Phone Receiver Bracelet

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Every once in a while there comes a smart device that ticks all the right boxes for you and has you grinning from ear to ear simply because of the imagination that goes into making it. Phone Receiver Bracelet has a lot of imagination and it’s just right for our times as well. We practically cannot do without our phones today and we rely on them wherever we might be. But you know it’s quite rude to be answering your phone or looking at it to see who’s calling when you are at a dinner, social gathering or a work meeting for that matter.

How does Phone Receiver Bracelet Work

Now all women have a smart solution to avoid this situation and it comes in the form of Phone Receiver Bracelet. The interaction you have with your phone will now be completely discreet thanks to this bracelet. You won’t be disturbing a meeting or a conversation by reaching out to your phone to see who is calling because Phone Receiver Bracelet will do the trick for you. The digital display here lets you see the number of the person calling and you can discreetly decide whether you want to answer it in the first place.

Not only has Phone Receiver Bracelet made pre-screening calls a lot easier, it has also made things convenient for you when you are driving. Avoid the risks of getting into trouble when you are in front of the wheel by simply letting the display on the bracelet tell you the identity of the caller. You will find that Phone Receiver Bracelet is packed with many brilliant features and one of them is the fact that it can be connected to practically any phone with the help of a Bluetooth. And the vibration feature means those hard of hearing will get some respite too.

Phone Receiver Bracelet comes with a built in Mic and speakers, which facilitates hands free use without any hassle. What’s more, Phone Receiver Bracelet can also be used to prevent phone loss too because it will vibrate when your phone is more than 16 feet away.



What do I get?
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