Optic 6000

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Are you an avid bird watcher or a wild life enthusiast? Want to catch each moment of the exciting sporting event or reach for the stars in the night sky? Then get yourself the Optic 6000, the high powered telescope that will let you see things clearly even those that are miles and miles away.

How does Optic 6000 Work

With its high-quality optics the telescope will let you see everything with great precision no matter how far and how minute because the true magnification is as much as 6000% powerful. So you will feel the birds, boats, stars, airplanes or even your favorite sporting star will be within your touch! You can even keep an eye on your kids on a beach trip without invading on their space.

The Optic 6000 telescope lets you catch the action no matter in what direction it is going with its directional lever that lets you pan smoothly and easily in right, left or up and down direction. You also do not have to worry about the rainy weather or snow and take the telescope out on every outdoor adventure since Optic 6000 is lightweight to be carried around easily and robust enough to survive difficult conditions. The telescope also has a rubberized body that is shockproof and weatherproof and attached lens cover that is very strong so you can carry it around on the beach, in the forest, or the mountains with confidence.

You will get absolutely shake-free viewing of everything you want to watch with Optic 6000’s tripod mount that gives it perfect stability. With the magnificent magnification you can see the wild animals’ in their natural and unrestrained behavior. See the stars you haven’t seen before in any book and enjoy the game in the stadium even if you are seated right at the back.


What do I get?

1 Optic 6000 Telescope. 30 day money back guarantee. Price – $59.95 + $12.95 S&H Total Amount $72.9. Official Website Optic6000.com

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