R2L Radiation Buster Review

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We live in times where we just can’t do without our mobile phones and Smartphones as they have become our lifelines. But the problem with that is we have to deal with the impact their radiations can have on our health and wellbeing. You might have had no respite from it in the past but not anymore because R2L Radiation Buster offers you a smart solution. Quite simply it converts harmful radiation from cell phones into light. That’s how about 60 to 70 per cent radiation is reduced for your benefit.

How does R2L Radiation Buster Work

While there are products in the market that might make tall claims, R2L Radiation Buster towers high over all of them and that’s because of the research and testing that’s gone into its making. To begin with you will be pleased to find that FCC approved SAR testing methods have been used here. That should tell you a lot about the quality and functionality of R2L Radiation Buster. Another important highlight of using it is that the quality of your call or its clarity will not be affected at any cost. And you will know it’s working because of the light it has.

Now you don’t have to try those tricks like holding the phone away from you, as you see in those phone manuals, to reduce the impact of radiations. Using R2L Radiation Buster will do that easily and offer you and your loved ones the protection you need. R2L Radiation Buster works well for you also because it’s very easy to use and there is no special installation required. Quite simply you need to peel and press to get the job done. You can apply the super thin microprocessor stick on your cell phone and it can be done in a matter of seconds.

R2L Radiation Buster will then be set and ready to reduce radiations from your cell phone by about 70%. You can also use it on mobile phone cases without any difficulty. You can bring R2L Radiation Buster home and keep the impact of cell phone radiations away.



What do I get?

  • 2 R2L Radiation Buster

All this for $19.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling. Official website r2l.com



R2L Radiation Buster Video

5 thoughts on “R2L Radiation Buster Review

  1. 99% certain that this product is complete scam and here is why. The video in the site claims that the thing has been tested, but it’s not with a real-world cell phone tower signal. In a test lab with the phone set to output a fixed amount of power, this thing absorbs some of the RF energy. BUT a phone in the real world adjusts transmit power as instructed by the tower, so if the LED thingy absorbs some RF transmit power, then less power is getting to the tower and the tower will tell the phone to TURN UP its transmit power. That means, at best, this does nothing but help kill your battery, or at worst, might be subject your head to MORE RF, since your phone has to transmit harder to get the same signal to the tower with this thing on the phone.

    • I used to do run the R2L’s content and social media. The guys who ran it still owe me 900 bucks. Plus, their product because the R2Ls are buggy. I was given a box of them and half of them didn’t work or they only lasted a month.

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