Playback Polly Review

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We live in a world of information explosion and are constantly bombarded with so many details that we can’t remember everything. If you have been looking for a perfect solution to the problem, get Playback Polly, the incredibly smart flash drive that’ll sort out loads of problems you face. Playback Polly is designed just like a pen drive but is capable of recording and playing back anything most easily and conveniently.

How does Playback Polly Work

Playback Polly is a highly sophisticated flash drive that has a built in digital voice recorder. You need nothing like tapes or batteries to get it to record audio. All you have to do is switch it on to record so that it captures and stores up to 25 hours of audio! Just turn it on and keep it anywhere, including in your own bag to record discreetly. It’s an amazingly simple yet effective way to record audio so that you are relieved of worries about retaining or remembering large chunks of important information.

You can rely on Playback Polly to help you recall whatever you need to but could not listen for any reason. It is very small and records inconspicuously everything like instructions from your doctor, lectures, sermons and more. It retains and stores everything without interrupting or disturbing anyone. There may be no way to get a person to repeat what was said, so the only option is that you record it on a device like Playback Polly and play it at a later time. You can even record your own voice and share it all online. What’s more, it fits perfectly on keychain and is even rechargeable!

Playback Polly is the ideal way for you to record speeches, lectures, instructions and more the incredibly easy way. The tiny USB recorder records it all without the other person being aware of it if you so desire. Playback Polly works independently while recording without the need to connect it to any device. Further, it works with any PC or Mac and no software is required. It plays back everything you record on it without any complicated procedure!



What do I get?
2 Playback Polly USBs for just $19.99 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



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