Nano Charger XT

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What is Nano Charger XT:

It is a small and compact USB charger that claims to help you charge quickly whenever you need it.
Nano Charger XT promises to help all users who can’t do without their mobile devices, laptops etc at any point. These devices have become your lifelines and them running out of charge is just not an option for you. That’s why you often have to carry bulky and awkward chargers that can become a huge problem for you. Moreover you have to contend with frayed wires that can render them useless over time. But Nano Charger XT claims to offer you a handy and quick solution.


Nano Charger XT and its true secret

The secret of the Nano Charger XT lies in its ingenious compact technology that makes it so powerful, according to its claims. It’s because of this technology that you get lightning quick USB 2.0 high speed charging. Now if you are in a rush to charge any of your devices then you can do that in a jiffy with this charger. Nano Charger XT also comes handy when you have to upload or download photos, music or just about anything you want with ease.


Nano Charger XT has several applications for you on a regular basis

Do you often have to work while you are on the go and need your laptops to be charged up? Nano Charger XT ensures that it’s easily possible and that too without you having to carry those bulky chargers. This charger can also be used smartly at work to add to your efficiency. It makes sense for youngsters who might want to use it to school, and it can be used in the car as well. Nano Charger XT stresses that it’s quite versatile and works with all devices; from Androids to iPhones, iPads, other tablets and Windows Phones too.

Nano Charger XT has been smartly designed

Nano Charger XT is very sleek and you will have no issues carrying it with you wherever you go. It has a Quick Connect Clip, which ensures that it can be attached to your key chain, backpack or bracelet for that matter. It stays high on functionality as well because it connects to just about any USB power source for your convenience. Nano Charger XT emphasizes that it’s flip in and out design makes sure it protects connections too.

Nano Charger XT is meant for your overall convenience

How often have you lost your charger or had it stolen for that matter? It can be a huge nuisance that can be avoided with the help of Nano Charger XT. That’s because it can be easily attached to your keychain or anywhere you want. Nano Charger XT has also been designed in a way that it is extremely compact. In fact, it is more or less the size of two quarters. Thus it can fit easily into your pocket or purse with ease and can be taken with you everywhere.


What Do I Get?

  • You get 1 Black &1 White Nano Charger XT and the Quick Connect Clip plus a USB Car Charger, for $14.99plus $11.9 P&H.
  • Official website:
  • 3 thoughts on “Nano Charger XT

    1. as a matter of fact, neither does the “OneCharger” by new easy. no websites tell of its output..

    2. It claims to charge iPads and tablets but I can’t find any website that specifies the power output? My iPhone can charge on a 5W output but my iPad Pro requires a 12W. What does this gadget put out?

      • I agree. I have been searching the internet for 2 hours now and have yet to find a website that discloses its power output..not even in mAH format..I too require different output strengths and really WANT to know this information before I purchase it.

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