Rabbit Network USB Review

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After a hard day’s work you look forward to the time when you unwind in front of your TV. It can be quite therapeutic at the same time can keep you abreast with everything that’s going on in the world. And of course, it’s a source of entertainment for you as well. Are you missing out on your favourite TV programs because you are not willing to pay those criminally expensive cable network charges? Well, you shouldn’t have to and now you won’t because Rabbit Network USB gives you access to about 2000 TV stations on your PC.


Rabbit Network USB
Rabbit Network is a USB device that will give you free access to 2000 TV stations and about 9000 radio stations free of cost. Yes; that’s right, there are no installation costs involved nor is there any monthly fee. Access to the Internet is all that is needed to watch your favourite TV programs no matter what station they are running on. Rabbit Network is a smart little device that works on all kinds of desktops, PCs and Laptops making it extremely versatile. Now you won’t have to rely on the cable networks to provide you with news or entertainment you are looking for.

Do you travel on work quite often? It often means you have to spend lonely evenings in a hotel room without access to your favourite TV station. But now you can take your Rabbit Network wherever you go and get free access to Internet TV and Radio. It’s easy to fill dull evenings spent in hotel rooms or while travelling when you have your Rabbit Network USB. Keeping up with your favourite TV shows is quite easy as well. And you can listen to your chosen Radio station whenever you want to. Rabbit Network is your way to many amazing TV and Radio Stations out there without bearing exorbitant costs.



What do I get?
You can buy Rabbit Network USB for $10 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.99 at www.getrabbitnetwork.com. You can get another Rabbit Network USB with your offer by paying additional shipping and handling costs.


Rabbit Network USB Video


19 thoughts on “Rabbit Network USB Review

  1. Thank god I only paid $10 for this useless gadget. They are offering services that you can already get for free through your internet. When you do get something that you like it says that the service has been removed. It is slow and antiquated with cumbersome menu selections and low grade movies. Save your 10 bucks buy some popcorn.

  2. This Rabbit TV sucks, it takes at least 2 hours to get it on and then I am to frustrated to watch any thing. If it doesn’t get better I will throw mine away and ask for refund of my money.

  3. Can you install it on two different computers ? and will this work in Canada if I buy it in the USA ?

  4. I have the majic jack phone. When I originally purchased it and installed on my laptop, there was a lot of static and reverb,especially when someone else is on line and surfing.

    I have found that if you have a spare laptop or computer thats not in regular use, it works better. Not saying the same about rabbit tv, I haven’t gotten it yet, just a thought. I would like to see what stations are available though, they don’t seem to have that available. USA,ESPN?

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