MYboom Review

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What is MYboom

It is a wireless, portable, compact speaker that claims to let you make the most of your device’s sound so that you can hear it from a distance too.

MYboom guarantees you top quality, loud sound without having to invest in those heavy-duty expensive speakers. Today many of us prefer to listen to music through our portable devices. But the problem lies in the speakers of these devices, which only give out a faint sound. This wireless speaker asserts that you can now transform that sound into fantastic quality without any hassle. MYboom reviews are still awaited to confirm this claim.

Portable sound system for big sound

This is a portable sound system to upgrade the audio from all the popular devices that we use today. It stresses on the fact that it is Bluetooth enabled, which is why it can be connected to any of your devices wirelessly. We hope your MYboom reviews will give us more insight into this. In fact, this speaker emphasizes that it works with Smartphones, computers and tablets with equal ease. What’s more, it can be connected from up to 80 feet away. This seems like a lofty claim that we have to corroborate after going through MYboom reviews.

But the biggest highlight of this speaker is that it claims to fill the room with 84 decibels of rich and high fidelity sound. Thus you can listen to music when unwinding on your own or when you have a party with friends. What did you make of the sound this speaker gives out? Tell us in your MYboom reviews.

Features for your convenience

You might want to listen to music at home, in your office or when travelling. Since this speaker is portable you can take it with you wherever you go. One of its other uses is that you can make hands free phone calls if you want. Is this speaker system so versatile? We await MYboom reviews to find out more about it. This is a small, compact sized speaker that can easily slip into your backpack or purse according to its claims. Thus you won’t have any trouble carrying it with you. Is the speaker of a handy size? We would appreciate you telling us in your MYboom reviews.

MYboom reviews can also talk about the advantage of it being rechargeable, which means you don’t need batteries.

What do I get?

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