My Laptop To Go Review

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Computers don’t work well when you are out; and when you are out, you can’t take your desk. Introducing My Laptop to Go, the all-in-one computer case and cushioned laptop case that meets all the needs of a person on the move. When you are trying to work with your laptop, on a train or plane, it can be a real pain, but with My Laptop to Go, you just slide it on to your lap and you are ready to work. When it’s hard to study, My Laptop to Go comes to your aid.


My Laptop To Go
The interior compartments of My Laptop to Go turn in to an easy storage space for all you need, it has a durable desk surface on top and cushioned bottom to keep the laptop steady and make it easier for you to work. There’s a convenient handle and adjustable strap too; great for quick trips, long flights and daily commutes. With My Laptop to Go, travel has never been any easier. And when you are done with work on your laptop, the handle comes in use for easy carrying. It is two products in one; storage and usage! You also get a free wrist support mouse pad. The My Laptop to Go is a great gift for those who use their laptop on the go.

My Laptop To Go Features:

  • Durable Desk Surface on Top
  • Cushioned Bottom to Keep Steady
  • Interior Compartments for Easy Storage
  • Convenient Handle and Adjustable Strap



What do I get?

  • 1 My Laptop To Go
  • Bonus Mouse Pad

Get My Laptop To Go and Mouse Pad for just $19.99 + $8.98 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



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4 thoughts on “My Laptop To Go Review

  1. The bad:
    I bought the My Laptop To Go bag about a week ago. The handle has already ripped off. The back lid of the case never seems to sit quite right when I’m using it: it either leans to one side or is barely stretches back far enough for me to see my laptop screen at a good angle. The hard-shell side looks really thin and flimsy. There is no aesthetic appeal to the design either. Using the laptop while it is in the container, your wrists rest on the bottom lip/zipper which is uncomfortable.

    The good:
    It really is a shame because, despite all of the above, I really do love the idea of this bag. I have a large screen HP laptop and this is the only generic hard shell case I’ve seen that fits it. The idea of a padded side for comfort while computing and added protection while storing a laptop is ingenious. Why on earth more laptop case makers don’t offer a shoulder strap or often even a case handle is beyond me, but this case offers both. And need I remind you– FINALLY, a hard shell case you can use even if you don’t own a mac.

    The bottom line is that it’s a great product idea made poorly.

  2. Just got my laptop to go, just what I expected and wanted. Now when I travel on the train, I’ll feel more comfortable that my laptop is protected. No this is not a scam, I know I’ve fallen victim to them in the past.

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