My Zone Headphone Review

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For every time you wanted to listen to the television and she didn’t want to and when you couldn’t hear a program because the kids were making too much noise, there is a solution to keep everyone happy! The amazing MyZone Headphones is a wireless television headphone that gives you the freedom to listen to the television at the volume you want. With MyZone Headphones, only you hear the sound, so you won’t disturb others and it also helps cancel noises so that you hear every word perfectly without being disturbed. MyZone Headphones gives you complete control over sound so that there is no arguing over the volume!


How does My Zone Headphones work?

It gives you a true movie theater experience because MyZone Headphones surrounds you with stereo sound and you get to watch movies the way it was meant to be heard, without a large sound system. It is almost as if you are right in the middle of live action while watching sports. MyZone Headphones are adjustable with soft, cushioned earpieces that are super comfortable and designed to give you the best listening experience.

Best of all, the My Zone Headphones install in seconds, so you can begin enjoying your new surround sound even faster! All you have to do is just connect the MyZone Headphones base to the audio route on your television. The wireless transmitter works with all televisions and transmits up to 100 feet, so you can stay tuned to your favorite television program, even if you go into another room or outside!

My Zone Headphone is the one headphone you will need. You can use it to listen to your favorite football game while doing chores around your house.

If you have a home recording studio you can use one pair there to record songs and do whatever you need to do because nobody will ever get disturbed.

The headphones have a soft lining and are comfortable to wear. There are no cords attached so you are free to move around the house and to do what you want to do while listening to your favorite sound tracks.

My Zone Headphones Frequently Asked Questions

Are My Zone Headphones compatible with old TV sets?
Yes they are since older TV sets have Audio Output jacks at the back, which can be used to plug in My Zone Headphones.


Getting started with My Zone Headphones:
For starters, you need to insert two AAA batteries in the appropriate compartment on the headset. Two AAA batteries are also needed for the wireless base unless of course you want to use the power AC adapter. Once batteries are inserted, you can turn the level found on the side of the wireless base to “Wireless Earphones”. Audio output cables should then be connected into Audio “Out” jacks at the front or back of the TV set depending on the model. Press the power button on the wireless base and wait for the red LED indicator light to come on. Press “Reset” and the “Scan” button once till you hear the TV station. For best results, you need to place wireless base close to where you sit.


Reasons you could get Radio transmissions instead of hearing your TV and how to get around them?
There could be few different reasons; having a cordless phone or modem on the same outlet could be one of them as it causes major interference. The problem can be fixed by changing the channel on the cordless phone till you hear the desired frequency. Often cordless phones take over frequency required to hear wireless transmissions since they have stronger signals. You also need to remember that you cannot use old or mixed batteries in either the wireless base or the headset as it can reduce signal strength and as a result My Zone Headphones won’t work to their optimum.


What do you do if you can’t hear the station you are tuned into?
You need to press “Reset” and “Scan” buttons one after another till you can hear the station you are tuned into. In some cases you will have to mute your TV because some sets are used only for audio.

Will I experience interference due to the background noise when I have My Zone Headphones on?
Since My Zone Headphones have noise cancellation technology, you will hear everything clearly.


Batteries needed for My Zone Headphones
You will need AAA batteries for your My Zone Headphones.


My Zone Headphones Instructions:
With the help of My Zone Headphones you will not miss your favorite TV show even for a second and be able to listen to it even when you move to a different room and that too at the volume you want to. By following a few simple instructions and installation tips, you can enhance your private listening experience even further.


Safety Information

  • All safety and installation instructions should be read before using the device.
  • Hearing damage can be caused due to extended use of headphones and it’s a good idea to listen at lower volumes.
  • The device is not meant for children less than 10 years of age.
  • My Zone Headphones should not be used while driving or working with machinery where you need to give your complete attention.


What does My Zone Headphones system include?

  • Wireless Headphones
  • Wireless Transmitter with audio cable

Right in the beginning, you need to insert two AAA batteries in headphones and two AA batteries in the wireless transmitter to get started.


Installing batteries in the headphones
You can locate the battery compartment at the base of right earpiece, which will be marked by ‘R’. Slide the cover off and place two AAA batteries inside before sliding the cover back on.

Note: It’s a good practice to turn Headphones OFF when not in use to conserve battery.


Installing batteries in wireless transmitter
The battery compartment is at the bottom of the wireless transmitter. Lift the cover off, by pushing the tab back. Insert two AA batteries in the right direction and push the cover back in its place till it clicks.

Note: The wireless transmitter should always be turned off when not in use to conserve batteries.


Connecting Wireless Transmitter to the TV
The audio cables found at the back of the wireless transmitter should be connected to audio-out jacks on your TV by matching red and white cables with jacks of corresponding colors.

Note: You will get optimum reception if the cables are pulled back straight and there are no coils or tangles in them.


Turning on the wireless transmitter
You need to place the wireless transmitter on a smooth, flat surface and turn it on using the on/off switch.

Note: Wireless transmitter should be kept in plain sight for best reception.

Warning: Before using the headphones you should turn the TV volume down to avoid any hearing damage.


Adjusting the headphones
Once you have placed the headphones on your ears they can be adjusted to fit your head better. You have to just pull down on each earpiece till it fits perfectly on your ear.


Switching on the headphones

  • The left earpiece has an on/off dial and you need to turn the dial slowly till it clicks.
  • As you gradually increase the volume on the headphones you will either hear a buzzing sound or your local FM station.


Tuning headphones to the TV

  • Press Reset
  • By pressing “Scan” button once, you should be able to hear your TV through your headphones.

Note: If the TV cannot be heard, you will have to press ‘Scan’ a few more times.


How to use the FM Radio?

  • The transmitter button should be in off position.
  • The on/off dial on the left earpiece should be turned until it clicks.
  • Slowly raise the volume on the headphones so that you hear a buzzing sound or your local FM station.
  • Press Reset once.
  • Press Scan till you find the FM station you are looking for.


Cleaning your headphones
You can clean them by wiping down the vinyl part of the earpiece cushions with a damp cloth.

Caution: Only wipe the vinyl part of the earpiece and make sure you don’t wet headphone speakers as it can cause electrical damage.


Care and Storage

  • My Zone Headphones should not be stored in extreme cold or heat.
  • To ensure optimum speaker function, exposure to liquids and high humidity should be avoided.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
2 MyZone Headphones for just $19.99 + $11.98 s and h. Official (Telebrands) Offer.

143 thoughts on “My Zone Headphone Review

  1. Just received my MyZone wireless head phone yesterday, spent must my evening trying to get them to work! I tried 4 different TV’s. and all I get is static or the radio! Bummer!!!

  2. Just received My Zone wireless TV headphones from my Amazon purchase. Followed all directions including connecting to the output ports on my CableBox. RESET, then SCANned, a few times to receive the TV station output, each time I TURNED ON the units.

    I do receive the TV Audio Output, However! THE PROBLEM.

    BUT, like an old 1960’s portable radio I have to keep turning my head ( with the headset on) approximately 110 degrees from the transmitter to reduce the static and keep a clear signal.

    Any Suggestions. I don’t want to watch TV reflected in a mirror.

    (1) Turning the transmitter doesn’t seem to work.
    (2) Increasing the distance from the transmitter doesn’t seem to work.
    (3) Direct line of sight, straight line of sight between headphones and transmitter doesn’t seem to work. Only turning the headset more than 90 degrees seems to work.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions.


  3. I followed your instructions on connecting MY zone headphone to TV, but I still cannot hear anything coming from headphones. I hit scan several times. Thank you

    • If you have a cable company do not connect the red and white cables to the tv, instead connect them to the receiver of the cable provider.

  4. For anyone who’s been frustrated getting only radio stations there is an excellent review/article on Amazon that fixes the problem. It does NOT require rewiring, buying parts or chanting Zen (LOL)…it IS the answer to your problem. Go to:

    After 9 months of frustration – and dusting the blasted things because I was going to make them work come hell or high water this answer got the headset working in 5 min. Good luck

    • Pleas post a brand/model of power supply that will support the transmitter. I have several 5 volt power supplies, but the jacks do not fit. Thanks.

  5. I would like to say that I have tried several of the Sonic Hearing items that are shown on TV. I purchased the MyZone Headphones at Office Depot for $9.99. The work great hooked to My Dish system. The only problem that I have is that I had to hook the transmitter up to the back of my receiver, since the TV that I have in the bedroom does not have audio out jacks.

    There is a problem with the system hooked up this way, they cause interference with the Dish Remote. So I am having to go through the process of changing the address of the remote.

  6. Great product! My sister gave me a set of My Zone headphones for Christmas, almost as a joke. She bought everyone a “As seen on TV” gift. She saved my marriage. I like to sleep with the TV on, all night. This has been a battle in my house for years and my husband recently began to snore. Many nights one of us ended up on the couch, I left because of the snoring, he left because the TV was disturbing him.
    Two problems-one solution. These headphones were easy to hook up and easy to use. I love them, I need to order the AC-adapter, but for now I keep extra batteries for use in the system.

  7. Back in June of last year we ordered your headphones… Took 3 months to get them, they didn’t work. Sent them back, wanted replacement. This is July 2012, I have been expecting the headphones, finally took to tracking the order. Found out today that your company credited me with $22 dollar credit, not the $36 paid in the beginning of the whole ordeal. Why you didn’t send new ones, then kept over $12 dollars of the original amount paid! Such a scam!!

  8. This product does not work on newer TV’s. Newer TV’s do not have an Audio output to use MyZone headphones.

    • MyZone Headphones work, you just need a 3.5mm Stereo Male To 2X RCA Female Adapter which you stick in the headphone slot or you connect to the cable box.

  9. I have a cousin who got them from a friend so we didn’t have and instructions to go by. I figured out through trial and error to get them working. They would work for a minute at best then go to static. I didn’t have a computer nearby when I was helping so I couldn’t look up reviews. I am going to try once again with fresh batteries as my last resort. Get a quality product and buy a Turtle Beach headset. I use them for gaming with the Xbox but also use them, when my baby watches a portable DVD player, to listen to the tv.

  10. I think a lot of you may not be taking the time to really see where you are plugging it into. My headphones work great on my flat screen and the “big back” TV in the bedroom. Just take your time…they work. You just may have to scan away from the radio stations. Patience is a virtue.

    • Please can you tell me how did you connect MyZone to your TV because it did not work for my flat screen TV? My audio output has one connector plug and the myzone headphones has two.

  11. I got the headphones around Christmas and they worked like a charm — no complaints. Recently, I got a new HD receiver from Directv and there were no audio out jacks to plug in the wireless transmitter cables. When I plugged them into the TV it didn’t work (all I got was radio stations). Finally, after monkeying around with it I got it to work by turning up the volume on my TV remote and then hitting MUTE. Before, I was just turning the volume all the way down.

  12. I have used this headset for a few weeks now and they worked relatively well; however, now all I get is music or talk which I assume are radio channels. I have reset and scanned with the buttons and TV does not come back. Somewhere on the website it says that telephones will interact; however, there are no phones near this TV or headphones. Any suggestions about how to fix this??

  13. Guess I wont be buying these….To bad people sell junk when us honest people are spending money for their junk. Who can you trust anymore. No wonder people are cautious. I have bought other things as seen on tv…I have learned most is junk!

  14. I put the batteries in both the tuner and the headset. I can also pick up radio stations on the headset. But when it comes to the wireless base, the power light will not come on when I put the batteries in. I switched the batteries 3 times so I do not think that all are dead. I just bought the package. Does the wireless base need to be hooked up to anything to get the power light to come on? Both pairs do not indicate a power source.

  15. It has honestly become very difficult to find real reviews on the internet. I was looking for a nice pair of headphones to use it with my television and wanted to find out about the My Zone Headphones. But as soon as I typed “My Zone Headphones Reviews” in the search engine a bunch of websites topped my list. Some of the reviews on websites like,,,, were really interesting but then I noticed a pattern on these websites. The reviews were glamorous and had a BUY NOW button after every paragraph. But finally I came up to your website and found no scam reviews. Thanks for sharing the experience!

    • The reviews on the other websites and the BUY NOW button popping up are a part of a trickery that many web developers do these days to increase the number of hits on their site and sell any crappy product by making people believe that the product is good. This technique is called as SEO where they tweak the search engines flaw of not detecting scams easily and fool the customers. It’s a sad thing for everyone that such web malpractices are flourishing the floor. This website is purely based on real user reviews. Hope the review on our website was very helpful to judge the product in true light.

  16. I ordered My Zone Headphones as a Christmas gift for my husband. I received two sets for the price of one. On the day after Christmas we opened each set and tried them on our televisions. Neither set worked at all. One set the on switch was loose and nothing could be done to correct is and so the only thing that set of headphones received was radio signals. And the second set could not be heard nor could we adjust the volume. On January 6th I called and requested a refund and asked about returning the defective products. I was told I would receive a refund in 7 to 10 days and I did not need to return the product. As of January 18, 2012 I have yet to receive a refund. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It does not work.

    • You need to go into the TV menu and turn off the TV speakers to get the headphones to work. Thats what I have to do to get mine to work.

  17. I bought a pair of these for my wife. She loves them… I love them cause I don’t have to hear what she is watching while I surf on my laptop. After reading a bunch of messages here I wonder if we just got lucky. I would like a power supply for this.

  18. Got a pair for $9.95 at Bed and Bath. Tried them on my TV. Totally do not work. Also there were no instructions what so ever in my package. I get about 12 FM (I think) stations on the headset – in various qualities of sound. One good Jazz station at least so maybe useful for something for me.

    I have a several pairs of good or very good headsets I just plug into the TV with a long extended cord. I get great stereo with these for the TV reception, so I guess I will rely on these.

    I see that when they do work, you cannot mute or turn the volume down much. So what’s the point?

    Except for the radio reception, which is not great, these are basically a scam and a waste of money. Reading the reviews above, I see that I am not alone in thinking this. Evidently some schills saying they work.

    Do not buy them – get something that really works!!!

  19. I bought the My Zone headphones for $10 at Best Buy (They reluctantly price-matched the Bed Bath and Beyond sale price) I installed according to the instructions in the box, and got nothing but one radio station. Then I browsed the web for help… found this web site and read 3 reviews that said we need to connect to the cable box…Now they work fine! The company who manufactured these headphones did not take care to include complete instructions – and that is causing them to be bashed as a scam company by reviewers…so folks, just hook-up to the cable box and they will work!

  20. I bought the My Zone headphones for $10 at Best Buy (They reluctantly price-matched the Bed Bath and Beyond sale price) Hooked them up according to the instructions and got nothing but radio. Then I came to this web site and read a review that said we need to connect to the cable box…now they work fine.

  21. What a Da==ed joke. I have four TVs that I tried these on, and all I get is radio. If I thought that was all that I could get, hell I would have settled for all the radios that I can listen to on TV, on my iPod, on my boom box, but not on this piece of crap. What a smart Chinese scam again, to get American consumers to spend money on crap that probably started over there but didn’t sell, so they send it here. Disgusting piece of crap.

  22. These headphones are junk! The TV has to be turned up for the headphones to be turned up! You cannot turn up the TV, mute it, and hear the TV on the headphones. So what is the point? If the person using the headphones can’t hear well and he/she wants to hear the TV better, they have to turn it up which STILL DISTURBS OTHERS!! So, what’s the point?? I sent mine back the same day.

  23. After finding out about plugging it into the cable box, my headphone work like a $19.99 set should work. Not the greatest, but ok.

    Some advise: I NEVER order items from TV anymore. I was left with an awful product and double billed. Most products are offered at dept. stores in the “As See on TV” dept. No postage to pay, and you can return the item if it’s not what you expected.

  24. I just went to Staples and got one, I plug it in on my plasma tv and the transmitter burned, it’s scam, stupid rip off.
    Don’t buy it… don’t don’t.

  25. If your tv audio output jacks are already connected to a stereo surround-sound system like ours are, these headphones still work great if you plug the headphone receiver into the audio output jacks on the back of your stereo receiver. Really nice product.

  26. Ok, first thing let’s calm down people, I got a pair and I’m reading your Reviews and I disagree! I’m using them right now on my HD Tv and I thought it wasn’t going to work. I know what the problem is you people are impatient and don’t lime to read, not all Of you but just a good many. If you can’t get it working get Some help. Listen elderly people, I play something called Modern warfare 3, do you know how much noise, explosions Gun shots, RPG, AH-6 Over-watch black helicopters looking For the enemy! My girl can’t sleep whilst I play, but with The My Zone headsets she is sleeping really well. Give them another try there nice, got em for Christmas. Plug them in the back of your audio output of your HD tv. I’m telling you l, think they were worth the little I paid. Older people get some younger people to help you.

    –The High Evolutionary

    • Well I have to agree with Tony here .. I ordered these for my 15yr old X Box playing son!!! at first all I got were radio stations then I just sat back looked at my tv rearranged the plugs and presto they are WONDERFUL!!!!SO happy now we no longer have to tell him to “TURN IT DOWN” My mom is 63 and she is retired and still cant get how you have to change the TV to video to watch a DVD and then change it back to component 1 to get back to the TV so I feel for those who don’t get how to set it up.. I am not saying Elderly I am saying those who don’t quiet get modern technology. even I get my son to help with some things that I don’t get… just be patient because once you get these to work the are awesome… good luck!

  27. I will never order anything from the TV again. I am a hearing impaired and got very excited after seeing this product on the TV. I thought this would be a great thing to watch TV without disturbing others.

  28. I never fall for a scam, I guess anybody can get fooled once, never again stay away, these people should be arrested for what they are doing.

  29. I purchased a pair of MyZone headphones and they work better than the more expensive TV ears, that I purchased from Costco for $59.00. I paid 15 for these and they are far better and I can hear the TV anywhere in the house! I am going to get another set for my elderly father.Local drug stores carry them.

  30. All the complaints are correct. These headphones do not work. As a senior, I need a sound source closer to my ears. I am now stuck with an unusable product. The clerk at the “As Seen on TV” store in Gaithersburg MD where I bought them says they give no refunds and the product has been opened. Like how would I know they don’t work if they are not opened. I don’t usually fall for ads but I confess I did not do my research this time. There is no way these work with my cable box or TV. A sleazy product from a sleazy store. There receipt says: “No Refunds!!! Exchanges or store credit” Leading me to believe from the way this is punctuated that I COULD GET AN EXCHANGE OR STORE CREDIT.

  31. I ordered on set and added $9.99 for a rush priority (3days delivery); it took two week before the product was shipped it took 5 days to be delivered. I got two sets delivered for the price of one. When I tried on my plasma TV, it did not work. I called customer service hopping that I would get tech support or something, none. They made no problem to have me return the product for full refund. I am very disappointed.

  32. A copy of this is going to the attorney general and the better business bureau. It is totally a fraud. I ordered 2 and was shipped 8 of them. Nobody that I have talked to could even speak English. I had no packing list with them, so not sure what I was charged at this point. With all the stuff going on in this world today, we have one more scumbag out there just trying rip people off. Just to let everyone know that this a 100% fraud business.

  33. I, too, purchased the My Zone Wireless Headphones & I, too, will return them. As stated by many others, they only pick up the radio, not the TV!

    Very interesting by the way … the headphones pick up the radio station WHETHER OR NOT the transmitter is connected!

    • I had the problem of only getting radio stations and not the TV when I first got the MyZone wireless headphones. Then I figured out that I had the darn things on backwards the first time I tried syncing them to the transmitter. The receiver part in the headphones had to be facing the transmitter when I set the sync.

      My continuing problem is static. Static when I walk out of line of site of the transmitter and sometimes when I’m in line of site. When I put my hand up over the earpiece with the batteries (not the receiver like you would think) the static clears right up. But I don’t want to sit or walk around like the old-time radio announcers, cupping my ear. It’s been suggested that it could be other signals? Or the wiring in my older house. Anyone have suggestions? Even to a troubleshooting site rather than review site.

  34. Got two sets and work as advertised. Got them within 3 days of order and I can turn the tv volume completely down or mute and volume is good. My only complaint would be if the headphones would/could swivel against the ears/head. They are in a fixed position so they aren’t as comfortable over time especially if you wear glasses.

    For the price they are great. A relationship saver, I was almost out before this answer. I would recommend.

  35. Terrible reception and I’m only 10 feet away. I wished my wife would have research these cheap pieces of garbage before spending money ! Another waste from a company that know they are selling garbage.

    • i tried calling them and couldn’t talk to anyone in person, so went online, still couldn’t find any realy info on them, found the complaint list, glad I did, we’d of been out of money again on another scam.

  36. If you buy these they will arrive only for you to open the box and ‘ta-da’ Headphones. You pull them out and start feeling depressed and iffy about your decision to have bought them. You go to connect this cheap piece of fake crap only to find constant glitches making the signal bounce in and out. You hear radio stations and sometimes (if you’re lucky) your actual intended tv audio!. O’wowsers mcwowington! This extremely poor quality electronic garbage will leave you feeling like flying to the ‘as seen it on t.v.’ headquarters and swiss cheese those punk bitch ass r scamming mf’s .!!! Rrgh !.. After a couple of days of trying to get it to work, the stupid broke down completely (you could tell I’m a lil upset).. So I go to contact the scam artists. I get the run around from a couple of guys there who put me on hold never to return. The other guy took my number, said a manager would call me. Never received a call. Call a couple of times after work and those fux were closed. Plit just rang and rang.. Basically my friend, do not, I repeat do-not! Spend your hard earned precious money on this deceiving garbage. I did and was hurt, frustrated, and felt cold but I couldn’t do crap about it. These phonies are good and will trick you like Satan would. Don’t buy – you have been warned

    • I seen these on TV on the USA Channel and was going to order but first wanted to look at reviews, GLAD I did! Thank you ALL for warning us that they are junk! Dale in Clayton, NC I will get some from Bose if they have them!

  37. Well, I have been reading all the comments about the product, that is what I have though about it, doesn’t work, price of S. but I still try to buy them, guess what? the phone number from the Tv. advert. didn’t even work from my area. Bad luck for me, all you lucky people got them and keep complaining. The reason why I want to buy them, is I can use them for my workshop to keep the noise out, or use them for hunting or just shooting the gun, one for me and one for my wife, how nice, it works out cheaper then buy one headset to keep out of sound.

  38. If you want to spend an astronomical fee in batteries. Get them.

    They DO NOT come with a power supply.

    Better to go buy a rechargeable unit for a little more money.

    These are junk.

  39. I ordered one set, received and was charged for 2, and got them to work for a little while by hooking them to cable box, and now cant get them to work at all, expect I will send them back, figure they wont really send me a refund but useless junk sitting here, don’t buy, think its a scam.

  40. if you have a cable box you can hook up to that NOT the TV. If you do that than turn the volume on the TV to zero it “works” I guess its OK if you can set it up like that otw its useless. I bought for 10 bucks as an open box special at bed bath beyond..

  41. After receiving my Headphones ,they worked great for about two weeks but now ,I can,t get anything but music stations. I have read your instructions several times to hit “Reset” then hit “Scan” several times until I have TV again. Still does not work. Please advise.

    William Herdliska

  42. Attention!! For all of you complaining that My Zone Headphone don’t work, the instructions on the package is written wrong. I bought mine yesterday, followed the package instructions, it didn’t work, then realized you must connect the antenna to the cable box. If you do not connect the antenna to the cable box, you’ll just get radio stations. The connections on the TV is for video only in VCR, DVD, or video games. The manufacture must change the installation instructions, otherwise no one will be able to use the product..

    • Pat…I tried using the cable box after I read your review & with every possible combination I tried…it still does not work to pick up my TV…the only thing I heard which told me I had the correct combination was the electrode buzzing as I was trying to make sure the wires were secure. The radio stations come in loud & clear tho…so my Husband will use them when doing yard work. To say the least…I’m disappointed with my purchase through LTD.

    • Pat – Thank you for your suggestion. I connected the MyZone wireless receiver to the Audio ports of my cable box. Now they work just fine. When I get static, I press Reset and then Scan again to the TV. (When I had the receiver plugged it into my TV I only got radio stations.) Thanks so much for the good advice.

    • I did figure this out w/ the cable box but now the volume for the tv is very low. Anybody know why that is? in fact those of you who can only get radio, if you get a silent channel on the first one, turn the volume up all the way and you will hear the tv but very faint. Any suggestions on this faint signal?

  43. I am extremely thankful not only for the comments from all of these nice people, but the site that makes them possible! I am very glad I found this and these reviews. It looked great, but once I found out it used radio frequencies and only 2 AAA batteries, you KNOW that signals gotta be weak and scratchy. I’d recommend the more expensive stuff that transmits using Ghz.

  44. I have been wanting to try this product but too afraid of being ripped off. My mother-in-law is a shopaholic so she bought some…she likes them. I tried and liked them as well…the REAL test was my grumpy husband who is as deaf as a stump and loves to play the news and FOOTBALL games at ear splitting levels……HE LIKED THIS PRODUCT. Better ….I DIDN’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE GAME!!! ONLY HIS COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE OFFICIATING. Unfortunately…I couldn’t mute that.

  45. Send about $50-60 and all of you buy a pair of Sennheiser headphones model 110, 120 or 160. The higher the number the higher the price.

    Amazing product, work great, available on eBay, Amazon… You wont be disappointed.

    Remember cheap is dear and you get what you pay for.



  46. I am extremely unhappy. No one told me the total charges of the items and I had to listen to all kinds of other crap, could not elect to not hear them I would like me order cancelled from my visa card. This is not good business.

  47. Hi to all,

    Thanks to all who have left comments, I was thinking about buying these headphones for myself, but not now. Thank you again for all of your comments.

    Jeff S.

  48. How can I return the My Zone headphones that I purchased a few days ago. The sound comes through but it is so faint that you can’t tell any difference then just listening to the TV.

    The radio stations come through loud and clear but not the TV.

    • I am so glad I read these My Zone Headphone comments. Based on the price I suspected these wee junk. The comments confirm my belief. I will not waste my money on them.

  49. MyZone Headphone is a piece of crap. I purchased it so that I can watch TV in the bedroom while my wife sleeps. However, if you turn down the TV volume you cannot hear anything from the headphones even with the volume on max on headphone. So, how does it serve its purpose if I have to turn up TV volume and disturb my wife. False advertising.

  50. Thanks for the My Zone Headphone reviews. I will not be getting them and have decided to go to Radio Shack or somewhere reputable.

  51. I was thinking about ordering the my zone headphones, but decided to check online for reviews and complaints before I did. Thank you for telling me what I thought might be true. I got a set of JVC 900 MHz Cordless Transmitter and Receiver. The price was a little over $50, but they work great. You can turn the volume completely and still get the headphones to go as loud as you need them. It has 3 channels, so I got another for another of our TV’s. I’m hard of hearing so I can watch TV and be able to hear it even when my wife is sleeping. The range and sound quality is really good all through the house, garage and some of the year (I have an acre). Even though I have not tried it they will probably work on anything with audio outlets on it.

  52. I did order have not rec. Yet after reading all the complaints I guess I will be calling my credit card company also.

  53. For Pat who posted on July 15. You might want to look at “TV Ears” I’ve been using them for ten years . They are a little pricy compared to My Space Headphones, but they are excellent. They can also be used in most movie theaters.

  54. I can honestly say that I love these headphones. I read everyone elses reviews and think they are too picky about the items they buy. I was deployed to Afghanistan and actually bought a set over there while on deployment for $15. Here I am over a year later and I still use them. Now they are rather large and clunky and can get uncomfortable over a long period of time…very true. Let me put it this way. They are the most comfortable and reliable for the money I have ever used. I have used others costing almost $100 that worked just as good but didn’t have the range these do. So again as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” The company may be a scam and I’m not one to trust online with my credit card info anyway. For a cheap pair of headphones though these things are great and my wife loves them too. 4 outta 5 stars. But maybe buy it when it gets in stores for a safer transaction.

  55. Thank you all for the reviews. I was going to buy it but decided to check the reviews. Thank you all for warning me not to waste my money.

  56. The advertisment sounded to good to be true. Thanks for the heads-up. Its always just a matter of time. Before they run across the right, or wrong person for them. The wheels of justice grind slow in the nation under the Creater. One way or another. What goes around, comes around.

  57. Thank you guys I was going to fall for it, not anymore. Like the other person I will get them at

    • Well, I wish I had read this before I made the mistake and ordered them. They are a piece of crap. We finally got them to work off the TV and quit getting radio stations, but they cut out all the time, and the ad says that you can go outside with them and even mow your yard. That is a lie!! My husband cannot even get out of the room without them going off. JUNK JUNK!!!!

      • We are on our second pair. We love them. The first pair we had for two years. Just bought the second pair. We since have a new tv, but son in law wired the tv and we are not sure where to hook it up to. We used the cable box and it worked great! Only thing is can’t hear dvd movies. We are going to try again to rehook the wires. I am sure it will work somehow. Becca, my husband has walked in the back yard and up stairs to the bathroom and not missed a word of his show! So unless you bought faulty ones somehow, they do work! Keep trying people, they are great!

    • Maybe Toni King can answer this. From her review here it would appear that she got the only fully functioning set they probably ever produced. I would not recommend this product at all.

    • Yes, Pat. In answer to your question Costco has TV Ears which work very well but have ear-buds that just aren’t as comfortable for my husband as a padded headset and require that you not leave the room. Also Radio Shack has something similar in style (but which actually work!) to the My Zone but I think we paid about $65 — but then again, this is truly a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. They work great and you can wander while you listen.

      I wish I would have discovered this site before wasting time/money with the My Zone. I’ve returned mine so now we will see if refunds come out before the bankruptcy filing that I would anticipate. Good luck!

      • I have the Sentry HO802 Wireless Headphones – 2 Pack that I ordered from Amazon. They were $30 and I’m totally happy with them. The range isn’t really far, but they work everywhere in my house. The further I get from the tv I start to hear static, but that’s not that often. To get 2 headphones for $30 is a steal as far as I’m concerned. I’m ordering these for my father-in-law for Christmas. They do not come with AAA batteries so you have to get 4 AAA batteries on your own.

  58. I ordered 2 My Zone Headphones pairs and they sent me four pairs they charged me $16.97 shipping and $79.96 for 4 my zone headphones that don’t even work like radio headphones, I got a iPod plus they don’t give refunds. I’m reporting them.

  59. I bought Myzone head set over the phone. Got them with-in three weeks. At first I was skeptic, but was amazed how well they work(easy to install) Followed instructions. Great sounding. Not sorry I bought them.

  60. This is piece of crap!! Doesn’t work worth crap!! I wish I had reviewed and researched much more before wasting my money on them. Waste, waste, waste. I want my money back you scandalous vultures!!!

    I didn’t want to listen to the radio-I have an iPod, you dinks! I wanted to watch TV quietly without bothering spouse AS ADVERTISED ON TV!!

  61. OH so glad I read these reviews. I went to radio shack and got a set for $49.99 and they work great.

  62. They don’t work, can’t work and won’t work, and calling the customer service line gets you a person reading a script about ‘reset and scan procedure.’ They still don’t work. Hopefully this compilation of complaints will be read before someone else orders from this purveyor of worthless junk. I got a Return Authorization and a verbal promise of a refund of postage. We shall see. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. I should have known better….

  63. The My Zone Headphones only work on one band and that is the radio. When ever there are headphones that use FM or any other like an AM band, that’s when you know you have the biggest piece of crap in the world.

    The MyZone Headphones usually don’t work because when they get sent in for shipping or like when its on the ride to your house it gets bumped up to much and the electronics inside get messed up with the wires. the headphones always get interference and don’t work because the transmitter always short circuits.

    And that America is why you have the biggest piece of crap that you bought for no apparent reason.

  64. I recieved my two sets of MyZone Headphones and neither set will work. I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer so I can read instructions properly. All I get after hitting the reset button and than the scan button is music from I don’t know where. I have tried it on three different TVs and switched headphones ind transmitters as well as using different batteries.

  65. So glad I saw this, I called and it was a recording, that was my first clue, then I decided to look it up on the net, so glad I did, I sure won’t be ordering these, thanks for the info.

  66. This is a scam!! I got my and can’t get then to work!! only radio stations. I try in 3 TV sets and nothing!! THEY DON’T WORK!! Do not buy then and the customer service is terrible.

  67. The biggest piece of junk I have ever bought! I ordered My Zone Headphones online and did not receive them for 2 months. When I got them, I could only get the radio stations. Not once did the TV come in. Dont waste your time and money on this junk

  68. The My Zone Headphones system works, just can’t mute the tv without muting the head phones. I can turn the volume down quite a bit and still hear well enough through the head phones. The quality isn’t great, but what could be expected for the price.

    • I checked the reviews also and decided not to get them…. Thanks everyone… it was very helpful to read your reviews.

  69. I got 2 My Zone Headphones pairs and can only get one 2 work.. Comfortable to wear, but sound quality is junk, and I got the “premium upgrade”

    I don’t feel scammed, I just wish I could’ve read reviews 1st. My own fault.

  70. I saw the My Zone Headphones ad on TV and purchased one pair which the doubled to presumable charge me more handling. My tech-savvy roommate and I tried and tried to get them to work but they pick up only radio stations! I was horrified to realize I had once again been scammed! Upon contacting the customer help line I spoke with an operator who was, not rude but could not speak or understand English properly and was no help at all to answer even yes or no questions! She only somewhat reluctantly was able to give me a return the item number. I was appalled at the audacity of the scheme! If they went to all this trouble what is so difficult about making a product that broadcasts the TV sound across the living room! John Broderick, San Diego California,

    • I am glad that I read your review and I am sorry about all the trouble you had to go through just to get your money back. Thanks for posting this.

  71. I am so glad I found this website. I saw the commercial on TV where you get one pair for $19.99, free S&H and a free second pair but you have to pay the S&H. So I wanted to see what people had to say first and I found this website. Needless to say I will not be wasting my money on these. Thank God for the internet.

  72. These My Zone Headphones are trash and the company is a bunch of thieves. I got RCA model WHP141s at Frys Electronics for $22 a set. Maybe a little more but they work. I used the set my wife bought from these jerks for target practice.

  73. Ordered My Zone Headphones over three months, no help from them. Said they would call back within the hour, that was five days ago. I’m going to get my credit card to do a charge back. To good to be true, please don’t waste your time or money. I’m going to buy a good set locally. Shame on these creeps!

  74. I ordered this My Zone Headphones for my dad as a birthday present, but because of how long it took to get them.its a fathers day instead. He is hearing impaired and thought this would be perfect only to find out that it only picks up radio signals period. What a disappointment. I’d return them if I knew I’d get my money back, which would probably take until Christmas! do not buy this My Zone Headphone, customer service was no help and sort of rude. They have no answers to your questions. Total waste of money.

  75. I tried to order these first back in Jan. 2011 (which should have arrived and have not) and then again the first of April 2011. Both orders showed as completed according to my printed receipt but, when I try to find my order in their online search system no order can be found.

    I noticed in one of the reviews someone had posted that to keep from having problems with your order you should only place the order for the headphones directly from My Zone well, both of my orders where placed at so, it looks like this company is nothing more than a rip off and a front to another way to scam people out of credit card information.

  76. I placed the order over a week ago and paid an additional amount for the upgraded “deluxe” set as well as $9.99 for expedited shipping. The order, according to the internet and customer service is still not even in their system to provide any tracking information although the charge of 54.98 is on my account. I will be contacting the company again on Monday and if no shipping information is there at that time I will be reporting this as a fraudulent company to my bank and will push this to the BBB as well. If you have taken the money out of an account you had better have the transaction in they system to give a customer information, at least have their name on file. ridiculous.

    • I ordered March 11, 2011. I have received nothing. Call to complain and told the order is still not even in their system to provide any tracking information. I asked for a supervisor….told will call back in within 4 hours…ok……… 1………day 2…… 3……still NO CALL and it has now been a week. I’m canceling this off my card.

  77. My zone head phones company is a complete scam. I was told that I could get my zone head phone in 2 to 3 days with extra for shipping. I called the company they stated it takes up to 6 six weeks. They also stated that they have no record of my order from ordering from their tv commercial.

  78. They advertised buy one and get second set free with free shipping. I tried to order it on line. They did not honor the advertised deal. It kept on advising not to press back page button. I ended up buying at the regular price with full shipping and handling charges. When I tried to contact them to fix the problem, they did not answer the phone. I wasted hours to contact them but they never answer the phone.

    • I really sorry to hear about your experience Pooja. Did you try buying through the official website for My Zone Headphones? Not all of the websites advertising our products are under our control. It’s an issue we are working on. I would definitely recommend sticking to the official product websites or calling the number seen on the infomercial.

      • So, out of the various complaints here of shoddy equipment, horrible customer service and products you chose this one to respond to?

        • Anon, I know that’s right. To respond with information on which website to order from after all the complaints. And with that being said tbjoe I will not be ordering.

  79. I did the online ordering with the bonus set. It makes you think you are getting the bonus set but then asks you to upgrade to the better model for another 10 dollars. After submitting all your payment info you never get the bonus set. There are ways that trick you into buying two sets and upgrading to the better sets but you won’t get the bonus offer if you do it online. For that reason I distrust this company and their product and don’t expect it to be any good.

      • I have two sets and all I get are radio signals. Why is there no help line? Just a bunch of operators taking your money!

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