Music Bullet Speakers Review

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Do you travel long distances on work in your car and think that your music system doesn’t give you the gigantic sound to your liking? Or you want to play the music from your iPod, or MP3 player while you are driving and are looking for speakers that will give you high quality sound with a kicking bass? In that case Music Bullet is just the product for you; it’s a perfect companion for computers, iPods and MP3 players and will deliver the sound levels you hope for when you go looking for a high quality speaker. After all there’s nothing more exhilarating then driving down the road with your favorite music booming in the background.


Music Bullet Speakers
Music Bullet is perfect for those who want to listen to music while they are travelling but you can also play it in your office, in the park, on the beach or on the street. And if you are hosting a party in your backyard you will find great use for the Music Bullet too. It’s compact and can be taken with you wherever you go. And if you wish to turn up the bass even more, you have the option of expanding the Music Bullet thus doubling the output. And you can link several Music Bullets together for a phenomenal effect that will blow your mind away.

Now you can play the music of your choice in style wherever you go. Music Bullet is rechargeable so you can ensure it works for you as long as you are on the beach or as long as the party goes on. What’s more, Music Bullet can also work as a speakerphone for your cell phone making it an extremely handy device for you.

What Music Bullet Claims

Did you mistake this small but incredibly desirable device for a popular food processor that makes smoothies, dips and juices? Well, this is Music Bullet, and it’s desirable for music buffs of the hardcore types because it’s a handy little rechargeable and portable speaker works on your favorite music playing device like I-Pod, cell phone, any MP3 Player, computer, laptop. With Music Bullet, you’ll be able to enjoy music nonstop as there’ll be no barriers like absence of your music player or low battery anymore.

Music Bullet is a special speaker that only looks small but in reality packs a powerful punch. It is perfect for a range of devices to not only listen to music but also to charge them conveniently through its USB cable, which can be connected to it easily. If the device doesn’t charge this way, Music Bullet has a separate jack through which your device can be charged easily. And in case you still can’t connect the USB with your computer a plug is also provided wherein you must listen to the sound that comes out of it.

Music Bullet offers a great deal of convenience and superior experience in listening to music as and when you like without constraints. This special set of speakers produces superior high quality sound. Also, it is compatible with a wide range of devices that play music.

Music Bullet may look small but it’s actually a powerhouse for music lovers. You’ll be amazed at the intensity of the sound that it produces. Even when you use it at low settings, the sound is loud and clear enough, and as you increase the volume, it produces even greater and fantastic volume.

Music Bullet is perfect not only to listen to music but also to share it with others anywhere, be it in office, your car or simply at home. What’s more, you’ll finally bid goodbye to the annoying wires and headphones when you use Music Bullet. It’s a completely new way of enjoying, sharing and enhancing the heavenly experience of listening to music.



What do I get?
You get a Music Bullet in Black for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charges at By paying additional shipping and handling charges you get a Music Bullet in Red to go with it and double the experience.


Music Bullet Speakers Video
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86 thoughts on “Music Bullet Speakers Review

  1. I just bought one so I could listen to my tunes while in the shower. It’s not big at all but the volume is perfect. It isn’t loud enough for a HUGE room or house but it’s great for small spaces & compact enough to carry just about anywhere. I’ve been recommending the Music Bullet to all my friends who want music-to-go without having to move around their speaker systems and plug-in docks. I give it TWO THUMBS UP!

  2. Bought Music Bullet at walmart on the “as seen on tv” aisle. $14.88. It was already charged and the directions said not to charge it again until the blue light went out, which means there is no charge left. This took 5 or 6 hours of playing. There is an off/on switch. Turn it off, charge it in a usb port. If you charge it on a computer, make sure your computer is on. After it’s charged, plug it into the device you want to listen to, turn the switch on, and enjoy. Worked good on my Acer tablet and on my laptop, had a bit of cut out on the Sansa clip, but it went away when I turned the volume down. The volume is controlled by the device the bullet is connected to. Definitely worth the $15. It’s small size is convenient, and the sound is just right.

  3. I bought this Music Bullet Speaker at Harmon’s for $15 for a party I’m having. (Last minute thing.) It works good for a small, $15 piece of plastic. The only problem is it doesn’t charge! When I plugged it in to my computer to charge, the red light stays on for 5 minutes then goes off. I have to keep unplugging it and re-plugging it to charge…

    • I bought a wall outlet plug for all my USB charged items so I plugged my Music Bullet into the wall outlet plug and charged it there. It gets plugged in all night so it’s ready to go when I need it in the morning.

  4. We have had our Music Bullet for over a year now. Got it in a grab last Christmas. Works fine for playing your iPod when you are in the bathroom, showering, whatever. Not the most high end sound, but what do you want for $16? For the money, for us, it works.

  5. I got the music bullet for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. Works great, especially since my laptop only has one working speaker. Only problem is that I lost the tiny little charger that came with the thing just got lost, and none of my USB chargers work with it. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • I think one of the Nokia chargers can be used. Just take it to Radio Shack and they can look at the port and suggest some thing.


    • Seems like a personal problem, you should’ve contacted the website where you got it from or the sales pitcher.

  7. I think everyone should just take it back to the 80’s and get a Boombox and wear it on their shoulder. I mean the retro styles are back …now if we can match the music with that …it would be awesome …. buy the way guys if you want to play some music I’m a music artist search “Ac3-2085” on Google or Facebook and tell me what you think …you might love it on your new music bullet ..all my music is clean and motivating.

  8. Guess it just doesn’t work well with Sansa products because it cuts in and out when I try to use it. I see others have written that too.

    With my laptop, it’s a different story. It works great. The sound quality is way better than my laptop speakers.

    I think the real problem is the Sansa MP3 because I can’t get it to play well with other “cheaper” speakers I’ve tried either.

  9. I made the mistake and placed the Music Bullet order online what I figured I was selecting the special order for $19.99 + ($6.99 X 2 Shipping) to get two of them just pay second shipping fee for the second one and there was no confirmation when I got to the end it had the total wrong at just over $108.00 I had 3 choices to select “Special order $19.99 Plus Shipping for 2”, “continue” ,”cancel” so I selected the “Special order $19.99 Plus Shipping for 2” then it come up with a page that said you order is complete .

    Music Bullet Speaker + Bonus Music Bullet Speaker Quantity 1 $19.99
    Then Music Bullet Speaker + Bonus Music Bullet Speaker Quantity 1 $14.99
    Sub Total $34.98
    Shipping $27.96
    Tax $0.00
    Order Total $62.94

    What the Hell I only had an order for 2 that were $19.99 Plus Shipping of $6.99 + $6.99 for the second one should have been $13.98 Shipping and 19.99 for the pair for a total of $33.97 had to wait until after 10:00 am just to call them to get the order right and was told I have to call them again tomorrow cause they can’t see the order until the next day on the system they use…. So i guess I’ll have to call them again just to get the order right. Hoping not to get the runaround like others but we all know how thats going to work Guess I’ll give the others as Christmas gifts. but I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE WEB SITE TO GET THEM JUST GO TO K-MART OR WAL-MART AND GET THEM THEY HAVE THEM IN THE STORES.

    • I ordered something (a cooking device) with that same idea…buy one, get one free + a processing fee. Yeah, right! The processing fee was almost the same price as the cost of one item so you aren’t saving a dime. You’re going to end up paying the extra $19.99 somehow, someway. Nothing’s FREE anymore! Sorry…live and learn, I guess. It happens to the best of us.

      It would be cheaper to go to the store and buy 2@$15 each…no shipping & handling, no processing fees!

  10. My mother bought one of these because her ex husband sorta ruined the radio in the car so she wants a way to listen to her mp3 player while she drives. She gave it to me because she said it was crap. After plugging it into her mp3 player (a cheap RCA) I could see why. It kept cutting out, I mean it was completely inaudible. I tried using it on mine (a Sony Walkman) and it worked better, but it does develop an odd static when the volume gets too loud. It’s better than nothing I guess, like if you just want a portable speaker it isn’t bad, but it does have its issues. Better off trying to get a better speaker system than this if you want something with a lot of sound. Most of the time, if it sounds too good to be true, it is, and for $15 this was one of those times.

  11. I purchased my Music Bullet at Walgreens for $15. The little speaker is FAR better than the one on my laptop. Some of the reviewers here appear to have problems with it, but they have problems putting complete sentences together as well. If you plug it into the right port it works and the sound quality is better I expected. The bass booster doesn’t make much of a difference, but the overall, it is a great deal for the price. I give it two thumbs up!

    • Bravo Dee! I couldn’t agree with you more (about some of the other reviewers)! I got mine so I’d be able to hear my tunes from any room I’m in, rather than just my bedroom (where my docking station is). I love it and I’ve been recommending it to everyone who wants some extra sound in their life!

  12. I recently bought one at staples for about $15.00. Was well worth it. When plugged into my iPhone the sound quality is awesome. However when plugged into my mp3 player it causes static when turned up above 19. Other than that I love it and recommend it to everybody.

  13. I bought a Music Bullet at Walgreen. It worked. Found the sound quality lame. I raised the volume level on my Sansa Clip Zip the sound from the Bullet caused interruptions.

    Music Bullet??? More like, “Music BB.”

    I’ll stick to my Skull candy ear-buds.

  14. I have One Bought it at Wal-greens and it lives up to the ads and expectations . I LOVE IT!!

    • You must have a reject. We have more than enjoyed ours, it really is great. Give it another try, but it is better to get it from Walgreens for $14.95.

    • I agree…you should try to exchange it. I use it on my daughter’s netbook and it works great! It’s so loud, I have to turn the volume setting on her netbook to 38 percent at night. Not to ask dumb questions, but are you sure it’s charged? I charge it using the USB port on the left side of her netbook. Also, you plug it in where you would put your headphones. I’m sure you did the proper things, sometimes we just make things harder than they really are. I, for one, am not technologically savvy in ANY way so if I can use, ANY1 can!!! LOL! Good luck and I hope you can get a new one ! It’s truly worth it! P.S. I bought mine at Giant Eagle so, obviously, it’s available in many stores.

  15. Be careful when ordering Music Bullet Speakers online. I was going to place and order and clicked NO to wanting a second one. They charged me the shipping and handling for a second one and there was not way to correct it.

    • Since I could not correct the charges online. I did not finish ordering online. I called and told the people that I did not want the item. Last night there was a call to my home about the Music Bullet order. I was not in. This morning I see that they have charged my VISA anyway. So now I am dealing with this through Visa. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THE COMPANY. I did find it at Walgreens for $5 less.

  16. I wanted to let people know that in your local Walgreens, there is a aisle named “as seen on tv” and this aisle has most all of the more interesting products that they sell on tv. This music bullet is there also. My point….if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you just take it back to Walgreens and get full refund!! I hope this helps someone. And the others who bought from tv already, it happens to the best of us at some point. With that said, I do hope that you get your money back. Have a good day!

  17. This conversation is supposed to be about a speaker, and instead, all you get is a bunch of whine ass people who seem to think very highly of their opinions. Wow, out 20 bucks or 50 bucks, whatever, if your stupid enough to buy this stuff from a TV ad, your getting what you deserve.

    With that being said, buyer beware should be the saying of the day.

  18. I received the speakers and they were the worst quality that I have seen. I sent them back and now they are telling me they will not give me a refund. They said they received them back late. I will do my best to tell my friends to not order from you guys and I myself will not order again. Poor customer service and poor, poor products.

  19. I NEVER order products off TV, they are always junk, but I received the Music Bullit for Xmas and like everyone else I was skeptical so I didn’t even open it till this week, I have to admit my suprise, this speaker is AWESOME!, no it’s not like my stereo but for the size it works great, my laptop has the best reveiwed speakers on the market and the bullit blows them away,for those who knock the performance, what are you comparing it to ?, a compact portable speaker for my laptop was going to cost $50 and it had half the sound of the bullit so I’m thouroughly pleased, by the way, I never write reveiws, this and my computer are the first in years but I like to give credit where it’s due, as for problems with orders, that usually comes from the company that runs the ads and proceesses the orders, not the actual product company, that’s why you see Telebrands on so many TV ads, they don’t actually sell anything, they just process the orders, hope my comments help, buy this product, just find it in the store if possible.

  20. Got Music Bullet Speakers at Walgreen’s to use on my phone works great not something I am really worried about losing or breaking as its fairly inexpensive and if that was the case I would buy another no doubt sounds like ordering is a nightmare just go pick one up if possible.

  21. Ordered the Music Bullet on Jan.31 and received it on Feb.8, less than ten days later so I’m off to a very good start, especially considering the fact that I chose to go with standard shipping. Although the unit is smaller than it appears on TV, (I guess the camera does add ten pounds lol) it performs as well or even a little better than I expected. I only use it as a speaker for my droid phone but I’m extremely satisfied with it. Its small size makes it easy to travel with and the retractable 20″ speaker cord is a definite plus. I have a clamshell-type battery operated speaker that I had began to hate because the cord is only about 6″ long and is a pain in the butt because the unit would close easily without a locking feature to keep it open.The Bullet is louder than my old speaker too, and nowhere near as cumbersome. My only complaints are very minor: No noticeable difference when the Bullet is expanded to hear the “kickin bass” but how much bass does a 54 year old really need?; no volume control on the unit itself; couldn’t find it at Walgreens. On a scale from 1 to 10, considering its price and small size, I give the Music Bullet a strong 8.

    • Oh, one more thing. The Music Bullet would not support the FM radio feature on my phone, probably because the speaker cord is too thin. Mostly irritating static but still glad I purchased it.

  22. Jan.31,2012. OK, so I’ve seen this Music Bullet ad on TV several times over the past few months and finally decided to order it, literally about 30mins before finding THIS site, with actual reviews from people who appear to be actual customers. If things don’t work out hopefully I’ll only lose $33.97 + CA. State sales tax. I used a prepaid debit card with only enough available cash to cover the total purchase. I’ll definitely come back with my opinion on service, product, etc.

    • I ordered the music bullet and paid by credit card. This was on Dec. 17 2011. The order was said to be sent on Dec. 20, 2011. However as of now (Feb5, 2012) I have not received the music bullet. Could not find the phone number to inquire. Used the tracing number but this seems to have not been right. Please let me know just what has happened to my order.

      Your Truly
      Rev. James W. Lerh

  23. I was really dejected with these unexplainable and misunderstanding reviews that kept hitting my screens. I searched a lot for legitimate reviews for this product ‘Music Bullet Speakers’. The advertisement on those sites seemed tempting. So I began reading the reviews, which were supposed to be posted by actual consumers of ‘Music Bullet Speakers’. After reading the reviews half way I found something erroneous. Just one sentence that said, ‘wow……Music Bullet Speakers….they are awesome”. No further reviews about its sound quality, features or devices. Instead there was a button which said “Order Now”. I clicked on the “Order Now” button, thinking I might get more reviews to read. But here I was, waiting for another surprise. I was directed to the payment site, where I could buy the product online. It was getting on to my nerves; just cancelled the transaction and closed the site. BTW… is not an official website and don’t get tricked the reviews on it.

    Today, after a week long break, I thought of surfing again for the reviews of “Music Bullet Speakers”. Finally, my search landed me on this site. This has answered all my queries, which supported my decision to NOT to buy Music Bullet Speakers – at least not from the TV website! Thanks to the experiences and comments shared by all of you .

    • That’s alright Mike. Genuine reviews are rare nowadays. It’s all about money than consumer satisfaction. Some manufacturers hire webmasters or SEO’s, who just make use of keywords to increase the ranking of their site. They do not mind posting reviews which are forged. Anyway, good to hear that you got what you want.

  24. Got mine as a gift this Christmas. It has been running 25 hours out of the box, no charging done to it yet. Does it run on the I-pod power? That’s the only thing that makes any sense.

    The sound quality is decent and much louder than my Sony I-pod speakers made for MP-3’s.

  25. Let me try it this way to make it easy.

    Q. Does Music Bullet live up to its claim?
    A. Do not know the claims it’s a 15 dollar little speaker it works with my 311 playing and my speaker phone clear and fairly loud, louder than my iPhone

    Q. Did Music Bullet produce the gigantic sound that you expected it to?
    A. To tell the truth gigantic is not the word here but it is a better sound than what I truthfully thought I would get from this 15 dollar speaker.

    Q. Were you happy with the bass output of Music Bullet?
    A. Yes, and again for the size of the speaker and what I paid I was surprised.

    Q. Does Music Bullet produce good quality sound for large open spaces like parks?
    A. It’s not a boom box this is a all speaker and yes I can hear it at a park or in a car or in a room or on my roof or Pool it’s a speaker and it works.

    Q. Do you think Music Bullet is overpriced?
    A. No it’s not overpriced it’s a great product for the price and I’m getting more than expected fort 15 large.

    Q. Does it really work as shown on the TV?
    A. Haven’t seem it on tv I saw it as seem at Walgreens.

    Q. Is it really effective?
    A. It’s a speaker that works as a small speaker should for the price.

    Q. Do you recommend this product? OR do you know a better alternative?
    A. I would recommend it, but not to kickstart a party or anything.

    Q. Did you buy it from the official Music Bullet Speakers website online?
    A. No I got this at Walgreens.

    Q. Do you think Music Bullet Speakers is a scam?
    A. No it seems to work like a speaker

    Q. Is Music Bullet Speakers backordered?
    A. No it’s On the Walgreens shelf

    Q. How to return the Music Bullet Speakers?
    A. Go walk it back into Walgreens

    Q. Have you see the Music Bullet Speakers in any stores? Do you know which stores carry this product?
    A. Again Walgreens has them.

  26. Simply put go to Walmart check out the speaker it works great so far for me, it’s output is surprisingly clean and louder than my iPhone and MacBook, as for construction let’s face it this is not BOSE but your not paying Bose prices if the speaker lasts a few months I’ll get my money out of it. I would like to say I have not seem this info on tv so not sure what all the bitching and crying is about but there seems to be a lot of it here, so I’m thinking there was a cancer cure or Pair of breasts that came with each one and everyone believed it and for that I’m sorry boys
    But let’s face it this speaker is better than what were paying for its not a bad product but it’s not a pair of breasts either what the hell did you think you were going to get for 14 large..?

    I tell you for my savings from the year of 2011 I saved up for this one thing and it was worth every penny works great for what I paid.

    All BS aside don’t order by mail Walgreens around every corner has them for around 15 bucks the speaker works great or take it back and waist no more time whining about the biggest scam of your life or whatever and get on with your life.

  27. Ok so I don’t know why everyone has a problem with music bullet I got mine from Walgreens and it works perfectly fine I get great quality sound and can see the speaker pump like it is supposed to the compactness of the music bullet is awesome I can store it anywhere and use it anywhere it gets as loud as you want it to and the sound doesn’t distort at all I wouldn’t order it directly from the company though… if you want the music bullet go to the store and buy one it is cheaper and less of a hassle I suggest this product to anyone who likes good quality electronics (I myself am picky about what I use because I’m an electronics nerd and don’t like stuff breaking) but I will use this everyday all day if possible

  28. I ordered 1 music bullet. $19.66 + $6.99 shipping & handling. They charged my account $67.00. Please be aware they will rip you off. Even if I order 2 it wouldn’t have cost that much.

  29. I saw the ad for this and thought it was junk, thanks for confirming. Sorry for those who bought it but if you had spent 5 minutes or less researching first you could have avoided it. Do yourself a favor stick to name brands, good retailers/e-tailers and read some reviews. Good,, and to name a few.

  30. The infomercial shows the “kickin’ bass” speaker (top) pumping up and down with the music. I tried several songs that are pure bass, and couldn’t see even the slightest vibration in the top speaker. Is mine defective? Can anyone else see movement in the bass speaker? Also, when I opened it up for louder sound, I couldn’t tell the difference”. It get’s loud. Good for my laptop, however, I don’t see any benefit for listening to music.

  31. I can understand average guy’s frustration. My husband wanted this so I ordered it for him for Christmas on 12/15. No where in the ad or website does it give you a shipping time. I was not given the option for faster shipping, nor was there an option to NOT take advantage of the buy 1, get 1 free offer which of course costs you double shipping. I only need and want 1.

    I have tried to contact the company to see about the status of my order which still says ‘processing’. I didn’t expect to get it in time for Christmas, but I would think that they could give some kind of time frame – OR THAT YOU COULD ACTUALLY CONTACT SOMEONE!

    Wish I had read all of these reviews first. Oh well, live and learn.

    • To Sally above. I don’t know where you live, but they have these at Walgreens in Tucson, AZ. They are about $15 I think. There is a mobile coupon in the Walgreens Android app for $3 off of the X-Mini Speakers, but they have never heard of those when I called to inquire about them. So they said they would honor that coupon for the Music Bullet speakers. I would imagine they could possibly at many other markets other than the Tucson market as well. Just download the app and see. Good luck!

      arctickiki Ü

  32. Thank you to Your Average Guy for his wise review. Sean – you’re the idiot, and I have no idea why you’re here either.?? Seriously??

    I, too, feel that I’ve been scammed by this company. This company seems to be a joke. YES, I fell for the infomercial, called the number, and was accosted with ads that I never asked for. A simple order turned into a 15 minute call conducted by a robot. When I FINALLY got to place the order, they told me that as a special deal – on this phone call only – that I could qualify for super saver shipping for an additional $9.99. This would get my speaker to me within 7-10 days or something (which to me – this is regular shipping, but whatever). When I said “no”, they told me my speaker would be shipped out in about 4-6 weeks. What???? 4-6 weeks? Now, that I don’t want to wait that long, I can’t get hold of anyone, either on the phone or on their website to cancel the order.

    I feel like I’ve been had, and it feels awful. This is exactly why I never order things from tv…..but I had a weak moment.

    I can’t give a review on the speaker, but honestly, for $15.00, I can’t believe people are all up in arms about the quality. It’s $15.00. What the heck did you expect? It’s an inexpensive speaker that I could bring to the beach and enjoy my music. To me – enough said.

    Loved your review Your Average Guy.:)


  33. I ordered the Music Bullet from an commercial, I think it is the best speaker for The price that you can find, it is the perfect speaker for my ipad2, I have bought a few for it and it is by far the best. I am honestly thrilled with my Music Bullet Speakers!

  34. I was really hoping to buy these speakers for my office staff to go along with their devices to play their music, but as I read on and on about what the quality is.. or lack of it… I have to say that I have changed my mind. It seems that scam companies are popping out more and more all over running rampant and not willing to give the requires customer service once they get your money.

    What’s going on in America??? Businesses are just too unscrupulous these days more so than I have seen before?

    • Yeah because they didn’t used to sell shady products before recently in America. It’s not like Pepsi used to claim to cure diseases or crazy unhelpful exercise machines were ever sold before this day in age.

  35. I would rather shove this in all my orifices. I’ve got better sound from a mime. I thought about this product and then thought about having cancer, and then thought “cancer…. Thats alright”.

  36. WOW!! I dunno if I wanna buy this or not. Hubby and I probably will, see what it does, and if it doesn’t live up to what it says…then back to Wally World it goes! Appreciate all the reviews! Thanks!

  37. Maybe you bought a defective one because I just purchased a Music Bullet & have had no problems with it at all. The sound is unbelievable for such a small device. Sorry yours didn’t work but I also purchased mine from the store not from T.V. so if I needed to take it back I could. Still have my receipt so if it shorts out or something I will go get another one or get my money back.

    • Hi Sean,

      Could you tell me what store you were able buy this speaker from? Thanks for any help you could give me.

      Ray Green

  38. This item blows… It made crackling sounds after the first 5 minutes of usage….. I wish this company goes down … I hope to god the retard that talked about how good this item was, goes and plays in the freeway. I’m gonna get some good mp3 player by creative or something… Don’t Bye This piece of CRAP!!

  39. I purchased this waste of plastic at a nationwide chain store that we call wally world. I brought it home. I read the information sheet. Claims on the sheet that the bullet is 40% charged when you open – NOT MINE! No charge whatsoever. HMM, says I. Well the battery must be drained. So I use the included USB adapter on two different computer. Claims from the sheet of paper say that when you charge the bullet, a little light will come on – NOT MINE! I could go on, but why waste the time. I am very dissatisfied. It will be going back to the wally for a refund.

  40. Purchased Music Bullet Speakers from Wal-Mart – 15$

    Construction – Made in china(who would of thought?) – Pretty solid plastic, should be able to handle a small drop or so. Retractable cord does just that, retracts. The wire is very skinny and will probably break after a few months use if not sooner like every device that uses super skinny thread like wires. Speaker is just about a inch in diameter. The silver speaker cone on mine is not centered, probably just for looks anyway on top of the real, solid black speaker cone underneath it. Not gonna ruin it to find out. Rechargeable battery is a really nice feature to me.

    Sound – For a 15$ portable speaker it’s not bad at all. I personally use it to listen to music in the shower, and it is more then loud enough. Listening to mostly metal. It is pretty significantly louder then the speakers on my netbook. Opening it for “more bass” really doesn’t do anything from my experience. You may find a song with a certain bass frequency where it actually helps a little bit if anything. It does not produce any sound when the power switch is in the off position. Not sure about when the battery is dead and in the on position. Reason I say this is because most speakers will have a pass through where you can use them without the built in amplifier and just off the devices amplifier, if you were to need to use it when the battery is dead.

    Conclusion – For 15$ you can’t expect to be wowed. The infomercial really over hypes it of course. having a fair bit experience with electronics and sound equipment I was expecting it to be a lot worse then it turned out to be. For 15 bucks it’s a nice little performer. I may as go as far as saying I would spend up to 30 bucks on it.

  41. Hated this piece of crap. I got it and it didn’t live up to what it says it will. No good sound. It is overpriced and bound to easily IT IS A SCAM. IT WONT WORK. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU DO THEN YOU HAVE BEEN SCREWED OVER

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