Pocket Patch Review

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What is Pocket Patch

Pocket Patch is a patch for your pocket that claims to protect you from the harmful microwaves and radiation of cell phone. Pocket Patch is made of high-grade cotton to give you complete comfort and assures to deflect 90% of the microwaves. It safely adheres to the inside of your pocket to protect you at all times. Pocket Patch is claimed to be machine washable and ideal for just about anyone who carries a cell phone.


How does Pocket Patch work?

Just like you wouldn’t keep a cell phone on flames in your pocket because it would be dangerous, keeping a cell phone without any shield is just as harmful to our body because of the harmful radiation rays. But Pocket Patch assures that its Swiss engineered technology creates a protective shield in the pocket when the patch is inserted. Pocket Patch maintains that all you need to do is iron the patch to the inside of the pocket go give you a barrier that is always protecting your body parts from being cooked.


Save yourself from cancerous radiation rays easily
Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives not just for keeping in touch with family and friends but also for important works. But, not many know that our cell phones emit harmful radiation rays that are the same as those emitted by microwave when it cooks food. Since cell phones are usually in our pockets, it becomes dangerous to keep them because of the radiation. But Pocket Patch promises to protect you from the perils of the microwaves of the cell phone. Pocket Patch proclaims to be made from Swiss engineered technology that can transform your regular pocket into a powerful radiation shield.

Just press Pocket Patch into the inside of your pocket to become safe from microwaves instantly. Pocket Patch promises to safeguard you from the perils of radiation like sub-fertility, infertility, impotence and even something as dangerous as cancer. So you can start protecting yourself and your loved ones by simply ironing a patch inside your pockets.


Deflects up to 99% of cell phone microwaves
Pocket Patch emphasizes that it can successfully deflect a whopping 99.9% of cell phone microwaves. Even though there are cases that are designed to block the microwaves from reaching your body parts, Pocket Patch proclaims that unlike them it does not affect the battery life or functioning of your cell phone in any manner. Pocket Patch states to be useful for just about anyone who carries a cell phone, which means almost all of the people. Pocket Patch declares to be especially useful for growing kids who have just started using cell phones and will continue using them for decades.


Comfortable and Hypoallergenic
Pocket Patch maintains to be machine washable and does not lose its shielding properties on being washed. Pocket Patch also states to be hypoallergenic so practically anyone can safely use it. Proclaiming to be made of high-quality cotton, Pocket Patch assures to be comfortable without causing any adverse reaction on your skin. Pocket Patch convinces to adhere to the inside of your pocket securely and does not affect the look of your clothes because it will remain hidden inside at all times. Pocket Patch convinces to be UCLA-tested so it’s absolutely effective and genuine.


What do I get?
Get 3 Pocket Patches for $19.95 plus $11.90 P&H. Official website: BuyPocketPatch.com


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