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You want to capture all those precious moments in life so that you can savour them later. You like to reminiscence about them as well because they become snapshots of memory. And today most of us like to take pictures from our Smartphones because they are with you wherever you go so you don’t miss a single moment. However do you still lose out because of shaky hands that can ruin the picture quality? PicStand promises to offer you a solution from this issue commonly faced. PicStand can hold your smartphone in place while you take top quality pictures and videos. You are never away from a special moment when you have your smarthphone with you, then why waste the opportunity on something as simple as your hand being unsteady that makes you lose out on picture quality?

How does PicStand Work

Your task of shooing a video, especially if it’s a sports match or a performance given by your loved one, is quite hard. You just can’t manage to hold the smartphone steady throughout its entire duration. PicStand says that you don’t have to worry about it anymore because it will do the job for you. Claims suggest that with PicStand you will have the perfect solution for those hazy pictures that you end up regretting later. PicStand also ensures that you won’t be straining your hands trying to hold your smartphone steady for a long time while you shoot a video. No matter how long your child’s music performance goes on or your loved one plays his all important match, you can have it all recorded for posterity; something you can look back and feel proud of.

PicStand can be used to shoot videos, at the same time if you want to click pictures, you can shoot landscapes, portraits and self portraits, without worrying about ruining their quality. PicStand is quite lightweight and easily portable; it collapses to compact size to be put in your purse, pockets or glove boxes too. But it can also extend to 4 feet, whenever you need it. It’s quite versatile as well and works with all types of smartphones. PicStand is adjustable and the patented spring-tension grip means there will be no tired arms as you shoot brilliant pictures and videos. It seems to have all the right features to ensure that you can use it conveniently while making sure the picture and video quality remains undiminished.




What do I get?
1 PicStand
Price – $19.95 + P&H. Official Website



PicStand Video

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