly rewrites your technical writing over the years. DO NOT use AOL for an ISP. Stick with Charter, Century Link, just to name a few.

  17. This rabbit tv is a scam, my internet security will not let it onto my computer. I bought one stick and one that came at a reduced price, I received four sticks, which I never ordered, and I got billed for $93.74. Called the company 3 times, they always wanted my credit card number, they have no record of my invoice number as they say, I will not give them my credit card number again,they might bill me again. PLEASE IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS, DO NOT, IT IS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.

  18. No issues whatsoever, you must be smarter than the product… Plug it in, install the preloaded driver & restart your computer it’s that easy..

  19. This item does work.. Make sure your computer is compatible and you have wifi dsl high speed. It cost $9.95 at Walmart, Walmart will refund your money if you are not happy. The downside is to many banner ads. Losing connection occurs, but that’s your Internet connection. You will have to log in and put each time. This prevents using wifi bandwidth. There’s lots of movies and tv series. You can purchase sports, premium movies also. It’s not as good as dish or directv, but it beats nothing. If you can’t risk losing $9.95 you probably don’t need tv, you need a job..

  20. Too many banner ads. Loses wifi connection easy. Doesn’t compare with Netflix .. If you are desperate then it’s cheap and does offer some entertainment.

  21. I could not even start mine! A box with this message comes every time I try to start it: “RabbitTV has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.” And it shows the button to close. COMPLETE JUNK! DON’T BUY IT!!!

  22. I tried to register with Rabbit TV and was stunned at the customer service. There is none! You are talking to a person in some other country, who won’t help you. If you go online as directed, you get a message that is as useful as tits on a bull! Save you money and shop somewhere else.

  23. Rabbit tv is not plug and play. You are prompted to change the settings on your computer, which in turn, affects the future operation of it. There isn’t any tech customer support, rather you are referred to a web site in order to read additional possible solutions, which don’t work.

    Don’t waste your money. The cost is minimal, but the fact that this product is purchased by many people, and does not work, and the usual mentality with regards to this situation is to say ” oh well” its only $10.00 is typical of a scam.

    People don’t feel that it is worth their time to return it. So they keep your money
    for a product that does not work.


  24. I got a virus after I downloaded the program. For what this does you can go online and just go to the individual tv channel websites. This is a scam.

  25. To all of you, This is and isn’t a scam all this thing does is download software on your computer from TV sites” And nothing more. It would take millions maybe billions to start a TV system with “2000 channels ” So yes you could just search and find most these sites on your own for free, just do research make sure its not share or spyware etc.. But if you have no TV at all there are legit sites out there, hulu and most channels offer online shows.

  26. Be smart IF YOU BUY THIS, DO SO from a RETAIL STORE in which you can return it with EASE, if the product if Faulty.

    The customer service stinks, they charge $1.00 a minute to call and speak to someone whom you can barely understand. My friend was HORRIFIED When she saw her cell phone bill!!

    • The Rabbit TV is the best thing since sliced bread, bar none. Do blogs about stuff like this so be sure to click my name for more info. Thanks!

  27. This is a sorry piece of crap. It would. Always want you to sign in. And it would never let you sign in. Changed my password 8 times still would never go through. Don’t waste your money on this.

  28. My TV got zapped by lightening on May 30th. I thought about getting this but wanted to see the reviews and complaints. Thanks for saving me $10. Now that it has been a month without TV I am done with the withdrawals and finding I am not missing TV at all. I get a ton more done and can check news and weather via internet. Thanks for the info.

  29. I just installed Rabbit TV and had no problems with installing it and it works just fine. For price you pay for it $9.99 and get year free of TV I say its worth it. For those of you that cant get it to work there is something wrong with your computers because everyone is not having problems.

  30. I just ordered Rabbit TV and in the order process you pay for and order the product without seeing the cost until it is too late. I called to talk to a representative and all I got was the ‘Thank you for waiting’ recording until it hung up on me–3 times. Then they were closed. Int he ordering process it asks you if you want to get 6 years for only $9 per year additional for all your USB attachments. That seems to cover whatever you buy but in reality you are paying that much for each one. By the time I saw the real price it was $143.98. I was not expecting that much. I don’t know if I can cancel now or not because I can’t get through on the telephone. For 6 years of movies it is still a good deal but they were not very clear in the explanation and then to hit me with the price after I had already ordered it without knowing it, that was what got me . No chance to back out. If there was a price in there I did not see it. If I don’t like the deal I guess I have 30 days to cancel less my shipping costs. 🙁

    • Do not accept the delivery, if it get’s left at your address do not open but return it to the post office. Then contact your bank about the transaction. I bought mine at Walgreen’s for $9.99 + tax and it does what it say it will do.

  31. This is nothing but a scam plugged it in it did nothing but freeze my computer and crash it big time, tried customer support @2045 23 June 2013 and got agent 1 who was no help at all then he cut me off because it wouldn’t work and I kept asking for help, he was not helpful and basically rude, I will be contacting the store I bought it at to report it as a scam and will try to contact the authorities that regulate this to report them as well

    • Yup I agree I cant get this to work and I have a brand new computer did it tell you had to download other things. This is stupid, we should all get together and sue the hell out of this company. I am going to make sure they don’t sell one more.

  32. I paid 10 bucks for the rabbit chip at walmarts and it will not install on my windows xp computer nor my Windows 8 laptop. I tried getting in touch with tech support and the guys english was so bad I could hardly understand a word he spoke. Just another rip off as far as I can tell. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  33. I’m so glad I read these reviews before I tried to plug in the USB and install the service. My complaints are:

    1. There was no manual with the product, although it says there is one included.

    2. I, too, am unhappy with the cost… 6 years of service = $55.00, 6 years of service = $16.99, 6 year warranty = $ .00, tax = $5.95. TOTAL = $77.94. I thought the cost would be better than my monthly cable service, $175.00, but in the long run, it would be far worse.

    3. The advertising was a joke!

    4. And last but not least, I tried to cancel the order BEFORE the product was shipped and they wouldn’t do it. Told me to try to return it AFTER I got it.

    I’m all for a class action suit! I’ll be checking the site to see if someone starts one.

    I’m on my way to the mail box. Have a great evening everyone!

    • I bought one the other day and it works fine. It utilizes the free sites out there that play old and new tv shows and makes it easy to use. There is no need to use a manual. Plug the USB in and there are set up instructions. So simple a 4 year old could do it. And on the cost thing. You got 6 years of service and you are saying that you thought it would be better than your monthly cable service of $175.00……. Well if you do simple math, $175.00 x 12 = $2100.00 or $12,600.00 over the course of 6 years compared to the one time fee of $77.94 as you put it for the Rabbit thing. Please, please, please, think about stuff and use common sense before you rip something down. The little thing works fine for me. Maybe they should put a warning on the box and site that reads “Common Sense is a Must to Use This Product”

      • Did you have to install adobe flash? I am really good with computers and can’t get it and my comp is new.

      • I agree. Do your math. And I also think that computers or the people who use them may be an issue here. I just purchased 2 of these. One for myself, and one for my husband. So far I have not had any issues with them. Both of my laptops are under 3 years old (which is OLD in my book), and have not had a bit of problems with it. I had Dish and was paying close too $200 a month. Multiply $200.00 times 12 months and then multiply that by 5 (for five years). I think you save a heck of a lot more money. Plus, we don’t have time to watch hardly any t.v. So for our family this was the better deal. College, work, home life, kids..who has time to sit in front of a TV?? But, it will be nice to have when we do decide to take a break and sit down to watch something. For us, it was more economical.

        • It is mostly the people buying it that are the problem. A coworker of mine bought one and called me over to set it up. The firewall was blocking it, though by the time I opened Norton a prompt opened up asking to approve the connection. People just need more patience and have to read. He thought it was free for life. Most of the people here complaining just picked it up without reading the package at all.

    • Really man AT&T is 2100 a year for cable. This is so cheap it’s not worth paying for customer service. Get a local IT Admin to help you and stop whining.

  34. Hooked it up day before asked, customer support if I would get Stanley Cup playoffs and said yes – you can’t, don’t bother.

  35. Will return to store & get a refund. May be make a fishing lure? no… fish is smarter than that dumb. I would flush it down the sewer worms might eat it.

  36. When you select a TV show or movie you want to watch, it sends you to the show’s network website to watch the episode or clip, just as if you had gone to that website on your own without wasting your money on a gadget that does it for you.

    • I can tell you from personal experience that finding 90% of the shows on there are not as easy as you make it sound. Somebody who is 60-70 and wants to watch Golden Girls or Love Boat is not going to be able to easily find a site to watch them on. Are you really complaining about $10?

      • Umm hello….. Did you read the reviews? Its not ONLY $10.00. Only in store. If you order online they slam you with 6 year fees.

  37. What a waste of $10. My favorite TV show only showed two episodes, the rest were clips. Movies offered no info on content or rating. And the commercials, commercials, commercials.

  38. Thanks everyone for their comments. I now have decided this is not coming to my home. I live in the middle of no where and I will be happy with what I have to watch. Not into scams or losing money or the headache for dealing with call centers.

  39. It would be all good if it worked. It doesn’t, I spent 5-6 hours trying myself and over 2 hours with the online chat service rep that are slow to respond and keep you waiting between answering questions. First thing they want you to do is make chrome your default browser …why? do you get a kick back from Google? it says it should work with Internet Explorer. I finally tried the chrome default thing and it still doesn’t work. I am stuck on the sign in page and have never gotten past the “You are signed in on another computer” error despite unplugging and re plugging it, switching browsers , clearing out all the cookies and cache and everything else the help people suggested . I even deleted the program from the computer when I cleared out all the browser cache and cookies, figured it would think it was brand new and make me sign up again but it must have some crap ( trojon ? ) hidden in my because it still recognized me . I thought it is interesting that since I cleared everything. I had to use my password to sign into my-yahoo and I immediately got a message from yahoo saying someone in CA had just tried to sign in using the correct password …so something you do steals passwords or opens up something to make us vulnerable to password theft (a trojon you reportedly plant?). It is a pain to change them, middle finger salute to you for that. Bottom line you have great advertising and it would be all good if it worked but it doesn’t. I’ll have to try and get my money back from Wal-Mart next time I go to town. Hell no I won’t return it to you so you can credit my credit card. You aren’t trustworthy enough to have my card number.

  40. This entire product is a lie it claims its a service to watch tv and raid etc for free which if that was even the case its not since they charge you 10 bucks an year. What you are really getting is some ones bookmarked websites that have the content for free.

    There isn’t even a single reason there needed to be an USB device for it other than to make you think your getting something more than a glorified favorites folder.

    Save your ten dollars and use Bing to search for the shows you like and book mark it your self it wont even take 30 mins.

    It also should be noted non of the content this thing has will replace able since most of the tv shows require a login with a cable provider.

  41. Not even worth $10.00, makes you download several times before it works properly, charges your Credit Card more than the price they say…. And even send you the wrong one in the beginning…not worth the Money,time such a hassle…..DO Not Buy This Product!!

  42. I really enjoy having old shows available to me at my request, so for that, this product is GREAT!!!

    Unfortunately, I can’t introduce my 9 year old and 6 year old to “The Flintstones”, “The Jetsons”,”Giligan’s Island”,… The reason I can not is because of the vulgar and inappropriate “90210”, and “Two Men and a Boy” previews of cast members exposing themselves, sexual innuendoes, and inappropriate talk.

    If this site has any influence, please inform and warn all family members that if you want to protect your children, monitor closely the viewing of even the most benign children’s shows.

  43. I ordered one for ten dollars with my debit card. Next day I was checking my account and the damned rabbit charged me seventy five dollars—$75.00. This is outright theft

    Don’t trust Rabbit TV, it’s a scam. I haven’t received the device yet but when I do I will not use it because it may have some malicious program embedded in it. Do not trust rabbit. Where can we begin a petition for a class action against these thugs?

    • I agree with H.E. They say $10.00 first year and 10 days later checking account activity I got hit for $43.00. If petition is started I will definitely want to sign. I don’t have the money to waste on nothing!

  44. Well after 24 hrs I’m stumped. The Rabbit will install w/o a pin which basically leaves you junk. If the product came with instructions on how to reset. I don’t mind losing 19 bucks. 24 hrs pisses me off.

  45. It’s a rip off. Any positive comments here are obviously made by the “company.” At least I only paid $10.

    • Thanks to everyone who commented on the product. Most people don’t have favourable reviews. The thing that saved my husband and I from getting it before researching it was I didn’t know offhand how much money was in our account. Again thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts It’s greatly appreciated.

      • I have had no problems at all buy it from Walmart no one will take $ from ur account the 10$ u pay @ Walmart is for a year pay cash my husband and love it.

  46. My ten year old and I realize you could dig through the Internet and find many of these episodes but we think its great. The commercials seem long but minute for minute the same or less than regular cable or ate na tv, which has seven minutes for a thirty min show. And fir A BIG TEN BUCKS its fun something different. As a side note to those who dislike netflix it’s also a cool place. If you watch certain types shows or movies they will put more of similar ones on your selection that’s so cool !!! It’s not a set in stone service.

    Gardening today K

  47. Holy Smokes People…… It is a $10.00 USB. The convenience is that you dont have to creat your own USB or search all over the internet for the stations you watch or listen to most.

    Also, you dont have to save to your favorites all the different sites. You pay $10.00 at your retailer, which includes a year of service. You can pay upfront for five years of access at $9.99 per year. =$45.00.

    There are many options.

    It does what it claims to do…..”Easy Access to most of your Favorite Stations”! You are paying for easy ACCESS people…… ACCESS!
    So for all of you who expected it to do more than it claimed….. That’s on you!
    Educating yourself is the best way to make sure you understand what you are buying.

      • Oh, a few other things…
        As I have been reading the reviews, here are some thoughts….
        1. You must have high speed internet access. Dial up wont cut it.
        2. For those of you who want to use on your SMART TV, use an HDMI cable from your lap-top, tablet or standard computer, to your TV. (
        They are currently working on upgrading the device so you can plug in to your SMART TV).
        3. If it isnt working on your computer then either it is too old or youre just uneducated in the workings of a computer.
        4. If your computer came up with a trojan virus then, you already must have had it in your system.
        5. It is $10.00! I reiterate….. $10.00, SO QUIT YOUR CRYING!
        6. James Micoff – Learn how to spell WINDOWS!

          • IT’s so great when I plug it in install the software and click start it returns Page Cannot be displayed. I am not too impressed.

          • You keep saying it is only $10.00. Then if it is no big deal pay the people complaining about it back. Also you don’t need to call people uneducated when they get a product that is not what they were led to believe it was. I agree with the person who replied to an earlier review. I think all the positive reviews are from Rabbit TV.

          • Sound like someone’s some kind of rep… What kind of normal person would know about a version in the works? Lol we weren’t born yesterday lol

          • I agree!!! 3 people I know have had this and have returned it. Why? Because days after they registered they had trouble connecting and ALSO their Facebook and email accounts were “suddenly” hacked! Is a scam scam scam!!!!

            Shelley must be a REP to know about newer “versions” being worked on. If the product is not a scam why Not mention/advertise “extra costs” for extended service years IN YOUR TV ADS AND ON PACKAGING!

          • 1000mgOfJen – You don’t have to be a rep to know about the software in development. I read the companies website and FAQ section before looking for user comments, and that piece of information was listed there. It is a big question as to how ethical the company is when multiple customers complain about being billed for $75 for what should have been a $17 purchase. I haven’t tried the unit, but if I do I will buy it at Walmart, where I can pay $10 cash. If it ends up being a waste of $10, so be it.

  48. The product does nothing you can not do on your own..Furthermore the ad’s state it will work on any computer…Not true…Unless you are still stuck on Windoze…Think of all the devices with usb ports that are not Windoze based..On the whole 10 bucks spent and lesson learned… However I will see about getting the retailer to remove it from the shelves.

    • He’s right just awaste of $10.00 ..tv shows such as Walking Dead/American Idol episodes cost additional to see. Movies are old like “night of the living dead” There is no free lunch … BUYER BEWARE

  49. This thing won’t work. Plug it in and it won’t do a thing. Glad I didn’t pay too much for this. i will advise all my friends that this is a scram and don’t waste your time.

  50. I bought Rabbit TV and it’s nothing more than a TV guide. I contacted the chat rep and that person told me exactly that. It’s not worth the money. I can already see the TV shows locally that are linked there and the ones that I can’t get locally it links me to where I can pay to watch. The packaging is a complete lie and I’m going to start looking for an attorney who wants to take this on as a class action suit. I’m tired of being lied to and ripped off.

  51. Just purchased from company’s gift shop about 1/2 hour ago. Guess what? It’s going back in about 30 minutes. I’m glad I came to this site.

  52. If I had known that you just wanted to steal $10.00 from me you could have asked. I would send $10.00 to anyone who needs it. Wish I had known before I spent the money for this trinket.

  53. How does the rabbit tv work if you already have it and all the computer does is tell you how to order. I don’t need to order I just need it to work.

  54. I purchased Rabbit TV from CVS. Thank God I can take it back and get my money refunded. I do not have cable and thought this would be a easier way to watch free tv online. I plugged it into my laptop and within 2-3 seconds my computer anti virus software popped up telling me to immediately shut down my computer because it has detected a Trojan Virus. Rabbit TV comes with viruses already on it to infect your computer. WARNING !!!!!!! DO NOT BUY Rabbit TV !!!!!

    • No viruses detected!

      Got it for fathers Day! – Just love it! Live feed is great – I watched all the US open on it wile doing the same on regular TV. I think the live feed was better than the network and less commercials.

      And for the Black Sabbath fans- check out the weekend reunion- show it was great, I agree with the Tv shows with long commercials – but hay its a recording, so you fast forward.

  55. For the convenience I thought, ” Only $10.00, it’s worth a try”. IT’S NOT. My security program prior to registering popped up a big exclamation point and told me that their software gave them access to my files and network connections. No use for that, unless their is some malicious motive. I followed its advice, and didn’t run Rabbit. From what I read here it looks like there is not much use in trying to get a rebate. My security program also advised that to even download a program from the internet that is not a trusted source [without a certificate] is risky. Live and learn.

  56. Depending on where you live, you can get many channels for free now over-the-air as long as you have a digital tv. Just plug your tv cable into the cable outlet,provided by Comcast or TimeWarner, then you can scroll through the available OTA channels in your area. Much better than paying the exorbitant rates these cable companies charge. Plus if you want to watch movies, sports, etc. you can purchase an inexpensive streaming media player or connect your tv to your computer, all for a much lower price than cable companies charge for multiple channels of stuff you won’t watch anyways.

  57. Rabbit TV does offer the same free programs you can find on the internet yourself, However without Rabbit you will have to search the internet or bookmark each page every time you want to watch something free, Rabbit however takes the place of manually searching or bookmarking for FREE TV programs and Free Movies, its nicely laid out. At Walmart its now $10.00, and worth it. You can log on onto rabbit, pick a live TV station, or movie and enjoy. if you can not afford $10 then skip it and continue to manually use Google search engine to find free stuff to watch.

  58. You can download Miro, which will hook you up to free tv stations and radio stations. Check out the reviews on CNET.com. I think you will find you are, pleasantly, surprised.

    Living on a very low, fixed income has led me to look for ways to save money. By doing so, I want to share what I know to help others, who also want to save money. Hopefully, this information, regarding Miro, will help you to stop wasting money on things like Rabbit TV and give you a break, which you so richly deserve. Enjoy

  59. They stole $71.99 from me, that they insist they didnt take. I have incurred bank fees of $35.00 because of that charge. They told me to prove they took it and I faxed them bank statements and more. They wont give me my money back and I didnt order from them. what they fail to tell us here in the states is they are based in the Middle East and you can only talk to people in the Middle East when you call. All the same places where the people from 911 and where the Boston bombers learned from need I say more or would you like to fund terrorism.

  60. RE: Merchandise return for credit to card account
    Date: 4/2/2103

    “Dear Sir,
    Pursuant to instructions which I received today via a telephone conversation with your representative in India, I am returning all the items which I received from Rabbit TV.

    I am not satisfied as to the product’s offerings. The TV program package is a duplicate of the movie and channel programs which I already pay for and receive from XFinity (Comcast) in our area.

    Your product is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I was not aware that acquisition and installation of your product also required an annual renewal fee. Had I been informed of that aspect of this purchase I would have been better informed and I would have another factor in my decision to purchase to consider. Therefore I am exercising my rights under your written guarantee of a refund of my purchase costs.

    It is my understanding that my credit card account will be credited with a refund within five days of your receipt of the returned items.”

    Date: 4/18/2013: Credit card statement shows nothing credited for the returned items. Charges still remain.

  61. A piece of garbage. Don’t waste your money. Can’t get customer support no way, no how, not even live chat.

  62. Rabbit TV is a fake! It says that it will provide you with all kinds of channels for free? Not true!! It’s a bunch of web sites combined that you can get without using the USB Rabbit TV devise. It also says that it has HD on all channels. Another Lie! It sends you to a website to buy a satellite receiver that picks up maybe 30 channels. The shows you watch are from You Tube and are very poor quality. I wished that I paid more attention to these commits before buying this poor product. Luckily the store said I could bring it in for a full refund. Please do not buy or fall for this scam.

    • I purchased the RABBIT TV USB followed the installation steps, than a red flag flashed on my screen and told me that this program could release viruses and damage my hard drive. I immediately returned the RABBIT to where I purchased it.

  63. I used my Rabbit TV four times and it was AWESOME! I was very disappointed when it suddenly stopped working for no reason. I have tried to contact someone in association with this product but no one has helped or even offered solutions to try and troubleshoot the device. In my opinion it was a waste of 10 bucks.

  64. Rabbit TV most of the stations on it I can access through the internet already. Some of the stations that they say I can watch, don’t even have a way to watch episodes, only video clips. Example: BBC America, the only way you can watch BBC you have to be in ENGLAND using a flash player that is only available in ENGLAND> IN AMERICA ………..Sorry about your luck!


  65. This product is horrible, horrible, horrible… Glad I bought it from Walgreen and I am returning it… All the channels that they offer are available for free on your PC, Phone through free websites and apps!

    I thought I will be watching an actual TV but not, they do direct you to other websites that have the episodes recorded and available for free anyway…


  66. Their purchasing method is a scam you cant back out once you see what all they are charging . THAT YOU DID NOT AGREE TO SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  67. If I have an LED TV with a USB port, and Ethernet connection, can I use this USB device in my TV, or can I only plug it into my computer?

    • Todd – read all these reviews! Pretty much sounds like this is a ripoff. I would waste my money or risk messing up my TV or computer.

    • This thing cost me $75 and I only ordered it last night for ten dollars. My debit card has been charged $75. Thieves!!

  68. Thank your for your reviews, I saw the “late-nite” advertisement, which should have been my first clue, but i was considering purchasing the product because I am tired of paying for Time Warner & have not yet been able to find a viable option w/either DISH or DIRECT TV. Good Luck to all who have purchased & thank you for your honesty!

      • It should have come apart by now. Thought they might be of help for someone with a bad back, bought four. One lasted a hour, one two days, and the other two three weeks. Broke at the faucet, hose connection or the other end. Not worth the money. But if they improved that, they would be great.

  69. All of the stations offered by Rabbit TV can easily be found by doing a few internet searches. I can see no reason to buy this product.

  70. CONTACT YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ASAP. THAT WILL GET THEEIR ATTENTION. Lots of scam reports on the web for rabbittv.

  71. This is a scam! I ordered one which was $10 dollars plus postage . I just received it along with the bill $67.12!!! They added on a six year warranty for $45. I called them and they REFUSED to take the charge off. It says on the bill satisfaction guaranteed. This is bull. Don’t fall for this.

  72. I agree with a few of the reviewers; this product probably requires a high band-with connection.

    Sadly, I cannot comprehend many of the comments due to the lack of use of any standard grammar or vocabulary. Please go back to school and get a GED.

    • The term is “bandwidth”. You should not call another individual’s education into consideration prior to educating yourself on the terminology you wish to use. Do not call into question someone’s grammar when you improperly use a semi-colon in your first sentence. You should have used a period and begun a new sentence as protocol teaches.

      Could it be that you need to take your own advice and return to school and obtain your own GED?

      • Thank you Manny! We are just writing reviews not a freakin thesis statement John! “band-with” hahahahahah

          • HaHaHa! John. What a Moron! I bet he then proceeded to buy a hundred Rabbit TV’s. One for each channel he planned to watch. The idiot probably has a degree in something. He just thought he was educated. But we can all tell he is marginally literate.

          • Wow JHON, I have read most of these reviews and I can comprehend every word written. Sounds like you have a case of “ignorance”.

  73. Wow!!! Don’t need rabbit, hulu, netflix, etc. I can just read the reviews and LMAO!! This is great!!

  74. Wow!!! Don’t need rabbit, hulu, netflix, etc. I can just read the reviews and LMAO!! This is great!!

  75. First of all this did NOT work at all!! You cannot watch any ‘live’ television as they claim. It simply takes you to a network or affiliate website which I can do for zero at any time. Their customer service is in India and their 100% guarantee is worthless. I sent the product back for a refund and I am still waiting months later.

  76. What a worthless experience. The support does not respond to mail, and the chat people just recite what is online to get set up. This is much crazier to get set up with than any online viewing experience I have ever had. Unless you are a tech guru, then beware it might not be as easy as they claim.

  77. First of all I should have read reviews first, that was my first mistake. Second mistake was even buying it, third mistake was trying to get live support. I believe it is just a 10 dollar scam, also online chat was trying to get me to change all my settings on my computer…why? I guess to set me up for virus. They told me to turn off firewall…yea right!!! I told them NO I wasn’t turning it off. Guess what!!! live chat disconnected my chat, which I thought was very professional. This Rabbit TV and all people involved are jokes. DO NOT GET SUCKERED LIKE I DID. 10 BUCKS FOR MILLION CHANNELS…YEAH RIGHT….DON’T DO IT. Next thing we will see on tv is a big name lawyer filing a lawsuit action against this company…

  78. Seen the commercials for this RabbitTv and bought one from a local Walgreens for $9.99, ordering from the TV ad is a rip off they get you on the seperate P/H, I figured for 10 bucks ill try it , and to my surprise it WORKS! and actually very good, there is some ad’s built it to the movie’s, but its works great, I watched a movie on xfinity and hulu using this, it seems to have links to alot a decent amount of content. I’m using ATT wireless internet and a Alienware m15x laptop with window’s 7, the picture quality is good too, there is even a option for 480p on most movies, the is a decent amount of movie’s mostly old one’s, there is a “premium” movie section also it links you to amazon where you can buy movie’s, it has alot of Network TV series and back episodes there all free, I’ve been using this now for 2 weeks no problems yet. My only real complaint is the usb itself was really tight and I didn’t want to damage the usb port in my laptop so I just picked up a belkin usb 3 port hub work’s fine. For the price of this RabbitTV I thinks it pretty good, save’s me the time looking for all the link’s online to watch this stuff. I would not recommend using this with a tablet or an older PC though.

    • Bravo… Happy to hear another Happy Customer (1 above). I am SERIOUSLY debating on whether to get this or not.

      Some of these negative reviews are soooo silly… its a hoot. But alot to take into consideration. 32 byte vs 64. Windows Vista vs Windows 7/8. I feel I understand about dial up vs High Speed, (no brainer). And…… if everything is pretty much older, dont have to worry about HD.

      If everything works, its worth the 10$ a year to have the guide. Ive tried Hulu, am a current subscriber to Netflix (movies only, no streaming), and am SICK of “real” tv… far too many commercials.

      Thank You for your positive review.

      • I say if you want to try it, Try it! Just be smart and purchase it from a store in which you can return it.

        I saw this happen personally within minutes of installing it, so I wouldn’t ever risk a Trojan Virus and expensive bill to repair your laptop.

        • Also, LAWN MAIDEN. There are just as many if not MORE commercials in rabbit TV as on Cable TV. FYI. you can find the SAME shows online buy searching for free TV shows without the added risk.

          • It may be only $10.00, but is it worth the damage it may do to your pc. It seems to me it would cost more to get rid of virus than the rabbit tv was worth. Anyway do you want to risk someone being able to hack into your computer. IF IT WERE FREE IT WOULD STILL NOT BE WORTH IT. Of course this is only my opinion

  79. Why buy this for over 5 yrs. There have been computer programs that were free that did this same thing. Have you guys ever heard of livestream? They have a monster channel, horror channel a drive in movie channel just search the site.

  80. Not worth 1 cent. Especially if you live in Canada. The only thing you’ll see is a message like: “This program is not available in your geographic location.”

  81. The Rabbit TV is junk…. The USB fits so poorly I am sure it would ruin the plugs in VERY short order. When I did manage to force it in place it did nothing but throw error. The error option to continue did exactly that, it continued to do nothing. SO I went to the website, tried their download, again failure (error, make sure browser is set) and the error pop up refuses to be closed, in fact the error box just kept breading like a rabbit. Live chat was no better. SCAM!!!

  82. SCAM ! Beware !!! I did everything I was Prompted to do and the Result was a BLANK WHITE SCREEN ! Nothing else.

  83. My husband purchased 2 devices…It was installed on his computer okay and worked but on mine we are getting the loop and the support is not support … it gives canned answers like from a computer. Online chat is basically the same thing and it disconnects you. My impression it is a scam and not worth the hassle. We are returning our devices. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Why pay for a device when you can do a search and get the same channels without buying any equipment or paying anyone anything? There are plenty of free sites out there that provide links to free internet TV. Just a bit of caution, though. Make sure the site you choose is reputable or you might be exposing yourself to a virus. People who try to sell you devices or services to get channels you can get for free are usually not reputable. If there’s a particular station I want to watch, I look it up by the call letters and if they provide online programming, I access it directly from the site. Reputable feeds don’t require any special software other than a standard media player, i.e. Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you’ve got any software that plays standard videos, it’s capable of playing any reputable free internet TV station. Some have links to free TV stations, which makes it a bit easier than search and find. You can even find some of the standard pay TV stations on the internet, but you still need to pay a subscription for them.

  84. This is a piece of garbage! it does not work and trying to get help on their “so called help” site is a joke. Wish I would have read all the other reviews before I wasted my money. I will be returning this to Walmart! I finally got the rabbit icon to show up but when i click start it doesn’t do a thing. 100% garbage!

  85. I got Rabbit TV USB, it dose not work, they send you to http://www.rabbittvsupport.com and it ask for company name and password — not verification code and it just dose not go. It ask for even more money. It is all add to get your money or to get you to spend more good money to get free stuff that dose not work or just more worthless garbage.

  86. I have Rabbit TV, it worked for one day…….. and now I need to speak to customer serv about this matter not a recording.

  87. I reside in Colorado springs, Colorado, and I received the rabbit tv USB in the mail on Wed March 6, 2013. Plug it into my computer usb port, and then double click on the rabbit tv icon. it booted up and I entered the verification code, and I skip the yearly or 2yr or 5 yr fee for now. I just wanted to see if it works, and I must say it works good. My computer is running Windows Vista, 4gb ram, and a quad processor. My Internet is a 7mb bandwidth. Once in awhile the show that is playing does jitter a little but for the most part it works as they said. I guess if I up my Internet bandwidth to 12mb the show jitters may go away completely. I will keep testing it over the coming days and then write another review if it fails.

    • John

      I live in Colorado up North I heard from a friend about Rabbit TV. Cable is just to much anymore, so my question is, is rabbit tv still working for you I have Comcast Internet and the plan that I have right now is a bundle package and it is going away on the 13th of April so thinking that I might give this a try if you are still using your rabbit tv and it works great. Please email an answer.

      Thank you


      • Hello Marcee, Yes the rabbit USB is still working, and I live in the Soaring Eagle community off of Powers Blvd and Hancock.

    • Most of the reviews are negative—yours is not. I would want this to watch some sporting events that I cant get because I travel alot. Will this work with a Wi-Fi connection?

      • Hello Michael

        It will work with a WI-fi connection. I have use this usb on my desktop (hardwired) and my laptop (wireless) in my house. I am looking at the live NBA game between the Miami HEAT and NY knicks which is on TNT as I am typing this. Some of the free live sports event I can’t get because my television or Internet provider is not on a listing of providers. For instance I have directv and century link but comcast infinity is on the list and many more providers. Also it does come with sports packages that you pay for like the NBA pass, MLB, Nascar and some others. I hope this help you

      • Marcee, if you ever want to see for yourself that my USB rabbit works just let me know and I will show you. I will meet you at any public place of your choosing.

  88. I purchased 2 rabbit TV units at a local store in my area last night, it said all you have to have is a high speed internet connection and you could plug the USB stick into your computer and it would stream 5000 television shows 25,000 movies and 50,000 radio channels….hahaha NOT!

    All it did was went to the start Rabbit TV screen and tried to load and load and load and load only to come up with retry over and over again, it never worked whatsoever! I am going to have to ask my daughter if the one I bought for her worked or not, if you ask me its a big waste of money and junk and anyone thinking about buying it DON’T!!! You will regret it! I am glad I saved my receipt because I am taking this piece of junk back to the store today, explaining its defective and asking for my entire purchase price back! Its sad that these companies scam people, and the one’s it hits worst are the middle to low income that are trying to purchase something like this to save money when in the end all it did was waste money! ITS JUNK DO NOT BUY IT!!! Thank you!

    • Another fact about the rip off Rabbit TV

      If you read the package it says there will never be a charge, it is not free after a year, it is either $10 a year or $9 for 5 years, well duh I would do the 5 year plan, if the stupid thing worked in the first place and if I remember correctly, isn’t packaging the states its free yet when you open the box and read the fine print its actually not free isn’t that false advertising? Just sayin!

  89. SCAM!!! Yes this is a scam if you don”t reed all the info on the install program how to log on and log off.

  90. Project free tv off google worked better for me don’t download anything just stream… Watched all SOA, weeds, boardwalk empire, breaking bad, had all shows and movies and all seasons love it.

  91. The Rabbit TV has old movies, no new channels. When you try to watch a movie or tv show, it doesn’t load up, it plays for 2 seconds then stops.. What a scam these people should be a shame of them self’s.

    • You people are a scam, it works fine for me. If you have crap internet speeds like the cheapest speed guess what its not gonna work well. I tested it with ATTS fastest speed works freaking awesome no problems. Used it on their cheapest speed man it sucks serious ass.

      • Becky, I have 3 friends who have also had NO LUCK with this product. One got a virus 5 mins after loading it and her Facebook hacked within that week and it made her life a living H E double hockey sticks.. You are not alone!


    “There are no monthly fees with Rabbit TV. Rabbit TV only costs $10, and if you want to keep using it after a year, it’s $10 a year from then on. If you don’t want to continue your Rabbit TV subscription, you can cancel at any time – no hoops to jump through, no hidden fees, no tricks.”

      • The contradiction is the Hoops and hidden fees. They charge you a $45.00 INSURANCE FEE once your card is registered. If you read the reviews a lot of people have had NO LUCK with customer service or getting refunds! RABBIT TV IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM!

  93. Do not buy this I tried installing it twice and all I got was Trojan downloader detected. Want my money back. Totally dissatisfied! Tried on to different computers with same results…. It sucks cuz it don’t work !~!!!!

  94. Went to Walmart to get a Roku saw this Rabbit-TV for 10 and figured why not the Roku they had in stock was 78 and i still would have had to order hulu plus to get what I want. Spent over an hour trying to get it to work another hour waiting on customer service live chat after having me try a few things that didn’t help I was told to come back later “cuz” the technician was working on the problem. While waiting I found this website and the only thing I am doing is taking this back to Walmart asap.

    • Get a Roku 2 And add Play-on to it. You get to sad channels and Hulu and Hulu plus for free. We love ours.

      • Hulu plus will only be free on Roku for 1 or 2 weeks then it starts to charge you. We have 3 roku’s in our home, and we love them.

  95. Hmmm… after reading reviews .. seems a lot of people are just saying what they “THINK” not “KNOW” about the product. My Place of work Sells them in store for $9.99, so no S&H fees. I’m buying one tomorrow Morning before I come home and I will review the device and post a follow up. Way I see it, if its good I will keep it, if not ill return it and nothing lost. Cheers =D

    • As I said I did buy one of these, this morning. Ive been on it about 2 hours now. It does have very good things about and some disappointments. Pro : It does take you to web sights to watch Eps, But the good point to that is that I don’t have 250 + Favorites on my Browser to go watch things. Con: You can only watch the listed stuff on the sight that ill cover more later. The Show list on it is really good but at times its only clips of shows .. I was really disappointed over that. If its going to be called Rabbit “TV” there should be at least one full EP to watch. It is very True that you can go watch about every Show on here for free on different sights, but one thing I liked is that I didn’t know you could watch alot of them via internet ( before anyone says DAAA SEARCH ENGINES ) if you go to google or Bing you have to most likely go through sight after sight to actually find one that has Eps on the show you can watch. This gives you a list just by logging in, witch is a Plus to the unit. The only thing I really hate about it is it should at least tell you if its Clips or EPS of the show or series. SO far im giving it a 50/50 rating but for 10 bucks for a year.. ill keep it and still not buy cable for 80 a month to only watch two channels. 10 bucks a year is reasonable for the service IMO but I believe its already 15.00 a year to renew according to the sight after sign up. The back of the Package says ” 10 dollars a year after first year” but the sight says 15 .. who knows what that might become. It has its Ups and Downs like anything you buy anymore. It does have a lot of Children’s and EDU programs on it though for My daughter to watch (one reason I am keeping it) Over All it does seem to be worth 10 bucks to startup for a year. I wish they would have done a lil more with it but to not buy cable for month its worth it. so I say right now its a 50-50 don’t expect to plug it in and start watching the Game tonight in your area or the new eps of the walking dead or falling skies but there is a lot of content.

        • He’s a liar? Where in the review did you get any other impression than it has a 50/50 mix of pros and cons. Maybe you need some practice on reading comprehension and stop bashing people for their candid reviews.

          • Bravo. Who is to say the people who give it bad reviews don’t work for a cable or satellite provider? Lord knows they don’t want anyone using the Rabbit. That would only make them lose business and do away with some jobs!!!

    • This is a SCAM, Called customer support because I loaded it worked twice, logged out twice, now it says I am logged in on another computer, II have only one. Called Customer Support and was told it is a “KNOWN” defect. I asked three times to make sure his Indian accent was very strong. He was apologetic and said to return it to Walmart for a new one.

      Why should we beta test? I am so glad I did not sign up for the online extra years because I am sure it would be difficult to get the dough back, since it took two days to reach tech support.

  96. Do not buy this I tried installing it twice and all I got was Trojan downloader detected. Want my money back. Totally dissatisfied!

  97. BBBBOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought this POS for 16 bucks. All it does is take you to different websites. It doesn’t even take the time to search the web for full episodes, it’s just programmed to go to a single site and show you what’s available there. Take the Simpsons for instance. If you want to watch the simpsons on Rabbit tv, you can watch 5 episodes because it just automatically takes you to fox.com and ONLY fox.com. well…. you can go to wtso.org and watch all 23 freakin seasons!! but not on Rabbit TV.. Take my advice and just google what you want to watch, cause you get more options and more episodes. Don’t waste your money on something google can do SSSOOOOO MUCH better.

  98. There are packages that come attached to the Rabbit TV. If you cannot load your USB then they have a customer service number that you can call at $1.00 per minute. 10 minutes is the amount of time that the customer service will hold you on the line to service you ($10.00) the maximum is $30.00 (full service). Also you must pay for premium channels. I loaded the Rabbit TV in my hard drive – installed, then made it my icon on my desktop and that was the end of my service. I sent out many service tickets with no resolution in sight. I was not able to verify, login or register my Rabbit TV. What a disappointment.

    • Something must be wrong with the people that cannot get it going. It was simple for the 3 I got. They work great. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for a great (cheap) product. I will buy the stock if it goes public.

  99. I ordered this RABBIT TV at 12:22am from a TV commercial, did not speak to any customer representative…and after trying to cancel it after finding out I needed cable service to be able to use it (and I don’t have cable or internet… I have a radio shack RCA flat antenna and I get free TV), and after finding out it wasn’t for the TV, but for my laptop I wanted to cancel it!!

    I immediately called my bank and they said I could just cancel my Visa debit card, which would not affect my bank account, and I would receive a new card in 7 – 10 days. YAY!!

    The bank (Wells Fargo … I love them) said the transaction had not gone through in the 20 minute interval after hanging up with the automated RABBIT TV answering/ordering machine. THEY NOW CANNOT CHARGE MY VISA DEBIT CARD AND THANK GOD! I CAN NOW SLEEP TONIGHT.

    I wish everyone the best of luck getting their money back…and it is easy to cancel that debit card if the transaction has NOT gone through yet…I’m sure it would have gone through in the morning.

    I suggest just getting an antenna from RADIO SHACK, you get ABC, CBS and an assortment of other TV shows, cooking shows, and music stations…including rock and roll and country video’s. YOU CAN ALWAYS WATCH WHATEVER YOU WANT OFF YOUR LAPTOP (I have WiFi hotspot with my smartphone) and not have to pay for anything! GOOD LUCK.

    • How about reading where it says, “You are required to have wireless internet”. I have a Comcast / Xfinity Wireless Gateway Modem. It handles my phone, interenet, & sends wireless signal to my Poloroid 10.1″ Android Tablet. I only have met one person who get channels from one of those digital boxes with an indoor digital TV antenna. She lives in Dayton, Ohio in a high rise building, on the “28th Floor”. Have a good weekend.

      • I happen to have the digital antenna. I live up in the mtns of NC where we only have 1 internet service provider & 2 cell phone providers. Reception is just that bad in the mtns. My digital antenna picks up 28 clear as a bell channels including local channels, music channels, history channel, UNC-TV (all 3 of those), and well some channels that only some of us old folks enjoy with the older westerns, Mr. Ed, Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy,…etc. So coming from one who is NOT in a high rise, but nestled in by big huge trees and mountains…. I love my digital antenna and ITS TOTALLY FREE! Not even going to try the rabbit. I have Netflix for watching on my laptop and a few other free TV channels too.

      • We also have a converter box and flat digital antenna, works great. On our sailboat – that would be a sea level in case you’re wondering.

      • Its not ONLY $10.00 jimmmytoolong! She stated she ordered it over the phone. So obviously she had a $13.00 shipping fee, plus a hidden fee of $45.00 for “insurance” which they DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT until you see the outrageous bill!

  100. We received our Rabbit USB sticks today in the mail, and unfortunately they wont initialize the application. I couldn’t get past “start”. I plugged in the other one and it said a virus was detected and shut down my computer. I tried again and it said couldn’t find program or file to initiate application. So we don’t know what to do about it. I called customer service and he told me to go online and “live chat” with a rep, there isn’t a link for a live chat that I could find on the page. I am not pleased so far.

    • You are not the only one who is not pleased. The service is horrible, and all they do is keep sending you to linking sites which do not help at all. Then they have the nerve to show you a YouTube video to make you feel incompetent as they have defective USBs. They don’t load, they don’t connect, you can’t login, verify and then they ask for a user-id and password which you can’t even get to. For $17.00 I AM DONE! I’ll keep looking with caution. I learned a lesson.

      • Turn off your antivirus “real time detection” its an EXE file so it wont open the file.. or get a real antivirus .. Mine did not tell me any warnings or anything about the Rabbit TV USB sick. i use ESET NOD32 ive had a lot of antivirus progs this one finds more and dont say everything is a virus =D and i DIDNT turn off my real time detection.

        • Turning off your antivirus “real time detection” is very risky and some scammers convince you to download what you think are antivirus scanners, when in all actuality, they contain viruses. I wouldn’t take the risk of following JDK’s suggestions. Either he is uninformed, doesn’t care about the risks, or is trying to convince you to go to a site that will give you a virus.

          • Anyone who thinks turning off their anti-virus or firewall is a “good idea” is obviously doesn’t have common sense! That would be my first HINT that the product is a scam.

  101. Thanks to all the people who left feedback here. If it sounds to good to be true ……You all save me some money. I think I may follow what my son in law sez : Attach HDMI to PC & TV and watch.


    • wake up! they are not from anywhere else other than your so called fellow Americans. Aren’t American scam each other?

    • They ask you the credit card # before you know how much is the bill, rabbit TV is a bad company. The cost of $10.00 became $51.32 and you can not talk with nobody, I called my bank and I started a dispute.

  103. Will not install, no window opens, no run. cannot locate it. There is a sound when plugged in or un-plugged, but that is it, nada, nothing after that! what next?

    Terrill Gray

  104. Just like the rest it uses up your internet access….Even unlimited has it’s limits….So just like the rest you are stuck worrying about how much of a strain you are putting on your ISP…I am with Comcast and they simply drop you if you ever exceed their unlimited account they offer..or you could get a business account and pay more……It’s not worth it..you pay 10.00 but it completely relies on your internet account….

    • I am with Comcast and have never been dropped for exceeding my unlimited account. I honestly have never heard of such a thing… In my state you have slow internet (cheaper) or high speed (more costly). My Comcast doesn’t have limits on the Internet access. I sit home all day watching Netflix and I never have problems with my Net. It sounds like you have a problem with the Modem or router Comcast supplied to you. It happens. I just replaced mine and it wasn’t even a year old.

  105. No, I do not think that any of the idiots here have actually tried the thing. How can you post a “review” when you have never even tried it! The only scam here is these fake reviewers..

    • Everyone sees that you 2 guys are SHILL’S for Rabbit Tv! You’re not only scammer’s but BAD at being undetected as “company” SHILL’S!

    • No, I haven’t tried it, but the vast majority of those giving it negative reviews say they have tried it and there are enough negative reviews to indicate that it’s not just one malicious person or one malicious company. You can get the same channels without any special devices. It may be worth the $10 to get a device that has links to ALL these stations AND programming information, but given the reviews, it’s not worth the risk.

    • I think that the people are smarter than you and I hope that they won’t listen to you, I did not have to try it, it’s when I order I agree to pay only $20.00 but they charged me $52.00 I returned it, and now it’s my bank’s job to dispute the charge. After that I made my own research and find that all those channels are free without pay to a bad Rabbit Co. “Rabbit stands to rub you”

      • FIRST OF ALL “ANT”. How the heck could you possibly know who actually tried this who the heck are you!? the great and powerful OZ!? do you know it all!??? Why don’t you go onto YouTube and see the many recorded attempts people have tried to install this impossible waste of money!

        BE SMART IF YOU BUY THIS AND BUY FROM A RETAIL STORE WHERE YOU CAN RETURN The “Possibly Faulty” product with ease!

        I am trained in Computer Networking and Technology so I am extremely “computer savvy”. 3 different friends of mine had NO LUCK WITH RABBIT TV.

        I installed one myself on a friends laptop. As the login area popped up a “virus warning” also popped up claiming a “TROJAN” virus was installed and her Virus software immediately tried to attack it and her whole computer went down, two days later her email and Facebook account had been hacked and made her life MISERABLE. not to mention when she ordered over the phone she had. Bill for almost 150.00. FOR ONE RABBIT TV JACK!!!!
        $10 for TV jack
        $14 for shipping
        $45 FOR INSURANCE FEES, and then they added a 5 year service package of $45 I believe to her bill without her consent!

        SHE SENT IT BACK 4 MONTHS AGO AND STILL HAS NOT SEEN A CENT BACK. her bank is trying to get her cash back but there is only so much they can do and don’t even bother calling customer service because its $1.00 a minute. They kept her on hold for 20 mins and her cell phone bill was an extra 20 bucks the following month!

  106. As far as the Rabbit TV, whoever wrote this article had an obvious investment in the company somehow. This is a simple age old scam that doesn’t deliver on its promises. The USB “interface” as it is called is a simple flash drive. Nothing more and nothing less. Installed on this flash drive are links to the TV sites you can already access over the regular internet. Rabbit TV offers you nothing new or different and the USB is a deceptive tool to mislead you into believing its some kind of miracle technology or a TV tuner for your computer. Sadly its just a flash drive loaded with a scam to bilk you out of your money.

      • I agree with Brian,since I got this I have found that Its no better than the tv shows that r already available on the internet,free!Lucky it was only $10 I’m out of.Lesson learned.

      • I actually tried it and I like it. It only cost me 10 bucks and it has a nice interface to it that collects links from free TV sites throughout the web. I have limited time and although the content might be available elsewhere, I’ll gladly pay 10 bucks a year to use this nice service. Oh yeah and they update the links for you. It doesn’t bother me one bit that its not like watching a TV station. There is plenty to watch and there are even free movies. I find it worth it to pay for the convenience of having thousands of TV stations and radio stations neatly organized.

        Rabbit TV is NOT a Scam, but please realize you are not going to get to watch free pay per view or other premium content for free. If you just want to find some nice old TV shows, movies and radio stations in one neat interface for a low price then you will like this.

      • I have tried it, got a year free, and paid $10 bucks for a subscription for 2 years. Now it says, upon logon, that I haven’t got a recognizable e-mail address and won’t let me log-in. On top of that, no customer support on the phone or on the internet. I spend more on beer and whiskey a week than I do for rabbit, so i’ll take the loss. But it’s still the principle of the matter. But like a billion other people, I’m also gullible. Try hulu…..

    • That is true, Rabbit TV is just a flash drive pre-loaded with links. But it does have its place. Like if you didn’t know all the links on the web or you didn’t what to fill your “favorites tab” up with links you use the most. Than this could be useful.

  107. Anyone who buys this gets what they deserve. This Rabbit TV USB is meant for the Charlie Browns in this world who, no matter what, think they are getting something for nothing. Go ahead and buy it, Charlie! You know who you are.

  108. I was frustrated and angered by this phoney offering and think it is a rip off to gain postage and handling fees that are exorbitant. The USB port could be mailed with USPS for less than $2 to Hawaii, yet they charge an Extra $10 fee on top of their already exorbitant $10 fee for this junk. Hawaii is part of the USA but marketers like Rabbit TV treat us like we belong to the third world. I would encourage anybody to boycott this product because of the unfair way they treat the residents of Hawaii and Alaska and of course our Territories like Guam,Am. Samoa, Puerto Rico, VI, etc. The USPS sends mail at the same rate, but not these guys!

    • Everything is more expensive to ship to Hawaii because it takes more than a truck to get there. Don’t all HI residents realize that?

      • Hawaii residents know more about it than you do ‘me’. First class mail (up to 13 ounces) is not a zoned rate, this means it costs exactly the same to ship to Hawaii or Alaska as to the house next door. Flat rate Priority is exactly that, if it fits it ships anywhere in the USA for the same price. FedEx and UPS are much higher cost than USPS out of the lower 48 which is why reputable retailers don’t use them for those states. As Donald says it is a rip off, but from the sound of it, so is the whole Rabbit deal.

    • Hey Hawaii. You aren’t special! These companies make money on processing and handing (aka shipping and handling, s&h, p&h, rape, etc). We in the forty-8 get overcharged for this “fee” also. That is why they always charge the full P&H for each product. A reputable company wants your REPEATED business, so they do what they can to lower or eliminate P&H.

      • Read this f’or only $8.99 + p&h!’: I just visited the Rabbit TV site. Apparently Hawaii and Alaska are special. The price of the item is now $10. The rest of the 48 states get to pay $6.99 for shipping and handling, while Hawaii and Alaska get to pay the SPECIAL shipping and handling price of… (wait for it)… $16.99. It would be nice if they weren’t treated so ‘special’ by companies who could have easily have shipped items to both states via USPS (I mean if they really wanted to keep the prices down for their customers on such items).

  109. I paid online for rabbit tv, now one week, still haven’t received it. I paid for delivery but nothing is going on.

    • You need to return it if you do get it. If it does not come soon I would call your credit card company and try and cancel it. The Rabbit TV is a total rip off.

  110. I wish I could decide which reviews are accurate, since there are conflicting reports here. I would really like to drop my cable service, but I don’t want to waste money on a worthless product that doesn’t show me anything I can’t get online already!

    Ha! Since grammar and spelling seem to be as important here as the Rabbit TV reviews, I’ll throw in my grammar gripe: The new thing of leaving off the “s” on the end of a plural word (as in “I bought 4 new chair at the furniture store”) or, even worse, leaving off the ‘s on the end of a possessive word (such as the “my baby daddy” ebonics fiasco)! Ouch!!

    • Hey Dixie, better safe than sorry, I wouldn’t get the rabbit TV. I never tried the rabbit TV thing so I don’t know anything about it but if you have a PC, laptop and access to the internet you can actually watch real tv shows and new & old movies for free. This is no joke, it’s real I have it. Just go to xbmchub.com on this website they show you step by step how to set this up on your pc absolutely free. It’s easy and it really works. It’s perfectly legal and free. Direct TV and dish network and all the cable providers don’t want people to know about this. I got fed up with my satellite carrier for ripping me off. I just saw Alex cross, Skyfall, breaking dawn 2, so many more movies and TV shows. I know it sounds too good to be true but I tried it and it works. Wow. It works for Microsoft PCs and Macs.

  111. Let’s get immediately to the bottom line – Don’t waste your hard-earned $$$ on Rabbit TV.

    Rabbit TV will NOT get you anything you can’t already get yourself, for FREE. How do we KNOW you can get the same result for free? Because you’re reading this on the internet, and that’s ALL Rabbit TV is giving you, internet results.

    You probably seen other such ‘ads’ (scams) on the ‘net. “Free Internet TV only $49! Order NOW!” or similar such ads. The ONLY thing ANY of these scams are providing for your hard-earned dollars is a list of internet sites that have streaming TV. The author has used a cheap software program to give you a list of TV sites. Which you can obtain for FREE using Google, Bing, Dogpile, or something similar.

    Rabbit TV is the same garbage, except they’ve packaged it in a little USB flash drive so you THINK you’re getting some sort of ‘antenna’ to pick up hundreds of ‘new’ TV stations via your computer.

    Yes, there ARE thousands of streaming TV stations on the internet. But MOST of them are of NO interest to you. Hundreds will be in languages you don’t comprehend and/or don’t care about. Even more will be some lonely, desperate sole that runs a 24/7 camera of him/her sitting at her desk complaining how terrible their life is. Even more will be so poorly streaming you’ll become thoroughly frustrated attempting to watch a show.

    You will NOT be able to watch MTV, ESPN, movies-on-demand, etc. with Rabbit TV. These satellite signals are encoded, and Rabbit TV does NOT decode them. That little USB drive is NOT, repeat NOT, an antenna. It’s cheap software that just gives you a “Google” results list of internet streaming TV.

    There ARE sites out there which will stream TV that you DO want to watch. But you DON’T need Rabbit TV to find and watch them.

    Just use your favorite search engine, be discerning in your search criteria, and you’ll be able to locate shows of your interest to watch.

    For FREE.

    • Thank you so much for the info!!!! I had no idea I could watch everything anyway. I was looking for what the “annual license fee” , but still haven’t found it. But I found your review instead so now I don’t need to know!! Thank you so much again!!!!!

    • You are wrong. Just like the kid at Best Buy, he said all you gotta do is google it and it is simple. Nonsense. I have tried for hours and all my efforts result in failure of frozen screens, etc. Bullshit! I know that Rabbit tv isn’t the answer, but neither are the “solutions” that you dumb*** geeks recommend.

      • And Roger. I am a “dumb computer geek” and i would like to tell you that your computer must either suck or you had an “Operator error!” If you can’t find this on the net you don’t know what you are doing!

  112. In general, I’d advise staying far away from anything that Telebrands sells. Their checkout pages are deceptive and their product descriptions are, at best, lacking in the accuracy department.

  113. I am simply looking into the product if its anything like magic jack then its well worth the time money and effort. i dont even want to hear from any of you who haven’t tried the darn thing!

    • If Rabbit TV USB is anything like Magic Jack it is a total rip-off. Yeah, when Magic Jack was first introduced it was everything it claimed to be but started @ 6 months ago and now when you attempt to make a lot of local calls you get recorded message saying, “In order to make conference or platform calls – go to website and purchase pre-paid minutes”. Visit BBB and you will see complaints AND, if you read the reviews on MagicJack you will see that it will become class action law suit against MagicJack. MagicJack is NOT what it was in the beginning and IS a total rip-off. Especially true that my sub is pre-paid thru Sept., 2015 and can’t even call neighbor just across street.

      • Jim above is totally wrong about Majicjack. I’ve had it for 5 years and love it. I get free long distance in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, for $19.95 per “YEAR”. and it works great. The only downside is that you have to put in the area code on all phone numbers, even the local one’s! Great service for the money!

        • I agree. I’ve had it for 4 years and it works and sounds better than the free house phone I got with my cable service. I would recommend manic jack 110%!

      • Jim is totally wrong about Magic Jack.

        I`ve had it for about 3 years now, and it works great as long as your internet connection is fast enough. I have basic DSL and I have had only minor problems the whole time I have had it, such as static in the line, which I later determined was my phone cable. I even took it with me on a trip to Colorado a couple of years ago. I was in the top of the mountains above Alma, at 13,000 ft and as long as I got my internet connection, I could use the magic jack.

        I like it so much and it saves me alot of $$, that is why I am looking into this Rabbit TV now, and I really only am looking for opinions from people who have actually tried the Rabbit TV, other opinions are just hot air!!

        • Considering the fact that I’ve had Majic Jack since it first was introduced, some 7 years or so ago, I think “Jim” must either not have a CLUE what VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is or expect an Internet phone to work love a Verizon Landline with Free Long Distance.

          The service works like Skype. biggest difference is that it’ll work with 4G Internet “hotspots”, where Skype REQUIRES broadband service to run. I use the Majic Jack unit, and the iPhone/iPad app (which is free and a great way to see how the service works), and now, though I have and pay for the service every year, I use the app on my iPad as my phone. Even in mediocre internet service areas, the service works fine (of course, 4-5 “bars” is the clearest).

          If this unit makes it simpler/easier for you to search the plethora of Internet TV sites out there on the web, without taking the chance of going to a hack site which installs a virus as soon as you go to it, then that little $10-17 is well spent, in my opinion. Considering the fact that my job involves Internet security and computing services, and I’ve been working with computing systems since microcomputers were first introduced, my opinion shouldn’t be taken lightly.

          • Magic Jack has been AWESOME for over 3 years for my family. The cost is next to NOTHING. try to get a phone line from your local cable company (part of a bundle, lowest price 15 bucks a month and guess what…they use VOIP!) or your local phone company 9quest, verizon, etc) for what, 45-50 bucks a month plus long distance, federal taxes, etc) and you realize what a ripoff local service is. I can fax. SO WHAT I need to dial 4 extra digits! OMG, use the speed dial contact part of magic jack. I am going to get magic jack plus so that I can plug it into my router thus eliminating the whole – computer must be turned on – thing. As to rabbit TV. This is a ripoff. I can get all of the stations that I want off mu ROKU and coupled with my hi speed internet from Optimum cable and a High Definition antenna on my roof (cost 14 bucks on eBay and FREE cable from the Optimum guy), I get all the local channels in HD. So here is my total cost for phone and TV. One time cost of Magic Jack – 19.99, 5 bucks a month or 80 bucks a year. Hi-Speed internet from Optimum (boost package, I get between 26-30 speed as compared to the MOST 7 from DSL) for 36.99 a month. I paid 20 bucks for my ROKU at a yard sale. I got Netflix for 7.99 a month. So my cost for TV, internet and Phone is 49-50 bucks a month. And oh by the way, I could lower this cost if I wanted to use a internet based phone and get rid of magic jack with a USB headset. Most people don’t even have or will need a land line with cell phones.

        • Actually I used to have Magic Jack…..I thought it was great at the time but I found out several months later that a lot of my calls were not coming through. It wasn’t ringing and they would leave voice-mail and it wouldn’t give us a notice or even record it. I was missing calls from everyone. They said they had been calling and calling but it would just ring and then go to voice-mail but they said I would never return their calls. They thought I was mad at them, a few friends even stopped by and told me they have been calling and calling but no one would answer but I was home and it was hooked up and I even checked the dial tone……and my college was calling me and it did the same thing so they sent me an email to call them. Turns out they had done the same thing and had called multiple times too. No Magic Jack is NOT as good as they say it is. We even paid for the 5-year membership. We had to go back to a regular phone because Magic Jack was just not dependable. Yes we had high speed internet and double and triple checked to make sure everything was set up ok, talked to customer service, whole nine yards but couldn’t figure out why some calls got through and some calls didn’t. It was VERY frustrating!!!! So we threw it in the garbage where it belonged!!! I’m glad to hear it works for some…but you might want to check in with people you haven’t talked to in a while and see if their calls are getting through!!!!!

          • Janie. I also know quite a few people who also had your problem. There is such a thing as a “faulty product” you’re not a deuce as the ignorant Stephanie stated. My in laws missed A LOT of calls with this “magic jack”.

            STEPHANIE, don’t be ignorant you make yourself sound like trash! There are many cases in which people have a faulty product and return for one that may actually work.

        • I have had magic jack for over three years. It works great. Bought 3 Rabitt tv jacks and I am super happy. Most of the negative responses are from people that cannot get it to work or won’t buy it. If you haven’t tried it – don’t review it.

    • It costs $150 a year and it is done automatically. They do not tell you the price until AFTER you have submitted all of your credit card info. DO NOT GET RABBIT TV. I am currently working with my bank to get my money back.

      • My friend had a “delivery confirmation” that her product was returned 4 months ago and she still has not received her 150 back.

        BE SMART IF YOU BUY THIS AND BUY FROM A RETAIL STORE WHERE YOU CAN RETURN The “Possibly Faulty” product with ease!

  114. one thing I don’t understand, the ad clearly says: “Annual License Fee for Device Renews Automatically Unless Canceled.”
    But no where does it state what that fee is…. how much is this fee??


    • Well, sure. Because you NEED English and grammar lessons, and a good lesson on “internet etiquette” when typing.

      Do YOU think this feedback page was created just so YOU could bitch and complain, and add NOTHING to the discussion?

      How old are you, 12? Shut up and go somewhere else.

      • Talk about etiquette…..look, in this day of twitter, spelling and grammar are not needed. But CAPS is still YELLING. Children yell because they want to be noticed. Adults yell when they have no valid points to argue.

        • I don’t see anything wrong with POET’S grammar or spelling. So they wrote in all caps BIG DEAL! Boo hoo!

          • And in my generation CAPS GET ATTENTION AND APPLY “EMPHASIS”! Older people can be so cranky!

  116. I am Canadian and an avid camper looking for a way to watch TV “on the road”…English American or Canadian stations…would this be what we’ve been looking for? We do NOT want a satellite dish.

  117. Ive been looking around the WEB and found this and may be I’m not understanding all.

    But have all of you watched the whole video on this Rabbit TV product and really understanding what to do when hooking it up, It does state CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY LOCATION you want to watch..

    Or may be I’m understanding but when you choose USA you should get stations in English and or Spanish right?

    I’ve recently made an order for this RABBIT TV and am looking for the best for the price in a year. I will not buy into cable and or dish networks due to there prices and BS.

    So found it was time to try something else a little different to cut cost of every day life and budget from the wallet. So in this I’ve got questions for all..

    Has any one really took the time to try to understand this Rabbit TV product or do you just want to make misleading comments to make it harder for others?

    I would be interested to get reviews from the ones that have really tried RABBIT TV and if they like it for what they got.

    • The rabbit UBS is a ripoff. All it does is give you a list of free video streaming web sites. You could use google and find the same free programs and web sites. You will not get any movie channels or sports Channels with rabbit and most tv shows will be a few day old if you get them at all. Save your money.

    • There are many reasons that their misuse and misunderstanding of the English language is occurring. One, they are not being taught spelling, grammar, English usage, syntax and style in their schools, and, two, there are a lot of teachers who even use non-words such as “alot” when they mean a lot. There is no such word as “alot.” A lot, two words. Also, the word “regards” is not to be used in phrases such as “in regards to this situation…” Regards should be used only when signing a letter, as in “Best Regards.” One should write, regard, with no “s” when writing, “in regard to this situation.” Thanks a lot.

      • Grammar Police!! Look out, we’ve got a winner amongst us. I wish people would give their review and not some grammar dictation. Grow UP

        Little Missy

        • EXCUSE ME but this was about a product not about grammar I think you need to get it right and it isn’t here so take that some where else as people want to come on this site to read reviews about the rabbit and if it works.

    • No, no-one knows the difference between There and their any more and I say this because a former co-worker who was going for his MBA didn’t know the difference. He had to write an analysis of the credit-worthiness of a business and asked all of his “cubicle mates”: “How do you spell the word Their in the sentence: Their Return on Investment is expected to be 10%.

      So, you see you can get the whole way to graduate school, and have children to boot and not know the proper usage of the word There/Their. – Pretty scary.

      • Don’t even get me started on when people say, I should have went to the store instead of, I should have gone to the store! That drives me crazy for some reason! Double negatives drive me crazy even more!

        • It’s not just that. Incorrect English makes me crazy when I hear it, but the people who do this don’t care if it’s right or wrong. When I correct my sister, she just say’s “whatever” and doesn’t care how she sounds, and then does it again. Your speech shows your education. So I couldn’t agree more.

          • My grammar is by no means what you would call proper English, but the most common misuse of a word I hear, and Mr Obama and congress do it all the time is, when talking about ideas, they say ideals, LMBO.

          • Are you serious? If the reviews are upsetting and you cant find self-control, STOP READING THE REVIEWS. Simple Fix.

      • Old Mother Hen Grow up. Get off the couch, Get a Job, Clean-up, Get life. ARE YOU AN UNEMPLOYED TEACHER ? Sure Seems It. Just the reviews Please.

  118. It would be good if had all TV Channels out their,had them in HD,work on your TV because lesser Bill.

    I’m all for watching Orlando,FL and Springfield/Columbia/Jefferson City,MO watching their Newscast or local Channels you can just get in those area’s on my TV or Computer or even all Orlando Magic Games for free because I don’t live back in Orlando area.

    Theirs a lot of others out their to but they just want your money to use or need a Plug in it watch them.

    Ruko doesn’t offer every Local Channel out their and some is just On Demand Content.

  119. It’s not a scam if you only order ONE 4-G stick from RABBIT-TV for $9.99 plus the S & H fee of about $7.95-THAT’S IT! D0 NOT upgrade or ask for an extra one, that’s how they get you! It is A convenient and very inexpensive way to access foreign TV broadcasts around the world. NOT for domestic TV channel hook-ups on your PC. If this is what you’re looking for, then the product is good!

    • It is not 4G plain and simple. It requires you to already have internet access whereas 4G is a cellular internet.

    • No, the product is NOT “good”.

      The Buyer is paying almost $20 for internet video content they can access completely FREE, if they take just a bit of time to use virtually any search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.)

      It’s a waste of money for the initial purchase AND for the ‘annual renewal’.

      In other words, just another internet rip-off. Ya savvy?

  120. This site is a scam! My uncle asked me to use my debit for him because he does not have one,so fine I used my own. The problem came when I order the first USB the site send you to the next page stating you can gt another one which is the special order, so I select one( so far we are at 2 USBs). Then I’m sent to the next page that ask if I want to upgrade to the premium Rabbit USB, so of course I select yes and 2. When I go to the next page which is usually the review page so you could make any changes to your order, there is none you receive a thank you for your order and it is being process. What the heck!! I had over 153.00 on my bill. What a scam!! I’ve order online for quite some time now every site that I know is legit, allow you to review your order before purchase. I called the 1800 number and is waiting for my cancellation to be processed. They stated the order takes 2 days to process and its not in there system.

      • Read ALL the terms & conditions. It states that it’s $7. something per year, but unless you’ve bought it & used it, there’s no need to call people a “giant idiot”. Come on & buy it, then let us know. No need to be hostile.

        • I agree there is no time here for name calling all we want is info.. the commercial says $10.00 and you get a free one “and don’t forget to ask how to get free shipping.” Probably with you $153.00 order lol sorry honey I couldn’t resist. (Merry Christmas Yall and Happy New Year!!}

      • TEXAS….That’s very uncalled for. You must feel like such a big person and soo cool name calling..

        TRACEY.. The same thing happened to my friend. Its been 4 months since she received the delivery confirmation that it was returned to the company. She still has not seen a refund of the 150 she was charged. Her shipping ended up being 14 bucks and total for ONE RABBIT TV was over 150. They even slammed her with an “INSURANCE FEE” of 45. So SHUT YOUR MOUTH TEXAS! Cause you have No idea what YOU are talking about! Get a life and a HEART while you’re at it!!

    • Thanks for taking the time to let us know. The saying “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    • the same happened to me. I called to cancel and they said they would. I wind up getting two different orders and now I have to send them back. I received them in the mail so NOW I can’t refuse them. So I am going to right REFUSE on the package and send them back. They told me that I have to call them so they will know that I have sent them back. Yes it is a scam!!

  121. I think people miss the point when they call this 4-G stick device a SCAM.They miss the point entirely.Americans are so linguistically challenged and have no interest in the world outside the U.S. This product does connect you to TV broadcasts all around the world that you would otherwise NOT have access to !Sure,most are not in English.However,many subscribers are mulch-lingual and even if they are not fluent in foreign languages,enjoy connecting to foreign networks to see and hear what is going on in the rest of the world. Therefore,it did its job.At only $10.00 it is hardly a SCAM !!!

        • mulch-lingual: means you can talk to a compost heap and understand the vibes it sends back to you, either that or you stuck your tongue under a lawnmower with a mulching blade on it.

          • I think Marko meant ‘multi-lingual.’ However, we Americans can be so simple minded at times that its easier to make a joke of someone else’s fault rather than accept the reality of what is upon us.

            And for those of us that never heard of a multi-lingual individual, it is someone that speaks more than two languages. Bi-lingual is a person that speaks two languages; like bi-sexual.

            #im just saying…

    • Stop insulting Americans. If a product is sold to American audiences, then they should have American television channels. Otherwise, the product is considered a “scam” because we have laws regarding fraudulent and misleading advertising. You, however, are apparently “linguistically challenged” due to the fact that you wrote “mulch-lingual” instead of multi-lingual, and you do not use proper spacing in your text.

    • RABBIT TV IS a scam. Everything available on the Rabbit TV ‘stick’ is available FREE on the internet, with just a bit of judicious usage of any decent internet search engine.

      Therefore, you are paying $10 + a HIGH shipping cost (almost the price of the USB key!) + an additional fee for a ‘free’ second unit (which means it ISN”T free!) + a $10 annual renewal fee for EACH unit, ALL for something which is EASILY obtained on the internet for FREE.

      That makes it a scam, by any definition. Unless you just WANT to pay $30 – $40 for a couple cheap USB keys available from almost any retail outlet for $5.

  122. What a scam… you do not get NBC,ABC, CBS, OR FOX. You can download the same thing online for free all over the web. Sure you might get your money back in time but most people do not ask for the money back, too much of a pain you get nothing that you can download for free.

  123. I hate to say it, but YES IT IS A SCAM! I received my RABBIT TV USB sticks, and excitedly connected one to my PC. They aren’t lying when they say how easy it is to use, OR about the number of channels. BUT, THEY ARE ALL EITHER FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES WITH NON ENGLISH SPEAKING PROGRAMMING, or “IN THE CLEAR” channels that anyone with Internet access can ALREADY STREAM WITHOUT THE RABBIT TV STICKS! Think about it? With the cost so low, if 1 million people order to find out it’s garbage programming, because it’s so cheap instead of sending it back for a refund, MOST people will just toss it in a drawer and cut there losses. If even ONE QUARTER of subscribers do this, they’ve STILL MADE ALMOST $500,000.00! Not a bad payday? THIS is what they are banking on!

  124. I have never used the Rabbit Network but if you have even a limited understanding of technology you would realize that this product is a scam and it’s purpose is simply to trick you into giving your credit card information to them. Stay away from it and use your brains people, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

  125. I think it’s interesting that I can find a list of the “Channels” or content of what is available with Rabbit TV. The whole reason one would get this is to watch TV correct ? So other then the basics like cost or does the technology really work… would be CONTENT ? This could be 2000 channels of public access television from hundreds of local markets ! You know what public access is My market (Tampa) has 39 public access channels alone that I & most people NEVER watch. Add New York, Miami, LA, & Chicago and you can get to 2000 “Channels” really fast of stuff no one would really watch… I’m not professing that this is what Rabbit TV in fact does but I’m just saying… It could also just offer multiple listings of local television markets…For example lets say through Rabbit TV you could watch Fox network in Tampa, Miami, Chicago, LA…. So yes tech that would be 4 different “Channel” choices but ALL 4 of those channels would be FOX and give you the same prime-time shows… so no not really 4 choices of separate individual content .. do this with the average local market having say 12 channels (Including Spanish channels) times say 50 city markets that would be 600 of Rabbit TV “Channels” right there, with very little variations of content. Again I’m not saying that this is what Rabbit TV does but unless they are willing ti list the actual “Channels” or content I’m going to suspect that it’s something like this… Why wouldn’t say in the add for example “2000 channels including popular shows and specials from the ID Channel, History Channel, TLC, ESPN and more !” If I was promoting a product that did in fact give you that kind of content I sure would mention it ! Wouldn’t YOU ? … Yes if you don’t like it you can send it back… but who knows how long a return & exchange takes to process… Before I give any company the usage of my $33 bucks (Even if eventually I’ll get it back) I want to know what the device is REALLY offering ! As you can see just through my examples just spewing out numbers like 2000 channels really means nothing… If you don’t know what in fact those channels ARE ! I might indeed be interested in this product… BUT LET THE CONSUMER KNOW WHAT IS REALLY BEING OFFERED ! Until then I’ll wait and see and hopefully be pleasantly SURPRISED ! But I get the feeling I wont….

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