Mobile Critters

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What are Mobile Critters:

They are cool covers for mobile phones that promise to make them come to life as well.
Mobile Critters maintain that they can be the cool, colourful and sensible solution to protect your mobile phones from bumps and subsequent damages. You want to make sure your kids are safe at all times and reachable when you want to. Hence mobile phones are a must. But you also want to make sure they keep their mobile phones safe. However not just any other boring cover will do for them, especially when they can have funky and vibrant Mobile Critters.

Mobile Critters have arrived from a different galaxy

For all those young cosmic fans, Mobile Critters assure to be the best companions for their mobile phones. These critters will ensure that young ones have a lot of fun carrying their mobile phones with them as they will literally come to life. There are several options that you can work with as Mobile Critters has different choices for you. There’s Skeggie who shares his wisdom with you while Galaxia is all about sharing love. There are also the cool Venus and Cosmo companions that add to the charm.
If you want to get a fun cover for your kids’ mobiles then you don’t have to look beyond them. Mobile Critters emphasize on the fact that they make for ideal presents for kids, who will love to have the entire collection to share and swap with friends.


Mobile Critters are highly functional with mobile phones

Mobile Critters stress on the fact that they are definitely high on style and available in different fantastic colours, but their main objective is to protect mobile phones while offering complete convenience to users. They do that really well and are known for their comfortable grip. Young ones will have this swish looking critters on their phones and still be able to grip them without any difficulty. Mobile Critters also assert that they are capable of absorbing shocks for your mobile phones. Thus if there are any accidental bumps and drops then the precious mobile phones will be well and truly protected, according to its claims.

Mobile Critters have been cleverly designed for convenience

Mobile Critters literally bring your mobile phones to life and fun literally never stops with them. But at the same time they allow you to keep on using your mobile phones just as they should be, without any hindrance. Their quality design takes users’ needs into accounts. Now you can reach the buttons and make calls or texts without any difficulty, even when you have Mobile Critters on.
Mobile Critters also assure you that they are incredibly easy to put on. They will wrap around your mobile phones tightly and fit like a glow. You won’t have to worry about these cute little critters coming off all too easily. Mobile Critters have also been designed for tablets to make sure you can carry your favourite handheld device with style and comfort.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 2 your choice of any of the 4 character, including the Trading Card with Critter Code and Double-Sided Cosmic Cloth for cleaning your devices all for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
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