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Do low light and small print make your tired eyes strain, don’t turn on the light that would keep your loved one awake all night. You need the Page Brite – the page size magnifying device that brightens and magnifies everything insight. Similar items are sold for over $40, but through this exclusive online offer you can get Page Brite for just $19.99.


Page Brite
Page Brite’s 4 high-powered directional LED lights brighten the entire page. while the optical grade lens magnifies a wide area making words and images up to 3 times bigger instantly relieving eye-strain. Lay Page Brite over newspapers and spread books for on the spot illumination and magnification. Use the “No Slip Clip” to secure the Page Brite for hands-free reading. Keep it in the car to keep the maps easy to follow in the dark.

Take it to school or work, use it in the church. The 4 super bright LED lights stay cool and last up to 5000 hrs. This as seen on tv magnifier is always there to help you with instructions, menus and more. Plus it always stays in place shedding light only where you need it so it is perfect for reading next to sleeping spouses. Page Brite is made of ultra-sleek acrylic, so you can use it as a bookmark and take it anywhere you go. You can even use Page Brite to read important instructions during power outages.



What do I get?

  • 2 Page Brite
  • 2 Page Brite Minis – Use the Page Brite Mini to read menus, medications and more.

2 Page Brites + 2 Page Brite Minis for just $10 + $13.98 s/h. Total amount you will be charged $23.98. Canadian orders will have an additional $3.00 shipping and handling added (all funds are US). NJ/CA will have applicable sales tax. Official website



Page Brite Video


25 thoughts on “Page Brite Review

  1. After 7-Months, ONE of my Page Brite’s has become Distorted (as if it had gotten HOT or something) and will NOT Magnify … Called Customer Service and got a Deaf ear….Very unusual company…

  2. Just a piece of distorted plastic. I will be returning it to Bed Bath and Beyond, for a refund. It is so cheaply made, no way could it cost over $2 to make. Just a piece of junk. Keep you money in your pocket, or buy a magnifying glass.

  3. We ordered PAGE BRITE in October of LAST year, and so far have only received a note stating that they were on back order and would send our order as soon as possible. So, NO ORDER HAS ARRIVED: How do we go about getting our money back, if at all?

    Someone please help. WE are seniors in our seventies, and can hardly spare the funds.

    Thank you,

    Wes & Bea Taylor

  4. I purchased my Page Brite from CVS. You only get ONE for the same price as the ones on TV with the extras. But It isn’t worth the $9.99 if you got a busload. They are distorted pieces of plastic. The lights are a joke. The clip is a joke. You have to turn the thing in different directions to be able to see anything. Overall it is a worthless piece of crap. Overpriced and doesn’t work. Get a real magnifying glass in the eye center of Walmart. It has a nice handle and a led light too.

  5. DO NOT ORDER PAGE BRITE! IT IS A SCAM!! I called the 800# as advertised on TV, put in my credit card number and the automated system hung up on me before I could confirm my order or even get a confirmation order number. Next thing I know I was shipped FOUR page brights and I really only needed one!!!


    10303 Norris Avenue
    Pacoima, CA 91331

    • hi Lita.

      Please can you give me the details manufacturers of Page Brite? its unfortunately you have more than you needed but how well and good does it work?

  6. OK…I got scammed…great lesson for my young son. I think I got the record, beating everyone else on this complaint string though. One Page Brite for $10.00 another FREE! Just pay S&H right? So use your math skills……$95.13. Almost $50 for S&H….I still don’t see how they get to the $95 but who cares…?! They should be ashamed!

  7. We received these Page Brite units in the mail today. Their charge was $20 each, for $40 for two units. Add to this, they added $43.92 for shipping and handling! That comes to $41.96 each.

    Walgreens sells this same exact unit for $9.99.

    I contacted “Chris” at 1-866-744-6835, who after complaints about gauging agreed to credit full return amount after I return the units. We’ll see if they do.

  8. PageBrite is a poor quality magnifier, with LED lights don’t fall for it. Get a regular reading glasses or magnifier from Walmart.

  9. Page Brite doesn’t even work! I removed the tabs and the bulbs (if those are really bulbs) don’t light up at all….. Cheap! Probably cost under 2 bucks to produce. Don’t waste your time or $$$….

  10. DO NOT ORDER FROM PAGEBRITE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!! I ordered this for my elderly mother as a Christmas gift on December 13 – on December21 I FINALLY got a person on the phone who told me that they were over-whelmed and would be shipping my mom’s gift “shortly” – meaning, who knows when. I mentioned that it would have been nice for some notification – but the person clearly didn’t care. I got a cancellation number and I will be checking my credit card bill closely to make sure I am not charged.

  11. I ordered the Page Brite by telephone, but got so impatient after a half hour on the phone with a disembodied voice trying to sell me one thing after the other, I hung up. However, they already had my visa card number, address and said they would send a confirmation to this email address. Are you a scam? We never did get a confirmation and I wonder if we ever will get the product. I am thinking about putting a cancel on the whole thing. How can I do that? Just contact visa? If they are trying to get you to buy more by keeping you on the phone like that, they sure are going about the wrong way. They just make people mad. Who told companies that way of handling people works? I will never deal with them again.

    • Nancy, the system automatically hung up on me without knowledge that my order had gone through and no confirmation number. If they send you double or more what you intended to order (like they did to me) I hope you have a chance to refuse the shipment.

  12. This Page Brite is such a pain to use to read a book. There is no way that it is comfortable to use, having to move it this way and that to be able to read. I wish I would’ve looked at it first better before I bought it! The magnifier in it seems off at different times. Maybe maps and such would be ok, but that isn’t what I wanted it for.

  13. My mother has serious macular degeneration. We ordered her the PageBrite almost 5 months ago. I call them every 7-10 days and they assure me it is coming. WELL IT HASN’T. They have taken our credit card info and we are now stuck waiting and listening to 5 false delivery dates.
    does anybody know what to do?

  14. The TV ad says $10 plus handling. A second Page Brite FREE! But is this one of those scams where you pay the ten bucks and another eight dollars for “Shipping and Handling” and then they hit you with another eight for the second “FREE” one? That’s a total of $26. Since actual UPS shipping charges would probably be no more than five bucks for the both of them, that means you’re actually paying $21 or $10.50 apiece.

    Don’t fall for it.

  15. Page Brite doesn’t work. I just bought one at HEB and will have to drive the ____ miles back to HEB to return it. Lights do not light. Yes, I did remove the green tabs… all three. Yes, it doesn’t work.

  16. by the time you pay the inflated 2nd shipping charge added to your order you are not really getting a bargain.

    • We ordered a total of 12 ounces of product for $36.97, and $30.87 for S/H. Our debit card was charged $67.71 for 2 Page Brites. Ridiculous!! It was shipped via something called SPOST GSI. Yet our postman delivered it. Page Brite’s complaint # is 866-744-6835. I’m still looking into the excessive S/H. They should let people know it will be that much!

  17. i ordered your page brite offer as seen on tv, buy one get one.
    i have never received confirmation for this order. order #
    is 6676673. please advise. thanks

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