Pocket Desktop USB Review

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Today most of us have our important documents, files and personal photographs on our computers. But what happens when your hard drive crashes or your computer is affected by a virus or spyware? You are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to recover your important data when you have a simple solution in front of you. Pocket Desktop is what you need to keep your crucial data safe, protect your computer from virus attacks and keep your privacy too. Pocket Desktop is a revolutionary USB device that comes with its own universal operating system giving you the power of a computer on the go.


Pocket Desktop USB
To use Pocket Desktop you can simply plug it into any computer you are using at the time. Follow a few simple instructions and in a matter of minutes you will have your own safe and functional operating system. You can access all your files, photographs whenever and wherever you want to, without worrying about virus attacks. Pocket Desktop is ideal for working professionals as it keeps their private information secure but you can also use it to play, and surf the web. Your activities will not leave any trace on the computer you use.

The Pocket Desktop has a read only core, which offers you ultimate security when you are surfing the web. What’s more, it gives you unparallel portability as well without the fear of virus and spyware contaminations. This 4GB Pocket Desktop comes loaded with all the important applications that you just can’t do without. However you also have the option of upgrading the storage space if you want to. Good thing about Pocket Desktop is that it is powered by a universal operating system, which means it works well with different Windows operating systems, Mac and Linux systems too.

Get yourself the Pocket Desktop and ensure computer security, privacy and portability all in one go.



What do I get?
You can get the 4 GB Pocket Desktop with 19 programs for $49 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at www.getthekey.com. You can also get Pocket Desktop with more storage space and programs for additional costs.



Pocket Desktop USB Video


6 thoughts on “Pocket Desktop USB Review

  1. When I first saw this product I thought what a clever little idea. It looked like a genuinely cool product, which I was contemplating buying. But what if Pocket Desktop USB did not work like it was said it would? This thought was always at the back of my mind because I have had that experience in the past. And I know what a pain it can be to return these products later. So I thought I will only buy this product after I read reviews about it. But one site after another I was only told what an amazing product this was and how I should be buying it. In fact some of them were so kind as to lead me to purchase page of the product. No thanks; I could smell the rat from a mile. Good thing I found your site, which told me just what the product was all about and it helped me make my decision.

    • We can only imagine the experience you might have had and what a letdown it might seem like. These review sites are completely fake and there’s no point trusting a word of what they have to say. They will only say brilliant things about the product and make you buy it. That’s the reason they have been set up in the first place and it’s a con that’s been doing the rounds. Hopefully search engines will realize this and some action will be taken against them.

  2. This is a scam, you can make your own “pocket desktop” with a free open source application called “unetbootin” and an empty 4GB flash drive ($5-$10 at Walmart). Select a Linux distribution from the list, it’ll automatically download and install. then all you do is boot whatever computer you’d like to use from that flash drive. LiveUSB/LiveCD operating systems have been around for nearly 10 years. don’t waste your money.

    • Wow!! another ignorant basement dweller, First of all, you cannot just buy any 4 GB USB drive from Wal-Mart (another indication of the class of individual who has graced us with his opinion) as the solution requires fixed disk emulation and be partition able into two separate partitions, in which one must be a read/only partition that possess a firmware protected file attributes as part of the solution. Second point, cold booting from external device has been around since DOS and the original IBM PC and had you actually used this device you would have known this device boots from within the native operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) unlike your CDROM or USB solution that you so arrogantly and incorrectly described in your rant, this device is truly cross platform compatible across ten of the most commonly deployed operating systems in the world. As for the open source reference, yes, all Linux based products are open source, but that does not mean that products developed based on a specific Linux distribution, does not contain proprietary and patentable technology as part of their overall solution (Android for an example). This device’s boot loader technology is patented and has been extensively reviewed and approved by the U.S. Patent Office inspectors, as unique technology (not open source) and is not available for sale by any other technology provider, period. Maybe you could borrow some money from your parents and buy one first and use it, before you give us your expert opinion.

  3. Review Pocket Desktop

    Does Pocket Desktop offer you Internet security?

    Does it offer you computer portability?

    Is it convenient for use?

    Does having Pocket Desktop keep your mind at rest?

    Is it good value for money?

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