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What is Osmo

An iPad peripheral that has a set of games combining real toys with the virtual games to turn your kid’s obsession with the iPad into an educational activity.

Combine real toys and virtual games for kids

Osmo promises that no parent will lament the fact that their kid is glued to his iPad all the time instead of playing with real toys. Kids these days only like playing virtual games and it is worrying because these games do nothing but have the kids stay by themselves playing mindless virtual games. But the iPad peripheral Osmo claims to bring the two worlds of real toys and virtual gaming together to encourage interactions, social intelligence and creative thinking while keeping the kid entertained so that you are unworried and your kids stay happy. It convinces that the kid won’t be bored with the games in just a day but play the games for months.


Easy to set up and play

Osmo states that it is easy to start playing with it on an iPad. All you need to do is place the iPad on the stand, and fix the red block, which is the reflector or specially designed mirror, on the camera, which then renders the actions of the kids in the real world into the digital environment. Then download the game after opening the App Store on the iPad, open the game and start playing. It then uses lettered tiles, colored blocks and even action figures to form three kinds of games – Newton where you build structures, Words that is like Scrabble and you spell the words appearing on the screen and Tangram to make physical geometric pieces to make figures on the screen.


Encourages social interactivity and creative thinking

What Osmo proclaims makes it even more worthwhile is the fact that the kids will touch the screen much lesser and instead play with real objects. It also alleges to ensure the kids won’t be hunched over the iPad blocking the rest of the world out but instead invite more friends for play dates thereby being beneficial in encouraging social interactivity. Osmo also convinces to enhance spatial, interpersonal and motor skills. Osmo claims to not require electronics, battery or internet or WiFi connection to start playing the game. Even if you visit their grandparents where there’s unlikely to be internet or WiFi, they can just open the iPad and play. You and your parents can also join in the play since it makes for interesting activity for anyone who is 6 years and above. Because of this Osmo claims to also encourage team play and kids will be using their brains while playing when you want some ‘me time’ for yourself.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Osmo for $49+$8 S&H
  • Official website: playosmo.com
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