NetTalk Duo Review

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The VOIP technology is a constantly evolving one and the NetTALK DUO is the amazing new innovation in VOIP technology. This portable communications device not only enables you to make free calls through any broadband internet connection but also does away with the tedious need for monthly bills or contracts. So, you have the advantage of making free unlimited calling within USA and Canada along with free worldwide DUO to DUO calls. To top it off, the features of the NetTALK Duo are clearly unrivaled within the VOIP industry.



The NetTalk Duo is fully compatible with Faxing, dial-up VPN/ISPs and Satellite providers and you have the option of using it with or without a computer, so now you can comfortably conduct business even when you are away from the office. It doesn’t hamper the functioning of the computer even if you use it in conjunction with your PC. Whenever the need arises multiple components can be plugged into the device at the same time. It’s amazingly simple to setup and activate as the NetTALK DUO has a literally plug-n-play usage. It is completely travel friendly as the DUO is pocket sized and the epitome of portability so it works for you even if you need to travel a lot, to keep in touch with family as well as your work. The NetTalk Duo has free phone features too and you are able to obtain a free local phone number.

netTalk Duo Frequently Asked Questions

What is this product?
It’s the new generation VoIP device from netTalk that can connect directly to a router’s Internet connection or a computer. Now you can make free local and long distance calls in the US and Canada and get many amazing features like directory assistance without monthly bills.

What is TK6000?
It was the first generation VoIP device from netTalk and has an exclusive LIFETIME call plan that’s valid through the life of TK6000.

What are Duo’s features?
Free local and long distance calls in the US and Canada, free service, live support, no monthly costs, easy setup, clear call quality, call waiting, visual voicemail, call forwarding are just some of the many brilliant features of the Duo.

Does one have to leave their computer on?
Not at all; Duo connects to a router directly. When you are on the go and can’t access your router, your computer’s Internet connection can be used through the USB port.

Does netTalk sell personal information to marketing companies?
Not at all and no spyware will be loaded into your computer either.

Is there an awkward headset involved?
You can simply plug in your home phone and enjoy superb voice quality.

Can calls me made anywhere in the US and Canada for free?
Yes, absolutely.

Can one make International calls?
Yes and at competitive rates too. All you need to do is buy prepaid credits from the account manager.

Are the free calls only to other Duo devices?
In the US and Canada, calls to any phone is free, while you can call a DUO anywhere in the world for free.

How does one get a phone number?
Once you get your Duo, you have to activate it and register on the official website to get a new number.

Will I be charged for the directory assistance service?
The directory assistance service, 411 is absolutely free.

Can 911 calls be made from a Duo?
Duo supports E911 service but your Online Customer Account Manager has to be updated with your present address.

Is it tricky to set up Duo?
Not at all; it’s all about plug and play. Within minutes of getting your device you can be making calls.

How much does it cost?
You can make free calls in the US and Canada for $69.95 throughout the first year of service. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Can Duo be used with fax machines?
Most definitely but remember the fax machine should be able to support a VoIP device.

Is the Duo portable?
It’s compact and can be taken with you wherever you go. As long as there is a high speed Internet connection around, Duo can be used anywhere in the world.

Can the Duo be used with a computer?
Certainly; you have to download the latest USB driver and connect Duo to your computer with the help of the USB cable provided.

Can one get a Canadian number if the Duo is bought from a US retailer?
Unfortunately not; to get a Canadian number you will have to get in touch with Canadian retailers.


How does NetTalk Duo work?
Say goodbye to your monthly bills and hello to free calling through the netTALK DUO! Get rid of your landline at home and office and replace it with netTALKs amazing new technology. All you need is an internet connection and a phone. Other devices require a computer which might turn off or even crash at an inconvenient time; and then you won’t have a phone service. The netTALK DUO is simple to connect and you can do so in just two basic steps. It offers you free nationwide calling throughout USA and Canada. All calling features like voice-mail, call waiting, 3-way calling, 411 Directory Assistance and enhanced 919, are free for you. It is extremely portable, so you can carry it when you travel outside USA and have the convenience of placing free calls back home. If you have family and friends living abroad who are netTalk users, you can talk as long as you want with them, because net call to net calls are always free. Remember, with netTALK DUO, you will have no need to rely on computers, they will be no monthly bills to be paid or contracts to be signed; you will also get free nationwide calling within USA and Canada. You can now experience communication to freedom and net talk clarity with netTALK DUO!

netTALK DUO connection to your computer
For those of you, who are fed up of paying monthly bills and signing contracts, the VOIP technology is an attractive one. The netTALK DUO uses this technology with or without the computer. For those of you who need to connect to your computer for better efficacy and communication with your family and friends as well as business associates, you have to simply follow the following steps to get netTALK DUO connection to your computer. The netTALK DUO kit consists of a USB cable, AC Adapter, DUO Device and Ethernet Cable. You will also need your computer and telephone.

In Step1, you have to go to and download the DUO USB Driver; but do not plug in your computer as of now. Now you have to simply follow the step by step installation process. In Step 2, when you are prompted, just restart your computer. You should be able to see a new orange netTalk icon on the Windows taskbar, at the bottom of the screen. In Step 3, simply connect your telephone into the “TEL” port on the DUO. Finally, in Step 4, you have to connect the USB cable into the “MINI USB” port on the opposite side of the DUO and connect the other end of the black USB cable to a PC USB port. You should, now, be able to see the netTalk icon turn blue. After the Duo registers, it will ring once. You should be able to hear a dial tone and receive calls on the netTALK DUO.

netTALK DUO connection to your router
If you are fed up of paying monthly bills and signing contracts, the VOIP technology is an attractive one. Many are joining this communication bandwagon which caters to their various needs. You can get to experience communication to freedom and net talk clarity with the netTALK DUO! The netTALK DUO uses this technology with or without the computer.

For those of you who need the router facility for better efficacy and communication with your family and friends as well as business associates, you have to simply follow the following steps to get netTALK DUO connection to your router. The netTALK DUO kit consists of a USB cable, AC Adapter, DUO Device and Ethernet Cable. You will also need the Router and your telephone. In step 1, you have to connect the grey Ethernet cable into the “ETH” port on DUO and connect the other end into an available Ethernet port on your router. Step 2 involves connecting the black “USB” cable into the “MINI USB port” on the opposite side of the DUO. Then you need to connect the AC Adapter to the other end of the black USB cable and finally connect to a convenient power outlet. After the DUO registers, it will ring once. You should now, be able to hear a dial tone and be able to place and receive calls on the netTALK DUO.



What do I get?
1 NetTalk Duo USB Unit



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


NetTalk Duo Video

netTALK DUO connection to you router


17 thoughts on “NetTalk Duo Review

  1. As a victim of Net talk and NetTALK’s CEO, Takis Kyriakides at 1080 NW 163RD DRIVE SUITE B-4 MIAMI FL 33169, all you need to know about this Company is what other customers said on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB pie chart for customer reviews shows 90.31% DISAPPROVE and only 9.09% approve. I wish I had gone there first before I lost my investment in two separate Net Talk Duo units that were defective out of the box, and suffered thru 2 weeks of aggravating online typing to non existent customer service that never solved my problem, stopped emailing me, and left me stuck with a loss of considerable money and time. I am currently filing complaints with the FCC online at and also with the SEC at since they are a publicly traded company. I hope other victims will do the same.

  2. If you are considering this product try calling them at (305) 621-1200. They answer the phone but your wait will be forever to talk to anyone. They only work 6 hours a day 10:00AM to 4:00 PM. After trying several times for over 2 hours each time I gave up. Once they get your money for the service they don’t care to talk to you. I would rank them as the worst company I have ever tried to deal with. BEWARE!

  3. I was on for two days trying to talk to a customer service for technical support and never got anyone on line. I am returning the device and going back to my magic jack.

  4. I set up the net talk duo, and everything was great for a few weeks. After being confident in this service, I sent out all of my advertising for my business($2300 bucks worth) on this number on Wednesday April17, 2013 and the service has been down since. Try to get a hold of them,good luck. Now their offices are staying closed, with a worthless explanation. I am hopefully going to port my # over to magic jack, the reliable service. This service sucks and they won’t reimburse me my money.

  5. Just wanted to add that the star activation codes can be found on under “tech tips”. It’s the last item on the list.

  6. I had trouble with my duo 2 for the last 8 months or so. I would have to unplug power from the thing and plug it back in. Green light would come on for about 4-8 hours then turn red and I couldn’t make calls. Last night I discovered the “Star activation codes” and checked some of them, like the outgoing calls one and do not disturb one and now it stays green and works fine. If you are having trouble go to the Nettalk website and get the list of *activation codes and check that. These are not in the setup information that comes with the device so you have to hunt them up on the website. This solved my problem, hopefully it will yours too.

  7. I’m 85 years old and this Net Talk Duo is nothing but junk! I’m talking to my son and then the phone line goes dead. One of my other sons drove just over an hour to try and help me fix the service. He called Net Talk and was placed on hold for a long time. This company seems to be under staffed and the people in Customer Service Department are not well trained either. Every time a call is made to them they tell you something different. One person says to turn the unit off and turn it back and another person there says to turn it off for at least 10 seconds. My stress level is not handling this situation well and this Net Talk service is terrible and unreliable. Anyone that sees this is warned DO NOT BUY into this service or product. Like I said before NetTalk is junk and worthless. I’m thinking of going back to Comcast. It costs more but, at least it works. I would ask NetTalk to call me but, how can they? My phone service doesn’t work! I’m using my sons computer to write this email message right now!!!

  8. This is a great product if you are un-employed. 3 times now I have spent 3 hours on hold to speak to a tech support …1. caller 35 disconnected when I was caller 1 at 180 minutes….2. caller 31 disconnected when tech support came on line and verified all the information from the trouble ticket I submitted but still haven’t heard back on….3. caller 43 again disconnected at 178 minutes when I was caller 10.

    Tech support did ask then email me for a number to call me back on other than the net talk number. Unfortunately I can’t access my system from someone else’s house and who can afford to spend 3 hours on hold with a cell number????And yes he was kind of surprised to find out that one of my problems was ongoing from last August when they told me would be resolved in 48 hours. And no I’m not a total idiot I did try everything I could find on line including what the automated message told me to try and then asked me individual questions about trying before I spent 3 hours holding. You would think that if you spend 3 hours on hold they might get the idea you have a problem and maybe try to help you or call you back or at least respond to their trouble tickets which they haven’t answered one yet…ever! Now it’s Friday night and I’ve been trying since Monday and they won’t be open till next Monday 9-5 on some eastern time and I will spend the weekend looking to spread my displeasure to other would be customers who think they might like to give it a chance. Oh and by the way majic jack sent me an email offering the majic jack plus at half off for a limited time.

  9. Buyer beware. If you pay for cheap phone service that is exactly what you will get. When Nettalk does firmware updates automatically your unit can be fried or deactivated and you may not get a replacement or refund. On April 7, 2012 they did an update that deactivated or fried thousands of units. It took me 5 days just to finally get through to get something done about it. I have had my unit about 8 months. Their customer service is horrible…. just absolutely horrible. No one seems to know what they are doing or even how to help you. You are lucky if you actually get someone on the phone you can understand. I will get a replacement about 17 days after the original unit went dead. If something happens to your replacement you are SOL according to their policy. You may want to get a free sipgate account and use it with google voice or use a sipgate account with a Linksys pap2 VOIP unit. And as horrible as Magic Jack is they are even better than Nettalk. I have had them all. You can fax with sipgate.

  10. My duo occasionally quit on me. There are times when you have dial tone and the call not going through. The status light blinks green and change to red at a 30 sec. interval, is this normal.

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