ProCellTect Warranty

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What is ProCellTect Warranty? A unique warranty plan for smartphones and tablets. It can be acquired on payment of only $7.99 per month for cover against several problems a gadget can face.

Helps you save big

ProCellTect Warranty claims to offer the best VFM warranty plans for your smartphones and tablets. By opting for ProCellTect Warranty you can be sure that if your smartphone or tablet gets damaged, it will be fixed or replaced without causing any loss or extra charges to you. ProCellTect Warranty offers two low monthly cost plans for you to choose from, viz. payment of $7.99 per month for two years or two easy payments of $49.99 to get the second year free. It protects new and used phones (up to 12 months from date of purchase) and guarantees complete security.

Simple, hassle-free and accommodating

ProCellTect Warranty promises you total support and transparency. It offers protection from the largest number of problems without putting you through complicated procedures.. It requires no processing fees, offers efficient 24 hours customer service, repairs or replacements in just 48 hours and more.

The most affordable plan in the market

ProCellTect Warranty confidently claims that it is the most reasonable plan in the market. If you compare its offers and charges with that of other plans, it scores over them as it offers 365 days of coverage (while others offer only 30 days coverage). Also it has no deductibles like other plans. ProCellTect Warranty plan can also be cancelled anytime you want easily and conveniently.

Covers most causes of damage

ProCellTect Warranty covers the following areas:

  • Broken connector part
  • Dropped phone
  • Water damage
  • All mechanical and electric failures
  • Touch screen or display failure
  • Speaker problem
  • Phone not turning on

Backed by a leading insurance Company with an A.M. Best Rating of “A” “Excellent”

ProCellTect Warranty claims that their programs meet the highest standards set by a leading global insurance organization.


A+ Accredited Business from the Better Business Bureau
ProCellTect`s administrator is accredited with A+ by the prestigious Better Business Bureau.


What do I get?
Enrolle in the ProCellTect Cell Phone Coverage Warranty Plans for just $7.99 per month, for 24 months. Official website

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