netTalk Duo WiFi Review

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Are you tired of paying exorbitant monthly bills for your phone connection? Do you want to experience the ultimate freedom in communications? Then you need netTalk Duo WiFi, a smart and easy way to stay connected with your friends, family and work connections all over the world. With netTalk Duo WiFi you can get rid of the telephone cords at home and experience the freedom of making free calls anywhere in the US and Canada. What’s more, you can also make International calls at minimal rates, which will bring a smile to your face.


netTalk Duo WiFi
netTalk Duo WiFi is a VoIP telephone device that offers you brilliant versatility. It connects directly through your router or computer for that matter. Hence you could be anywhere in the world, but if you are close to high speed Internet connection, you can use your netTalk Duo WiFi and stay connected with your loved ones. This sleek and smart device has many other sensational features that make communications a lot easier. For starters you get enhanced 911 and 411 features for directory assistance. And you don’t even have to pay any additional costs for it.

netTalk Duo WiFi offers you many other brilliant features too; like call conferencing and video voicemail for example. Caller Id, call waiting and call forwarding are some of the other features you look for, and they are all present here. netTalk Duo WiFi is very easy to setup for your convenience and you get 24×7 technical support, which makes your life easier as well. Importantly you get a year’s free service, which makes this offer simply irresistible. Now you can get versatile calling options at your fingertips with amazing features to boot without any monthly costs and contracts thanks to netTalk Duo WiFi, which is a must have for every home.



What do I get?
You can get netTalk Duo WiFi and a year’s free service with your offer for $64.95 plus taxes at For every additional year you pay only $29.95.



netTalk Duo WiFi Video
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6 thoughts on “netTalk Duo WiFi Review

  1. I bought a new laptop with windows 8, the net talk will not operate with window OS. save your money and do not purchase a nettalk duo for windows 8.

  2. I have the netTALK Duo Wifi
    1. Setup software and Manuals are available online
    2. Easy to get operational
    3. crystal clear voice com

    1. Customer Support is focused on newbie level support
    2. Firmware upgrades are required from netTALK.
    3. My netTALK device loses dial tone and connection after
    serveral hours of non use. I haven’t isolated window of
    time when my device goes to sleep and require a reset
    to resume operational status.
    4. netTalk Tech Support has twice told me that I needed
    a level 2 tech to push a firmware upgrade to my device
    from their server when I contacted them by phone. Both
    times I was disconnected when I was 4th customer in
    the customer’s waiting queue.

    Solution: Make a the latest firmware available for download from the netTalk site. Provide a small utility app
    to install the downloaded firmware upgrade. Why hasn’t it been done? Because in order to be able use a downloaded firmware upgrade utility their drivers need to work for the Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. NetTalk has made a debugged driver available for download however it doesn’t for Windows 8 Pro. I use Windows 8 Pro. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. The second time I was put on hold as caller 31, I drove my son to work, watched let’s make a deal. Watched the price is right. Had lunch. Took a shower which included shaving my legs and giving myself a full pedicare. Gave my cat a bath and had a nap! The tech support came online and after wasting more time reviewing the information he already had including the trouble ticket I had submitted 4 months ago and still haven’t gotten a response to he asked me for a number other than my nettalk wifi number to call me back on when I informed him their system was doing a countdown to disconnection as it disconnects at 180 minutes (3 hours). I told him no as my cell is pay by the minute and I’m not paying for a 3 hour cell call! He did email and ask me for another number. I gave him my sisters number and he still hasn’t called it!!! That was 5 1/2 hours ago!!! Oh I did call him back from the net talk to be caller 43 and then left to visit my seriously ill mother at the hospital in another city and got home in time to hear that I was caller 14 and they would be disconnecting in 31 seconds as yes it had been 3 hours again. Instead of wasting your money on this product get a match and burn your money…it will be less frustrating and way more satisfying. I’d send them an email but to where??

  4. Does it really work as shown on the TV? – hell no

    Do you think netTalk Duo WiFi is a scam? – very much so

    Do you recommend this product? – they never never never answer call at tech support they put you on hold for hours. I held on until I was second and it went from your call will be answered in six minutes to your call will be answered in 72 minutes how is that possible?

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